24 March 2013

Why Are Those New Shoes? Yes, yes they are!

After Justin spoiled me last Saturday with 5 new pairs of shoes, we added two more pairs to my collection. I am in LOVE with my new bright and happy shoes. Talk about spring time on my feet. Justin even got himself a dapper pair of shoes and new snappy socks. Guess our feet are happy now! We finally bit a bullet (not sure which bullet) and got a tablet device. We settled on the iPad since I have the iPhone already. It is pretty awesome. Every day Phillip and I work on the alphabet song and recognizing the first few letters. We've worked on the same ones for months now with little success. With the iPad he is learning much faster than I was able to reach him. I found a cool game called endless ABC. So far we love it!
Monday the boys and I were about to leave for Peetz for Visiting Teaching when my doorbell rang. It was Sister Betony (one of the ladies we were to visit). She said her daughter wanted some newborn photos for her new baby. I raced into the basement and grabbed some stuff then told Nora we would meet them back in Peetz. Sometimes impromptu sessions are amazing. Little 5.5 week old Catalina was so adorable with her darker skin and head of hair. She is half Navajo and half Apache, her mom brought a blanket handmade for her when she was born.
The weather turned cold again (pout). Sidney was rewarded with rain and snow this week. We really need the moisture. When Phillip feels cold air and shivers he often says: "Mom, I jiggle!" Wednesday the boys and I went to my 16 wk prenatal visit. The baby sounds good. I can feel it moving around sometimes. My lower back started aching this week. Finally went to the chiropractor on Friday. It is feeling a bit better but still sore. We are getting ready for the Pine Wood Derby this coming Wednesday. The boys are very excited. Everett said Phillip's name quite clearly during Webelos. Cute!
I helped Candice and Kelly this week with newborn sessions. I love helping! The boys also get a chance to play with other kids for a while. Saturday Kelly offered Easter mini sessions. I already had plans to drag out my stuff but Kelly had baby chicks and ducks. She invited us over for a time slot. It was awesome. The kids behaved perfectly and were enthralled with the animals. That was worth 30 minutes of our time. I took the images home and edited them. Talk about a perfect trade. I found Amelia's dress at the consignment store on Thursday. Walmart luckily had white polos for the boys. Simple and cute! Now we just need to get ready for our Utah trip come Thursday afternoon. I plan on prepping the kitchen cabinets (removing and washing the doors, and taping) on Wednesday. Hopefully, I can maintain the chaos on Thursday while I pack with all the cupboard doors removed. Should prove interesting. I also *hope* Justin will paint the doors while I am gone. I thought this trip was the perfect time get the project done since the kids will be gone and the kitchen would need to be in disarray for a week. Wish us luck! Justin WILL have time to go scout for turkeys on Saturday as well.

***newflash: Amelia has her first loose tooth! Her right bottom tooth is wiggly! She is beyond excited now that she is grown up. 

18 March 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day

What a busy, busy week! I started off the week with a mentoring session. I helped Candice with a newborn session. She is just starting out the photography business and wanted a bit of help with studio lighting. We ended the day with a fun FHE on Monday doing a treasure hunt. Our theme was searching for the good in life. I am a true believer that if we look treasure will find us in each and every day. The kids enjoyed searching for treasure using silly hints hidden around the house. The treasure was hidden in the oven! The treasure bag had rainbow candy, chocolate, and shamrock necklaces. Amelia made a baggie of treats to stuff in her leprechaun trap! She told me that leprechauns eat rainbows.

Tuesday we purchased a blendtec on Amazon. I finally decided between a juicer and a blender. It came down to Amelia needing more fiber. Plus I like the taste of blended drinks over juiced produce. We've enjoyed a couple fun smoothies once the blender arrived.
Deb texted me at 6:30 am needing someone to watch her twins. The boys were thrilled to have new playmates for the day. I did not realize that Cydahlee did not come with shoes. I spent half the day searching for non-existent shoes. She ended up wearing a pair of Phillip's. We spent a fun hour at the park enjoying spring like temperatures. Amelia went to Katelynn's home for a playdate after school. It helped not having to worry about entertain her as well. For Webelos the boys worked on their secret codes for the communicator badge. I was impressed with the codes the boys created!
Tabitha came over around 10 for a photoshoot with her twins on Thursday. She came and visited with us for two hours. I was impressed with their list of hospital stays and health scares. Ellyeaunnah had a seizure the end of February on top of GURD and food allergies. Poor kid. The twins are cuter than ever. Emmersynne had the most gorgeous eyelashes on a baby girl. I enjoyed some mommy time with Tabitha. The boys and I went to the park after lunch for some outside time. Then Amelia, Phillip, and I went to the school park down the street after school for more playground time. Amelia finished up her leprechaun trap after gluing on painted macaroni shells.
Friday the weather was even more amazing. Short sleeves if you can believe it! Oh my goodness I forget how difficult the winter can be. We are living and breathing the fresh spring air. We went to the park again before lunch. Everett loves the huge twisty slide. Phillip can slide down the fireman pole all by himself. I tutored Stacy from our ward in Statistics during naptime. I forgot how much I love statistics. Amazing what one can recall 10 years after the fact. Amelia wanted some park time too, we went after Everett's nap as well. The park was full of families enjoying the temperatures. Justin joined us after work! We played hard until the kids were hangry (hungry/angry). Our dinner choice was pancakes or dinner out. That choice was easy! Justin treated us to a dinner at Mi Ranchito. Yum. Justin and I went on a date to see Warm Bodies with Matt and Maren. It was really funny for a Zombie flick.
My shoe collection dwindled miserably over the years. I desperately needed a pair of running shoes so we went to Cabela's and raided their shoe department. More precisely I raided the shoe department. Some desperate need for cuteness raised it's ugly head and "made me" buy 5 pairs of shoes. He he. I really feel like a new woman. Instead of mocking my pile of shoes Justin was happy! Yep! Happy. Me too. I am so in love with my new pair of patchwork Keen's that I almost flipped my head off. Ca-ute. In fact I bought another two pairs of Keens through 3point5 for 60% less than store prices. That brings my new shoe total to 7 pairs. Amelia was right beside me trying on a pair of Hello Kitty Crocs. She preened in front of the short floor mirrors for 20 minutes ohhing and ahhing over the shoes. She scored a new pair too. Amelia and Phillip went with me to Dalton to pick up our Bountiful Basket. I ordered the regular basket, a juicing pack, and Thai pack. Such lovely fruits and veggies! The kids went with me to Walmart after.
Amelia was very excited to set up her leprechaun trap before church. She was up and dressed before we even thought about getting ready. I made green blueberry muffins and green eggs for breakfast. Everyone had on at least a little green. I know we are not Scottish but Welsh and English descent are on the same island! Our leprechaun paid us a visit during Sunday School (blush). He sprung the trap, ate the candy, and put the friend Amelia made into the box and taped it shut. He also:
made a line out of animals, made Amelia's bed upside down, turned her lamp upside down, put her pillow on top of her bed, messed up her pictures and name letters, peed in the potty, left foot prints, turned the coffee table over, stuffed pillows under the cushions, and made a silly sculpture. He was a mischievous little devil. Amelia cracked us up as she ran all over the house discovering his silly pranks. I made a yummy corned beef, carrot, and cabbage feast. I roasted the potatoes in the oven this time. Another trick I learned is not to put the cabbage in the crock pot until the last hour, makes for perfectly cooked cabbage. We invited over the Wood and Carlisle families for our green feast. Maren brought over green rolls and Sarah brought green soda. Our evening was totally wonderful with our new friends.
This morning I got to spend an hour with Nora's newborn granddaughter. Meagan and I planned a VT trip to Peetz last week. We visited with Janet Dutton first. I had both boys in the van ready to roll when Nora knocked on my door. She wanted to bring her granddaughter by for photos. Since we were ready to drive to Peetz I told her we would take photos at her home. I quickly grabbed some supplies and made it to Janet's for our appointment. We visited Nora after that. Her granddaughter is 5.5 weeks old now. She has a full head of black hair, creamy brown skin, and chubbies all over the place. What a fun beauty. Little Catalina slept like a champ. The boys climbed all over Brother Betony. He is a kid magnet!

11 March 2013

Our Little Reader


We enjoyed a fun week with Amelia having two early release days and two days off this week. Phillip was very excited to have someone younger to play with. Monday I took the boys with me to Walmart for the weekly shopping I missed on Saturday from our Denver trip. I remember why going with one child or by myself is so nice.

Tuesday Justin and I went to Amelia's parent-teacher conference. My piano student, Traeli stayed with Amelia and Phillip while I went. She did great for an 11 year old. Amelia is doing awesome in school. She topped the charts in all her reading tests, social benchmarks, and her report card. Mrs Hamling said Amelia is a delight to have in her class, is nice to all her classmates, and said she sets a good example. Her reading teacher said Amelia is a great reader, only needs to speed up her work time. She tends to be a perfectionist (wonder where she got that from?). Amelia is often very resistant to read to me at home from books we own. I think she is embarrassed to not know words and make mistakes. Mrs Hamling gave Justin and I homework to make sure she reads at home. Amelia seems intent on making sure I get MY homework done! Hooray.

I developed a nasty double eye infection. By Wednesday both of my eyes looked like red, inflated balloons. I tried two types of antibiotic drops to no avail. I finally used my allergy drops on Sunday which at least removed the inflammation and some of the redness. I wonder if this will be the affliction of this pregnancy! Grrr. Makes me feel grouchy.

Amelia invited Katelyn over for a playdate after school of Wednesday. The weather was tolerable outside so I busted out the kites I got a couple weeks ago. The kids had a blast running in circles and up and down the sidewalk. Phillip even tied his kite to his bike and kept his kite in the air the longest. I swear that kid is a mechanical genius. His spatial memory is amazing. Katelyn was excited to have watermelon during the winter. Thanks to Mexico! Something about sucking on sweet watermelon made us all pine for spring. It seems just around the lengthening corner.

Thursday Amelia and Phillip discovered the joys of gunny sack jumping! They amused themselves for an hour with jumping races and pretending to be Santa Easter bunnies. We enjoyed lovely three hours at the park. I think 1/3 of Amelia's friends showed up to play at the park too! She found Lily, Katelyn, Camden, Jasmine, and Katie all enjoying the nice weather too. Phillip and Everett were beyond excited to be at the park too. We took a lunch break at Subway with Justin. The kids congregated on the curb waiting for Justin to appear. When we did drive up all three kids jumped up and down yelling his name. Justin felt like a rock star! We all went back to the park to play.

My kids have the longest, and darkest lashes. I am so jealous! Phillip fell asleep showing off his long, dark lashes. Made him look like an angel clothed in Cabela's camo. He was in boy heaven helping Justin change the van oil with Justin. Both guys had headlamps and tools. It was perfection. Phillip toted around his hand-balloon and tools getting dirty as he "helped" Justin. Justin is so patient and loving with our kids. He lets them help even when he'd rather do it alone. Those memories will stay with the kids forever. Amelia spent a good hour outside skating up and down the block on her skates. She found two garden stakes to help propel her along. Phillip made two escapes on his Buzz bike. I found him trying make a break for the elementary park (two blocks away) and then half way around the block. We may need to install a shock collar on the bike to keep him within bounds. Justin and I enjoyed a date out for pizza and then a movie. We watched the new Wizard of Oz movie. It was

Saturday a windy blizzard blew through town. We only got a dusting of snow, a pocket full or wind, and sunshine later the afternoon. Justin was highly disappointed. Amelia and I made a leprechaun trap to lure Leo the Leprechaun into our house. She is bound and determined to trap that naughty little man. First she drew a plan of how her trap would look. I helped her decorate a box to resemble her plan. We used mini peppers to stamp shamrock shapes on her house, painted shells green, and made a rainbow roof. Once the house is completed I will post a photo. When I got Phillip into his Buzz jammies he declared he was Super Phillip Buzz Year. He cracks us up. Everett learned how to use the word, funny, this week. He will find an amusing situation and declare it "punny" then fake laugh. We are doing MUCH better this week keeping his binky in bed. That kid can be a diva when crossed.

Sunday we enjoyed having Maren and Matt Carlile. Justin and Matt co-teach the 9-10 year olds and are home teaching comps. They laugh with us at our silly kids. Makes it fun to enjoy their table dancing skills. I lost the battle of the coffee table. A while back I finally gave up trying to keep my coffee table decorated with a crocheted lace and bowl of fake fruit. Phillip ripped most of the fruit with his sharp teeth. I'd pick up and reassemble the table decorations about 3 times per day. I gave up. Now the kids use the table to dance on and have jumping contests. Yes, I am THAT mom! Good thing the coffee table is a tank.   

04 March 2013

Denver Temple Trip

Our YW volunteered to watch kids down in Denver so parents could attend the temple. We decided to make it a fun weekend. We left after Justin got home from work on Thursday. I spent the day packing and prepping the carpets for a good cleaning. The carpet cleaners came while we were gone on Friday. We had some dinner in Sterling then drove the 3 hours to Denver. Justin booked a hotel near the temple with a fun pool. Our room was on the main floor just past the reception desk. That was the best room ever! Phillip made us all laugh right before we fell asleep. He started poking Justin in obscure places with his toes (something I am very familiar with) then started licking Justin's arm. Justin was so surprised that he laughed, which made us all laugh, and unfortunately egged Phillip on.
Friday we drove to the Children's Museum for a fun morning in a crowded museum with kids running amuck all over the place. I noticed that kids get a particular look in their eyes while they are in situations like the discovery museum. Crazy. Everett and Phillip loved the Fire Truck, bubbles, and ball station. Amelia's favorite by far was the bubble room and art station. For lunch we met up with Sean and Elaine Curry and their five kids. They live in Ft Colins, CO so not very far away at all. We decided on Panera for lunch. We were so excited to meet the Curry family, Heidi Curry in particular. She is our little niece and cousin to our kiddos. Amelia sat next to Heidi and soon they were tickling and talking like sock puppets over lunch. The adults enjoyed chatting over lunch. Elaine searched for the Call family for quite some time. She tried a google search using the names of some Call kids. Somehow or another she found my blog and contacted me on FB a while back. It was quite a miracle to have contact after so many years. After lunch we decided to swim at our hotel so made a stop at Target for swim suits for the Curry family. The kids had a blast swimming. We even had the requisite injury and crying that happens at any family party. I decided on Greek food for dinner. I found a mom and pop Greek bar that luckily turned out delicious. Heidi and Amelia were so silly on the ride over. Heidi can imitate voices quite well, she had us all giggling. Both boys fell asleep during the 10 minute drive. Phillip snuggled on Justin's chest until the food arrived. I am amazed at how simply our little reunion was, simple, fun, and full of vibrance. Heidi is one cute, smart, organized little girl. Amelia is excited to see her cousin again...soon.
Saturday we enjoyed a lazy morning getting ready for the temple. We dropped the kiddos off at 10:30 then went off for our temple visit. It was very peaceful. I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I slept during most of the session. Some strange thing happens when the lights go off in a warm comfy room. Guess that is what happens when you have three small kids and another on the way. Towards the end of the session I did feel very blessed to know how keen Heavenly Father is to hear our prayers and thoughts. The reminder came that he even listens to my prayers as I chase active boys down the hall strewing clean laundry from heck to breakfast. We picked up the kids and had some lunch before starting back home. I loved coming home to clean, fluffy carpets! Awesome. We put the house back together, started more laundry, and I picked up our Bountiful Basket.
Yesterday we had dinner at with the Woods and Smuins. Sarah made a yummy crockpot lasagna and rolls, I brought rolls, Meagan brownies and punch. Little Everett is quite the whiny pants lately. He is so whiny that I often give in and let him walk around with his binky. The kid spends more time crying then happy. Makes me sad! I hope he can deal with such a small change in the future. Binky loves are going away sooner rather than later.