25 October 2008

Candy Corn

We attended a Hail and Farewell Thursday evening for Dad's colleagues. The hosts had everyone potluck chili and desserts. It was fun to try all the different types of chili. My mom's was still the best! One chili tasted like someone dumped a whole bottle of wine in it instead of water. Dad requested that Amelia wear her cute candy corn outfit! She definitely looked cute! There was another little girl there a week or so younger than Amelia. She was three inches taller than Amelia and did not talk much. Amelia tried to give her hugs, share her drinks, and talk up a storm. It was so funny to watch her try to make a new friend. We are ready for Halloween this week. The Embassy is hosting a trick or treat party on Thursday for the kids. I can't wait to put on her monkey costume.

Amelia playing Ring-Around-A-Rosies