08 August 2008

Bye Fweetie Kiss?

Mom, I stole your hat!!

Early this morning I had a follow-up doctor appointment. He pretty much told me what I thought he was going to say...that the dosages of thyriod and prednisone are too high. He thinks the prednisone caused my colon issues last week. I will listen (a little) and decrease both medications a smidggin. I was so out of it this morning I left my wallet on the kitchen counter. The front receptionist said she'd bill me my copay...dang it! I was hopeful they'd let me off the hook.

At home again Amelia and I had a fun day of laundry, cleaning, and research on canon cameras. Amelia folds laundry by flinging it over her shoulder. She makes our bed by burrowing into the sheets, and arranges my shoes by how far she can throw them. Love it!

Justin finally heard from Huish! Drum Roll PLEASE!!!!!! They won't know until October. Deflate. B-U-MMER. The new head dogs of the company are so new they don't know what they need/want yet. So the CFO will have to sit on the decision until the CEO gets it together. Life as usual. Justin is going to Livermore on Monday due to an "emergency" audit something or another. Double bummer.

To top off the evening Justin took me out for sushi at Happy Sumo. We sat out on the patio to watch all the people and enjoy the evening air. Amelia was quite amused by all the commotion. She hardly made a peep. We introduced her to edamame, she stuffed her mouth full, ruminated, then spit the green shells onto the table. Not quite the peas she was expecting. I was in heaven with a yummy sea weed salad, Vegas roll, cosmopolitian roll, and surf n' turf. We shared the haul! I have a new theory about waiters/waitresses: If you order water s/he automatically thinks you are cheap and pays you as little attention as possible. The customers who order wine or beer are cash pots. Our waitress got shafted and she did not even know it! Justin is a GOOD tipper, but her snooty, "you only want water" attitude drained her tip. After dinner we walked about the Gateway to settle our dinner. At home we performed the lazy dog on the grass while Amelia waved bye-bye, blew kisses, and wore my hat. What a wonderful evening.

Tummy Surfing

Amelia recently learned how to lay on her tummy in the bath tub. She learned the trick while swimming in a baby pool!

Cute Crafties

I made this set for my cousin Melia's baby shower! They plan on naming the baby, Aislinn, very Irish. I thought this outfit would fit right into the Irish theme of things!!