04 July 2008

Happy Fourth of July

The man of the hour
PFC Fluffy firing off some tanks
Cool firework
Spinning firework
The audience
My flamethrower

Last night we kicked off the 4th with a family dinner and explosive devices!! All the boys had a blast (literally) setting off all the fireworks Justin, Jeff, and Jared invested in. The rest of us sat back a ways and enjoyed the show. Amelia did not like the loud popping noises but seemed to like the bright lights and colors. She clung to me each time a loud noise exploded burying her ear my shoulder, my other hand covered the exposed ear. One eye was constantly cocked towards the fireworks display. Fun day!! Amelia helped me hang our flag this morning then accompanied me on a long 12 mile ride. Later today we are off to the Crooks for a BBQ, swimming, tennis, and lots of family fun. I LOVE the Fourth of July.