27 August 2016

Evelyn is Three

This is a threenager...close relative to a teenager. She is sugar, spice, nice, naughty, puppy dog tails, the entire kit and caboodle. Evelyn is closely related to her "Appetite for Destruction" brother Phillip. These two could be twins, God spared me and let me have these two 4 years apart.

At 3 Evelyn is quite talented at:

getting dressed, choosing her own clothes/shoes/socks/dresses/PJs
requesting Apple Sauce packets
carrying around my old iPhone like she owns it
making messes with water, juice, food, markers, crayons, pencils, paint, nail polish, pretty much               excels with all mediums.
loves to pack sandwiches
wears dresses and fancy shoes when she has the desire to wear clothes
is quite comfortable being buck naked
singing daddy finger where are you; happy and you know it (spank your booty), wheels on the bus,         Child of God, Twinkle Star, Spider etc
eating meals at the most inconvenient times
not sleeping in her own bed and avoiding naps like the plague
licking my cheeks
whispering sweet nothings like "Go Shopping? Yes?!"
going potty when SHE WANTS to
playing with her kitchen and baby dolls

My best snugglers are Phillip and Evelyn. There must be something about being wild and crazy that drives a kid to need the most snuggles. She hogs my lap and insists on being carried as often as possible. She loves to torment human beings who are minding their own business, especially poor Everett. He really does give the best reactions when she pokes and prods that boy. Evelyn is deeply afraid of loud noises. If you want her to clam up just set off an air horn, that should solve any problem.

Her favorite foods are apple sauce, oatmeal cereal, chips, french fries, burgers, cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches,  Elsa chicken soup, avocados, garden tomatoes, cheese, eggs, and beans. She will do quite a bit if you offer her a sweet snack. She is not much for negotiation. If I could train her to throw away her apple sauce packets, pull ups, and food waste I would feel like a rock star.

She does not like to sleep alone. She does not like to nap. Instead she sneaks into our bed in the deepest hours of the night (between 10 pm and midnight). She hates covers so sleeps on top which hampers our ability to get properly covered at night. She like to sleep sideways. I put her back in bed and she pops back in like a nightmare. Our room is not large enough for a little sleeping area for her. She goes to bed at 8:30 and wakes up at 7:15ish. She is not getting the sleep needed to be a healthy, happy little girl. Half the day she is cranky. She revives once the kids get home from school.

At her well child visit Evelyn weighed 28.6 pounds, 27.5%; measured 34.5 inches, 5th percentile. That jives with the size 2T she wears. She can sort of wear size 3T, especially dresses but 3T pants are way too long. Short and ornery!