12 May 2010

My Awesome Mother's Day Gift

Amelia put her poops in the potty for the first time on Sunday. She just went in and did it all by herself. I walked by and noticed she was in the bathroom exclaiming about how stinky it was. Yep! She has now pooped four times in her potty. She loves the dancing and cheers we give her. Amelia was thrilled to finally open her Tinker Bell movie and open her Princess Aurora doll.

Heat wave


We've still got the yuckies in our home this week. Phillip started a high fever last Wednesday, it finally broke yesterday afternoon. I thought he was on the mend but he is still acting sick, clingy, whiny, and sad. I nearly cried today when changing his diaper and tried to tickle his tummy, he just turned his head and cried instead of his usual squeal of joy. Breaks my heart not knowing what is wrong. I was very disappointed in our Dr appointment on Monday. I finally decided to go after the 5th day of high fever. The Dr only looked in his ears and declared he was fine. I immediately said, well he is obviously NOT fine. She just wrote him a prescription for an antibiotic. Antibiotics are NOT the answer to every sickness. He does not have Roseola, an ear infection, meningitis, or visible teething. Could be a UTI or something, but the antibiotics should have cleared that up by now. Poor little dude, I am nearly dropping with fatigue from holding him all the time, I am a Philli-holder this week. If I even make a motion to put him down he cries. So we had a crying day with Phillip leading the way and Amelia crying in sympathy. Amelia must not be feeling well or experiencing a growth spurt, she slept until past 10 am this morning and until 9:35 yesterday. Strange!

In other news Monday we took a drive north of Potter to see where Justin biffed it with his car. He got up at 3 am to go turkey hunting on Saturday morning. He came home two hours later, I thought he was just leaving so wished him good luck. He said, well, I am back already and drove my car into a ditch. The road out to the hunting grounds is a silty dirt road with some twists. His car did not take a certain curve so well and slide into the road ditch. He wanted to see it in daylight. It was impressive that his car made it out of the ditch with his driving skills. Justin is even more enamored with his car then ever. It has treated him well thus far. We will probably keep that car until the fenders drop off. I had a fun time not being too impressed just to get his goad...in all honesty, I was pretty impressed his car did not maintain damage. Phew, miracles do happen. It started to rain on the way there, on the drive back the sun broke through the clouds and gave us a spectacular rainbow! Amelia was very excited to see one after reading "What Makes a Rainbow?" earlier in the day.

The weather has thankfully kept us mostly indoors. We woke up this morning to the snow that Utah had yesterday. My major accomplishment of the week was finishing the last of 5 appliqued shirts for an order, delivering the rest of some ordered hats, editing a photo session with a newborn, making 4 satin hair flowers, crocheting a couple more hats, and drum roll please: CLEANING MY CRAFT ROOM. It was in a sorry state of affairs after all that fun crafting. Luckily, I was able to crochet and make the flowers with Phillip cradled in my lap. Yesterday I found a Little Tikes tool table with all the tools at our consignment store. Amelia had a blast screwing and unscrewing the large screws, hammering plastic nails, and fixing stuff around the basement.

Yesterday we went to the High School for their annual choir concert. Theda, one of my piano students, performed in the middle school choir. Amelia was riveted for about 10 minutes by the show choir, the sparkly dress, and of course the music. To finally enter the school was a dream come true for her. Theda and her choir gave an amazing performance. I am glad we went.
Funny story: I have a long-lasting habit of reading while in the bathroom. A couple days ago I noticed Amelia had made her own pile of books to enjoy while doing her doody. Her pile included: Go Dogs Go, Are You My Mother, Red Hat Blue Hat, Moo Baa La La La, Brown Bear What Do You See, and Goodnight Moon. I hear strains floating down the hall way of her reading these books. My favorite is when she reads Are You My Mother, "are you my mother, SNORT, giggle, NO you are a SNORT, laughing, that is soooo silly, cars can't have babies." I love that she LOVES books.