05 December 2010

Great Expectations

My poor craft room gets quite the rough treatment most days. I play up a storm of fabric, thread, and accessories. After I am finished playing I usually shut the door tight and wish for the Shoe Maker's Elves to pay me a visit. They never, ever come. Monday, I finally faced the truth...I made a HUGE mess. Time to clean up. As I drudged through fabric scraps my heart sank, but my mind was spinning new projects. It was super hard to just clean. As I cleaned I thought about my winter project: to finally declutter and dejunk after two moves. May as well start with the craft room. Monstrous task is an understatement. Amelia and Phillip played house in the corner while I sorted. Suddenly a brilliant idea occurred to me. I wanted to make a play house for the kids in my craft room for ages. While studying the logistics I realized that the North-East corner was perfect. All I need is a big piece of wood, L brackets, and some elbow grease. The corner above is my next project. It took me a couple days to move my gigantic crafting table and finish cleaning. I was a little hesitant to break my idea to Justin, oddly, he totally took my idea in stride! Yipee!! Alison helped me figure out a couple things. We plan on at least having the wall, door, and windows up in time for the kid's Christmas present. I want the outside of the play house to match my craft room colors, red and black. The inside will match her little play kitchen colors of purple and yellow. I spent a couple bucks and finally got a new bedspread to match my decor. I am totally proud of my first chair reupholstery project. I took my old chair from hotel cast off to red and black glory. Can't wait to sit my buns down and sew! Pretty much the whole week was spent in my craft room cleaning and planning.

Friday my five piano students participated in our Christmas recital. I hosted the event at our home, where the kids were a bit more comfortable. Each child earned points for practicing the piano each month. At recital time the kids are rewarded with their point treat (this time the kids wanted candy bars). After the recital we had a chocolate and cheese fondue party. Each student recited two piano pieces, most with a Christmas theme. I am so proud of all my students. They are making wonderful progress! Earlier in the day Phillip helped me clean the bathroom by climbing into the toilet bowl. It was flushed clean and full of lovely blue water. He was quite pleased about taking a bath all by himself. I was so disgusted I forgot to take a photo! Yuck-o.

We also had Ella over on Thursday for a little while. Tomorrow I am off to Scottsbluff to pick up Fork, the girl reindeer and go to another Dr appt for my tonsils and such. I am a bit excited to leave Amelia with Alison and do some shopping with my little chatter monkey beforehand.

This evening we enjoyed dinner with two families from our ward. I made my super delish pulled pork with roasted tomato and jalapeno sauce. We all watched the Christmas broadcast. I plan on getting my Christmas cards out sometime this week.