01 August 2012

Tee Pee'd


Yesterday started like normal. We had breakfast, played at the park, Everett napped, and I cleaned the upstairs bathroom. While cleaning the bathroom I thought about cleaning Justin's bathroom. It has not been cleaned by me in years. Usually Justin takes care of it. Still...it needed a woman's touch. I dismissed the thought for another day.

We had lunch. I spray painted some new thrifted frames for photos ordered last week. Amelia asked to make my bed (again) while I did the dishes and checked on my frames. Sure! Make my bed. I checked on them 5 minutes later to find my bedroom door locked. When we moved into our home I removed all the doors and hardware to paint the doors. The doors have not worked properly since. Justin has replaced the hardware and reinforced the hinges on every door. Our bedroom door has never locked properly due to alignment. Except for yesterday. It was locked tight. I banged on the door, yelled, screamed, kicked the door, etc. I could not locate a screwdriver due to Phillip's fascination with taking things apart. After another 10-12 minutes I got the door open. A huge mound of clothing littered the floor. Amelia had taken all her clothes off their hangers and piled them on the floor to make a bird nest in. The running water had me leaping over the pile.

Phillip stuffed two rolls of toilet paper in the sink and drain. Then turned on the water. It ran for a good 15 minutes. Both kids were playing in the paper water, throwing wads of paper all over the bathroom. Paper was stuck all over their clothing, the sink, floor, shower, etc. By this time I was purple in the face from screaming at them to turn off the water and get towels. I ran to get more towels. When I came back the water was back on. Phillip got a huge smack on the bum, left a nice red hand print. He cried for 5 seconds than started jumping on my bed. I threw him in bed. He got out and made more mischief. Amelia was very aware at the level of trouble she was in. The door bell rang just after I finished mopping off the walls and ceiling. Saved their little lives. My piano student arrived for her lesson. Justin came home for a moment to assess the damage. Everett never napped. Amelia spent the rest of the afternoon drying all her wet clothes (the ones piled on my floor), sorting, and hanging them back up. She had to get the chore done before 5 pm or else no TV for the rest of the summer. She finished at 4:58 pm.

Justin spent the rest of the evening dismantling the drain to remove all the paper residue. About 5 cups of paper waste later he tried to get the drain back together. The pipes would not go so he made two trips to Walmart getting new pipes and fittings. The sink is still leaking this morning.

What made me the most upset was that the kids totally ignored me and left the door locked. I can deal with the mess but the disobedience makes my ears steam. Amelia has to earn money by doing chores or selling me her toys so Justin and I can go on a very expensive date ALONE. She also has to pay for the babysitter. Phillip. No idea what to do with that kid. He is a quandary.

***I love the photo of Everett folding his arms for prayer (the third one)
****Amelia is enjoying her newest interest: dressing herself. Love it.
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