25 March 2009

Wild Weather

75 degree weather, picnic outside wearing flip flops!!

The wind and snow made a fun pattern on our screen door

The wind blowing the snow around

It feels like Friday already! After two days inside the house Amelia and I can't wait for better weather again. Sunday it was so warm and nice outside we had a little picnic outside. I had short sleeves on and flip flops. It was heaven. Monday morning it was in the 20s, blustery with hurricane strength wind with a blizzard on the way. School was cancelled on Monday, but the snow never came. The highway was closed due to wind so maybe the closure was a good thing. Tuesday morning the snow finally came. A ton of snow fell but only a little stuck on the ground because the wind blew all the snow away. Amelia and I spent Monday and Tuesday listening to the garage door rattle and shingles popping. I pulled out the creative juice and made a couple cute outfits for Amelia and crocheted a newborn hat for a customer. I tried to sew Amelia a dress but that failed miserably. The pattern said "easy," whoever labeled that pattern easy must have been crazy. The dress had a round collar that turned out very hard to get straight and perfect. I ended up stewing over the pattern for a couple hours, making attempt after attempt only to give up at the end. I ended up making the lower dress portion into a cute skirt.

I finally watched "Twilight" while crocheting a hat during Amelia's nap time. The movie was pretty close to the book as far as I can remember. Next time I want to watch it on a screen bigger than 6 inches. Amelia's been in a crabby mood due to being stuck inside. I bought her a little grocery basket full of plastic food to amuse her during this storm. She did enjoy pretending to cut the food and feed it to her horsie, Cactus. She uses Cactus as a step stool in the kitchen. Last night she pulled down a bag of cereal. Of course it was not open so it scattered all over the floor. Cleaning up was quite satisfactory because she ate almost as much as went back into the bag. Yesterday evening she spent a full 30 minutes in time out screaming her head off. She was in a funky mood after her nap and needed 30 minutes of crying to work out her angst. We made a quick trip to Safeway before time out where she cried the whole time. Alison and Ella were there at the same time...Alison could hear Amelia across the store!

Crazy Morning Hair