14 July 2014

Evelyn is 10 Months Old

Hit the pause button please. Please?! Evelyn, you are growing up too fast. We love you ever so much. Your mommy loves you, especially when you say ma-ma-ma. Your Daddy loves you, especially when you wave and scrunch up your face at lunch time. Your siblings love you, especially when you shriek with laughter over their antics. We are a lucky family.

You grew up so much this month:

-can reach for objects in a sitting position, you move your knees to one side and stretch to that side.
-can maneuver self from sitting to tummy, not smoothly.
-started pushing self backwards last week, noticed you planking on the 4th of July. You will also hold the bow-ner-ina position (bum in the air) when placed that way
-can stand without assistance if you are leaning on a taller object
-waves with your fingers separated into a "v" shape
-is a champ at peek-a-boo
-starting to self feed, you love sticky rice, yogurt melts, dry cereal, and tasting new fresh produce
-sometimes you act shy
-goes to bed without swaddling, just a mommy snuggle, a song, and your elephant binky
-working on getting your first bottom tooth
-you like to gnaw while nursing. When I scold you, it is funny somehow
-started throwing little tantrums, pounding your legs on the floor and screeching, that came from left-field.  
-you do not like to be left alone, especially with your siblings.
-you are super friendly and will tolerate other adults holding you.
-when music plays you like to sing along