22 January 2009

An Hour of Bliss

We had a really lazy morning. Justin woke up several times during the night with food poisoning. Poor guy was puking his guts out this morning! Makes me nauseous just thinking about it. I am glad he listened and went back to bed for a couple hours. Amelia and I watched PBS kids for an hour or more (yikes) to reduce making too much noise. I pulled Justin out of bed at 10 am and he went to work. Amelia and I enjoyed the sunny, windy, and sort of warmish day at the park for an hour. Amelia loves the horsie merry-go-round. She also climbed a really, really high curvy slide and went down all by herself. Like an anxious Mom I was right behind her when she climbed the stairs up to the slide. It was a bit scary for me to watch her!! She cried all the way home because playing at the park was so fun. Poor thing was so tuckered out she almost fell asleep in her macaroni and cheese. I love sunny days with bright blue skies.

Big Girl

Amelia recently started to refuse drinking out of a sippy cup. She prefers a big girl cup! She is growing up so fast.

Glimpse of Nebraska

Here is a glimpse of Nebraska!! Yes...it is BROWN...FLAT...and WINDY! Amelia seems to like it, or maybe she LOVES the trampoline!


Yesterday Amelia and I were outside playing in the driveway. She was playing with the rocks while I talked to my mom. I looked over to check on Amelia and discovered two sticks shaped in my (and Justin's) initials! It was so cool I had to get a picture!!! Maybe living in Sidney is fate!