27 February 2012

Everett is 9 Mths Old


Our cute little baby turned 9 months old yesterday. Sniff. He is one smiley boy! At his 9 mth well baby appointment he measured 28 inches long and weighed 18.5 pounds. Weight for age is in the 18th percentile, length for age he is in the 45th percentile. His head is now in the 75th percentile! It was in the 50th last visit. I sure noticed the head growth since all the cute winter hats no longer fit him.

He hates going on his tummy, I mean HATES. Maybe he will not learn to crawl until after he turns a year old. That is just fine with me. He is very interested in finger foods now, puffs, cheerios, cheese, peas, etc. I have to really watch him because he is still learning to masticate so often chokes on the little things. I came upon the baby and cheerio photo idea on some photographers website last year. It seemed a fun idea to try out at his age. He is one cute little guy!!