29 April 2009


The little fish tank I got a month ago cracked on Sunday. Our poor fish are now living in...our coffee pot! The rental came with a pot, since it was unused we put the pot to work. It makes me laugh everytime I glimpse at the pot.

Amelia had her two year old appt today. She weighs 22.5 pounds and is about 31.75 inches tall, both range in the 20th percentile. At least she is consistent. She let the Dr hear her heart, look in her ears, and feel her tummy with out a squeak. Miekka gave us a book about Caillou going to the DR, I really think the book helped her understand the DR was just looking. When the DR left the room she said "See ya later, See ya soon, and Castle." Castle stands for "have fun stormin' the castle!" which Justin is trying to get her to say when he leaves in the morning and at lunch. After Amelia's checkup it was my turn. Amelia was glad I had to get on the table. I got some more allergy meds to help reduce all the reactions I've had lately. The DR went over my ultrasound from Monday. This time he said the Placenta Previa should move enough to not be a problem in about a month. He wants to do ANOTHER ultrasound, this time to check on the baby. Apparently, the left lateral ventricle of the baby's brain is abnormally large, which could indicate congenital hydrocephalus. The abnormality could be just that and clear itself up in the next couple weeks of development. My first thought was, maybe the kid has Justin's HUGE head. LOL. We will see. Hopefully we reach our out of pocket max soon because the ultrasounds are really expensive (like $457). I don't like Cabela's health insurance!

Girl's Night Out

Yesterday evening our little town hosted a Girl's Night Out. Several local businesses participated in the event...including me! I packed up all the hats and shirts I made to sell for profit. Justin had to work late so Amelia came with me and watched Thomas the Train for the first 20 minutes. It smelled really good inside since there was a cooking table right one side and Salt City Candles on the other side. Yum. The event started at 5 pm and went until 9 pm. I was a little disappointed that only three hats and two shirts sold. Guess I will have to open an Etsy Shop now to sell the rest of what I have. It was a fun evening!!