29 July 2009

Atlas E Missile Site

Last night for Enrichment night we visited Atlas E Missile Site. Don and Charlene Zwonitzer are members of our ward here in Sidney. They moved to Kimball about 13 years ago. Their home is VERY unique: an abandoned missile silo! The couple has spent the past 13 years making the site a self-sufficient haven. Their goal is to be completely self-sufficient. They have definitely reached that goal and more. Char estimates they can harbor all their family plus 20 people for a year inside the silo. Don is an electrical engineer so he has the whole place rigged with property alarms, solar panels, batteries, wind power, and generator power. The blast bay is converted into a steep greenhouse of 10 shelves. Char makes all her own fertilizer with a worm farm and compost. Her tomatoes are huge. She is enjoying a large crop of garlic this year too. There are two places where they could even have their own trout pool!

The silo has two sides, one for "working" and storing and the other is the living side. Pretty much they had to follow the plans for when the silo was operating like kitchen, bathroom, etc because the entire complex is concrete and renovating is very difficult. Both Don and Char have their ham radio licenses and an impressive set up. Their place is heated by a corn stove using dent corn, it costs them only $55 per year to heat the place. I think Char said they have about 5,000 lbs of wheat alone! I could go on and on about all the cool gadgets inside their home...

They give tours around the year. I found some pictures of the site on the internet. Wonder of wonders I forgot my camera and purse this trip. Too tired to think straight!!!

Check here: http://missilesitehome.com/MissileSiteHome.html

Under 100 Club

Yesterday was a busy day for us. I spent my last night on the floor of her room on Monday. After she discovered how to get out of her crib it was impossible to sleep on Monday. Justin spent 2 hours just sitting with her, she never settled down. In order to juice up my batteries for a battle of wills I slept on her floor. Yesterday we spent most of the day toddler proofing her room. It was hard to put all my crafting stuff away and clear out her room because her room is also our storage/craft/baby room. It is now nearly empty except for a chair and the stuff behind her crib. Ella, Mia, and I walked down to the consignment store and found a toddler bed rail (yay). Then Alison helped me take a load to the Salvation Army and put some stuff back in storage.

Mia chose new sheets for her new bed. Her choices were Elmo, Princess, Fairies, or Dora. She chose Princess...strange because we have not really introduced her to Disney Princess. A couple weeks ago I got her princess bubbles for her bath, which was a HUGE hit. We came home and Mia helped me wash her new bedding.

Alison watched Mia for a while until Justin got off work. I went on a fabulous tour of a missile silo turned into a home...next post! I didn't get home until 9:45. Justin made a CD of quiet Primary songs to play in her room and I stuck a night night next to her bed. We started our bedtime battle with her already super tired. I personally put her back in bed 63 times, Justin about 10. I set up a camp chair just outside her door, when her shadow would get close to the door I'd jump up and either carry her back to bed or make her walk back. I'd cover her, kiss her, then walk back out. No mincing of words just silent action. Around 11:10 she finally stuck her binky in her mouth and fell asleep. Phew. I was so grateful! Less than a 100 times putting her back in bed. She woke up around 3 am but stayed in bed crying a little then went back to sleep. This morning when Justin's alarm went off he looked in the direction of the bathroom and noticed two bright eyes surveying us! She quickly ran into our room once her presence was noted. She was a living icicle, some snuggles resolved that issue. She got a night-night treat for staying in bed this morning.

I have a feeling tonight will be worse because we will put her to bed at a normal time. I hope it is not worse! Keep us in your prayers.