24 May 2009

Memorial Weekend...so far

We planned on going camping this weekend with Matt and Alison, but the weather forcasted 60% chance of rain today and tomorrow. As I write this the rain is coming down swift and hard accented with thunder and lightening. Glad we aren't in the mud!! So instead we went on a picnic of sorts to use the food we already purchased and prepared. Last night I cooked our foil dinners so we wouldn't have crunchy carrots. After church we drove first to a Mountain Man festival several ward members were participating in. Justin shot a black powder rifle and hit the 120 yard target. I nearly had a chance but a rifle shooting contest started up. We looked at all the period tents and clothing. Reminded me of the Logan, UT Mountain Man festival. Then we drove 10 minutes north to Bridgeport where there is a State Park. I think Matt said there are three or four different lakes each boasting a different type of fish (trout, bass, etc). The boys pulled out their fishing poles while Justin and Matt started a fire. We dined on our foil dinners then made s'mores with marshmellows and fudge/PB cookies. The girls had a blast making silly faces and being cute. Tomorrow we will eat breakfast early then head back to the same place for a day of fishing and fun. Hopefully, the weather will improve a bit so the girls can get wet in the lake.

I've been feeling extremely tired lately. I normally take a 10-15 minute nap each day. Friday and Saturday I napped over 3 hours. Strange! Plus my voice is hoarse sounding which makes it seem I am sick. Just tired, really. We enjoyed the good company and fresh air of the day. However, the best part of our day was watching the Music and Spoken Word this morning. I really loved the rousing music played for our Veteran's. It was so inspiring and helpful to ponder on our military force due to the program's message. Having four members of my family serving in the military is such a blessing. Thanks guys!!