17 May 2008

Sewer! Or sew-er?

I finally balled up my courage to sew a bonnet today. Justin held down the couch and Amelia emptied my scrapbook supplies out of my cabinets while I made the attempt. I am REALLY happy with the result! I only had to rip out four seams and recut the lining once. My sewing maching freaked out only once and Amelia helped me choose the ribbons. My good friend Catherine squealed with delight at my bonnet...ok, not really, but she is a pretty good reactor. I take my crafty creations to her because she makes my head swell bigger than a watermelon (which is green, by the way) with her effusive praises. I am especially eager to report that the whole project only cost about $1.50! The same type of bonnet is selling for $25 on Etsy and in boutiques. Yipee! Props to my grandma Baerwaldt for donating the eyelet and lace. You rock grandma...from one crafter to another.