20 June 2008

Stand and walk

Yesterday evening Justin called for me to come watch Amelia. She had a marker in one hand and was standing in the middle of the room. She took a baby step, lost her balance, stood up again and took another step. All week she's practiced standing and squatting then standing again. It is funny to watch her because she looks like she is doing squats. I think Aunt Jana (a physical trainer) gave her some good tips! This afternoon I caught some video of her trying to walk by herself from the sand box to her little pool. Note the chubby legs!

Also, we had some ice cream on our way home from Ma-ma's house. Amelia's face was covered with ice cream. She noticed her ice creamed face in the little mirror over her carseat. She started pulling funny faces at herself and laughing. I nearly died of laughter. She would giggle, take a smear of ice cream, look at herself, pull a face, giggle, and on and on. Wow, that giggle feels like an explosion of warm goodness inside my soul. Nothing makes me happier than to do something silly and get a laugh out of her.


Justin played hookey today! We left early to visit the zoo for the morning. Our visit was so fun! We finally saw the white alligator, the new tiger area, and admired the renovations. For the first couple hours Amelia was pretty quiet. Her eyes were huge as she tried to soak in all the new information. Her eyes were as big as saucers when she finally noticed a huge gorilla (mi-mi). She zoned in on the animals that were moving around. She really liked the elephants, cougar, zebras, giraffes, and monkeys. Towards the end we visited the reptile habitat. It really stinks because of the porqupines, ironically that was when Amelia loosened up. Maybe she likes the smell of dirty armpits. Actually, I think she liked being able to walk around and touch the glass near where the animals were. The merecats were a huge hit because they crowded around her tiny hand on the glass and bobbed up and down. On our way home we stopped for McDonald's. I am not a huge fan of McDonald's. Today was an exception. The salty fries and buger tasted like heaven after being outside in the hot sun. It was the best l-u-nch I ever had (said in a Nacho Libre fashion).

Sun, Sand, and Water

Don't you love those words together? I absolutely LOVE summer. I must live on sunshine and fresh air. The winters stifle me. I assembled my ghetto sand box for Amelia. Like the cheap-o I am forking out $60 bucks for a sand box was over the top. My solution cost only $8!!! Amelia loved playing in the sand. She got her fill of silica for the day. After playing in the sand she took a turn in the pool and sunshine. Lazy summer days are the penultimate pleasures of life.