14 July 2011




We are enjoying some serious play time with Miekka, Seth, Jacob, and Lia. Amelia is soooooo very excited to have her "cousants" here to visit! Miekka had quite the trip getting here. A little ways outside of Rawlings the van got a flat tire. Miekka had a difficult time locating the tire iron (it was hiding in the car jack). The jack was needed to get the spare and et cetra. A Highway Patrol lady stopped and helped her out. It delayed their arrival by a good 3 hours or more. When they arrived the kids played and let loose for a while. I had a lady over here making wedding gifts using my amazing craft talents and ideas.

Tuesday we took it easy letting the kids play and play and play. Miekka was my sweat shop lady, helping me sew up four visors for an order. We whipped those babies out in record time. She ironed and turned and I sewed. Miekka can come work for me anytime...for free. We went on a walk down to the school park. All the kids skinned their knees either to or from the park. Needless to say there was a portion of drama. I had a photoshoot of an extremely active one year old girl. She really tried my skills.
Wednesday we decided to drive out to Sterling and go swimming. Neleigh came over to help out with the kids, phew...we needed her. She did amazing corraling the littler ones. At one point I noticed the life guards sitting up and then saw Phillip dancing on the supervisor's table. We had some lunch AND snack at Sonic. Seth was a regular fish! That kid is so close to swimming on his own. Amelia and Jacob were inseperable. Phillip and Lia mostly drank the pool water out of spouts on the ground (disgusting). Everett ate, burped, pooped, and slept. Miekka and I tried to save our sanity. The weather was sort of iffy on the drive out but cleared up quite nicely. It was not too hot or breezy.

***funny story: Amelia was at the park with Neleigh. Neleigh noticed Amelia burying something. She asked Amelia what was going on. Amelia said, "I buried my gum...it's flavor died." Got a laugh out of that one.