02 November 2011

Halloween 2011

I am so original with my title. Not! This Halloween seemed to last forever. It started with the Trunk r Treat, story time at the Library, then Cabela's Halloween Alley, preschool, and actual Trick or Treating. Once is enough for me, but the kids love all the excitement and I LOVE to watch them. Amelia dressed up as a purple princess, thumbelina, and a wedding bride. Phillip was Pig Pen from the Peanuts comic. Everett was a dino and a baby chick. All the kids have worn the chick outfit so he had to wear it per tradition. I am tired after all that fun and junk food.

The Halloween party at Cabela's this year was so cool. Each year it gets a little better. Each department sponsors a room for the kids to trick or treat through. Amelia loved the Wonka room and the pirate room. Phillip fit into the Peanuts room. We spent some time visiting the ladies upstairs and raiding their candy jars. Phillip caught on way too quick. He would shovel hands full of treats into his kunkin bucket. Temperance, son. Friday I also installed the ceiling track for my studio curtains. It looks pretty awesome but the fabric needs grommets because Phillip can pull the fabric down with a gentle tickle. One day this project will be completed.

Saturday I photographed my first family with their dog. The session was a bit challenging with an 18 mth old boy and a large hyper puppy. This little boy was the first I've met who would not react to all the silly noises and gestures I make. He was a tough nut to crack. In the end I felt satisfied with the results. For weeks I've stressed over our own family photo outfits. I wanted two outfits one to go with the decor in the living room and another fun colorful outfit. Alison lent me several sweaters and two skirts to try out. I made a trade with Kelly Sudduth (Highby) props for photos. It was well worth the effort. She has a plethora of new props and I have new family photos. I will post them as soon as I edit them to my liking. You can view her edited photos here. Phillip was crazy man after about 10 minutes. We were all tired afterwards. The kids earned a McDonald's dinner.

Sunday, Justin was getting ready for church. Our room smelled like his soap. Amelia walked in and asked him what our room smelled like. He said, what do you think? She said, it is like roast beef flowers...and open window bacon. That girl comes up with some funky tunes. Nursery was crazy. Balloons is all I will say about Nursery. We painted our pumpkins this year. Amelia was acting like a banshee so Phillip and I painted pumpkins while she wailed in time out. She is having a really, really hard time listening and being obedient. She had to clean up her room for a consequence before painting pumpkins. She went to bed crying. The next day Amelia cleaned her room in less than 5 minutes and painted her pumpkin after lunch. Phillip loved using real paint, glitter, and tacks to decorate his pumpkin.

Halloween day was so warm and nice, the calm before the storm. We spent most of the day clearing out the garden, raking leaves, and enjoying the 73 degree weather. We were ready to go by 5:30 pm. Alison, Ella, and Brayden were not ready yet so we drove out to see Stan and Susan Adamson (Justin's boss and his wife). They were excited to get some traffic! They let Phillip and Mia put 80% of the candy into their buckets. You should have seen the light of glee in Phillip's eyes! He also bossed around their big dog when it came too close. He put the dog in time out several times. We met up with Alison, Ella, and Brayden to trick or treat near our home. It was fun to watch them run from house to house. Phillip took it slow trying to climb up and down front steps. His Ella Mama often got candy for him and delivered it to his bucket. Amelia sang a trick or treat song to get candy at each door. That was so cute. Everett just sucked his binky and observed the dark world from the stroller. It was warm enough that we did not need jackets! Once the kids melted and were put into bed I sorted the candy and threw away about 60% of it.

Yesterday I ran out of patience with the drain in my bathroom sink. I took apart the s-bend and removed the plug. It was draining slow because someone named Phillip stuffed the drain with play dough. There were little balls of play dough stuffed between the rubber collar and the drain outlet. That kid bests me! How he thinks of things like that is beyond me. Justin put the drain back together after work since my helpers prohibited my concentration. I went on a fun flower making binge this week during naptime using my old discarded knit shirts. Some of the flowers are so adorable. Can't wait to share them!

**read the most amazing article in the Oct Ensign by Elder Neil Anderson. It inspired me to read the Book of Mormon and glean parenting advice from its pages. What better manual to use than scripture? I want to get a new cheap BOM and take notes just on this topic.