28 June 2009

Enjoyable Weekend

I had a Dr appt on Thursday morning. Ella and Amelia went with me and were very well behaved. The Dr looked in Amelia's ears to see if the ear wax issue was resolved; her ear looked much better. The baby and I are looking well so far. I am still dealing with numerous contractions and recently my "pelvic floor" feels very sore and at times a lot of pressure. By the end of the day standing is nearly out of the question! I spent some time on the floor cutting out blankets and burpies for the baby which did a real number on my body. So strange not to be able to do normal activities.

Friday morning I made an uber cute car seat blanket that attaches to the seat handle. It was really easy to whip up! One day soon I will get some pictures up once I make a trip to the storage unit to get the car seat. My new "wing" needle works miracles. I sewed together 8 burp clothes and have 4 with crocheted edges already. We found our DVD stash in storage so I watched Nacho Libre Friday night while crocheting a couple burp cloths. Some teenagers started a fight around 10:30 pm down the street. I barreled out of our house to diffuse the situation. They ran in fright at the sight of my pregnant belly and of course a threat to call the police. Little whipper snappers did stand a chance.

I think it was Wednesday evening we had a really freakish rain storm. The wind was blowing so hard it was easy to imagine a tornado ripping down the street. The next day our pool, bucket, and several small toys were all gone with the wind. Bummer!!! Friday we had another strong storm cell come through around 5:30 pm. Good thing I love all the changing weather.

Friday was also the day we accepted the offer on our house!! Yippee!! It is not the best but considering how much we lowered the price and the market refusal seemed insane. We hope to make an offer on a house sometime within the next 10 days, contigent on the closing of our home. There are several we are looking at two strong candidates with a couple more homes to see before we make a decision. Justin lulled me into thinking we were settling on a cheaper home ($120s) but once the offer was made only wanted to seriously consider homes above $160s. Little stinker. If I have to go back to work it will be because of my budgeting problems. We can make a house at that price work but I don't really want to since financial flexibility is more important than a nice, newer home.

Saturday the ward's canning order arrived. We spent an hour at the church canning our measly six cans (I prefer buckets) and helping clean up. I am excited to finally have enough wheat, rice, beans, and flour on hand. Afterwards, we drove down to Sterling, CO to get the oil in my car changed and see if the Walmart there had buckets. They had buckets but only 4 lids. We spent an hour browsing Walmart while waiting for our car. On the way home we stopped at Sonic during their happy hour and ordered Limeades...can you say super yummy? I got a cranberry limeade which was totally delish. Once at home Amelia helped me wash the car, after the Utah trip and Sterling trip the front hood resembled a bug graveyard. Alison watched Amelia while Justin and I watched Transformers II. It was a good action flick, implying poor conversation but awesome effects.

I taught lesson 24 for Gospel Doctrine, "Be Not Deceived, but Continue in Steadfastness." It was a good topic and hard to contain in 45 minutes. Justin also taught a lesson in Elder's Quorum. This evening we took an enjoyable ride around Sidney looking at potential homes.

There are also several videos now on YouTube taken in the past month or so. Here are the links:

Eating ice cream with Call Cousins

Ride Em Cowgirl

Amelia singing "Clean up, Clean up"

Amelia singing ABCs and take two

Amelia singing "I am a Child of God"

Chocolate Popsicle Face

24 June 2009

Juicy Watermelon

I feel utterly tired! Mia had another bad night...this time she was up from 1:30 until 4:00 then ready for the day at 5:30ish. Her ears must still be bothering her. This was Monday night. I now watch Ella MTW while Alison works from home. Our first day was a little rough mostly because Amelia was so ornery from not enough sleep. Monday she took a pretty good nap so I thought she was recuperating from vacation and lack of sleep. SIKE! Mia threw fits when poor Ella would brush her leg or cheek...erupting with "MY CHEEK!" and such. We made it through the morning. The girls looked so cute in their matching dresses. They even struck a pose for me, complete with smiles.

Monday and Tuesday I organized stuff Justin brough to the house from the storage rooms. I packed up a bunch of Amelia clothing to make room for Baby Brother's stuff. We took a large load of stuff back to the storage room Monday evening. We even have a picture of the temple in our little apartment now!! The best is my bright and happy bedspread to cover the ugly Cabela's deer hunting spread. The storage rooms were so hot! We came home to dine on popsicles and watermelon. Mia jumped into the pool with only her shirt on. She had watermelon streaming down her chest! It was heavenly!!!

We made it to the public pool yesterday and today. The main pool is really cold. Off to one side is a baby pool. The first day the baby pool was closed due to a daycare full of kids making too many accidents. Gross! Today Mia did not take a nap so we headed to the pool for the afternoon. She had a great time in the big pool and the small pool. Several ladies from my ward were there with their kids. How fun is that?! Mia and I went visiting teaching during the early afternoon in a little town, Potter. The lady we visit teach has four jobs so it can be hard to schedule a time. We decided our best bet would be to visit her while she worked at the Potter Library. Her husband said she worked there from 9-3 on Wednesdays. She was gone from noon until one for lunch. We waited an hour for her...it was a lovely hour spent browsing the fun antique shops across the way. The lady we visit teach (Stacy) raises her own sheep to make wool/yarn. She also makes her own glass jewelry. She might teach me how to knit one of these days! I am very excited about the prospect.

This afternoon we received an offer on our townhome. Since Saturday about 7 people have looked at our home. Utah was giving out $6,000 grants to people who bought new homes. This created quite a damper on our house marketing. The last grants were given out on Saturday!! We may wait until Friday to see if there are any more offers that come in. Still we may not have enough time to close on a house here before the baby comes....we can HOPE!!! YIPEE!! If no offers come we will accept this couple's offer. Keep us in your prayers that all will turn out well for us.

Monday evening my neighbor and friend passed away in SLC. She was only 27 and also expecting their first son. She died of a pulmonary embolism. She collapsed on Saturday morning. It took the paramedics over an hour to revive her heart. She never breathed on her own again and showed no brain activity since Saturday morning. The baby also died during this time. Misty was an amazing person. She always had a friendly hello and kind word to say. Her husband, Jake, is also one of the nicest people I know. He is so humble. He posted a blog today commending Misty on a life well lived. How extraordinary!

23 June 2009

Happy Father's Day

Our internet crashed so this post was "post-poned"...until today. I am glad we made it back home to celebrate Father's Day with Justin. He gets pretty lonely without us! Imagine that! Justin is a good dad. He totally enjoys the little things Mia does and tries hard to teach her right and wrong. He loves to play with her. Sunday I found a large sheet of brown paper. I spread it out on the kitchen floor and let Mia loose with the crayons. Soon Justin joined in! They had a blast drawing pictures of glasses, circles, squares, triangles, etc. The moment seemed to aptly capture their current relationship. Justin tries hard to help out around the house, especially now that it is harder to get around for me. We now have a picture of the Bountiful Temple in our livingroom. That seemed appropriate for the day as well! To remember why we are parents and those sacred covenants made in that temple. I love you Justin!!! Thanks for everything, so far!

We both talked with our Dads for a couple minutes. I forgot my dad was stateside so nearly did not try his cell phone. He was in numerous meetings but we finally managed to talk. I am grateful for my Dad and all he taught me. As the years pass my tendency to work myself to the bone grows stronger. Pain is a green light?! Right Dad!! I love the chance to actually set time aside to remember those important guys in my life: Justin, Dad, Grandpas, Brothers, Uncles, Cousins, etc. I love my Dad!!

21 June 2009

John's Birthday

Phew! I am one tired gal! Poor Amelia is just as worn out. She's had late nights and early mornings for two whole weeks now. Thursday night/Friday morning she decided to get up at 3:00 am ready for the day. I amused her as best I could until the sun rose around 5:30. We watched a movie, snuggled, jumped on her train bed, and such for two hours. It was a long night. We went on a LONG walk from 5:45 am until 7:30 so she would not wake up the others. My poor body does not do well when it comes to walking this pregnancy. Walking induces major contractions and general discomfort this time around. We came home to find Mom awake and everyone else still asleep. I crashed on the couch for 30 minutes. Courtenay made a yummy breakfast for John's birthday. He turned 29 on Friday. I took another nap for a little while then went on a drive to help Amelia nap. She ended up napping for about an hour, when she woke up the poor thing was so tired she cried for about 2 hours. I banished her to our room while organizing the car for our trip home. Mom kindly took over and helped her take another nap. I took a third nap! Goodness, I am not sure about being able to care for a nursing baby in less than 2 months.

Mom said Mia woke up from her nap saying her right ear hurt. I called Justin to find an in-network provider. Luckily, the local Instacare is part of our network so we paid them a visit. She had some earwax build up around her tubes causing painful ear pressure. We got some ear drops to break up the build up. She seems to be doing better.

We had a family dinner to honor John's birthday that evening. John smoked some pork for everyone. Mom made potato salad, James made beans, and Miekka made carrot cake. I made an appearance!! LOL. Funny story: I went with mom to Macey's for a couple food items. Besides picking up food storage items I ended up making a $1.24 credit card transaction for a pack of Hubba Bubba gum. Amelia snatched a pack and was chawing two pieces at one time. The bagger lady bent down to see her (she was in one of those "car" carts) and commented on her gum. The gum was so big it was frothing out of her mouth and was seeping down to her chest. I had just paid for everything so had to buy a pack of gum as well!! Those car carts are tricky!! This is the second incident with candy and that type of cart.
Courtenay made a cute chair cover for the birthday boy and a fun banner. We enjoyed telling John stories and watching a video of John at Jarom's wedding. He dressed up as a go-go girl for a karaoke contest. Pretty funny stuff.

She slept better through the night so Mia and I made our way back to Nebraska leaving Mom's house around 8:30. Her ears bothered her quite a bit so was not as content to just watch her movies. We made pretty good time at first making our first stop in Rawlings for lunch. We stopped again at the Lincoln Highway monument because her ears were bothering her. She enjoyed running around and charming everyone with her "gackes" (translation for sunglasses). I think we pulled into Sidney around 5:30. Mia clung to Justin for 10 minutes in an awesome hug. She sure loves her daddy. It actually felt nice to be back in Sidney. Guess the place is growing on me. Hope our house sells soon. We may end up bringing our little baby back to this apartment the way things are going. I am most worried about all our food storage spending the summer in high heat. I'd hate to lose all that food!!!

18 June 2009

Bare-Bummed Gardner

I am sad because my vacation time is coming to a close. Early Saturday morning will find us on the road back to Sidney. Needless to say, Justin will be really glad to have us back. I get random texts from him reporting he found his shorts, more bike gear, and some furniture at the storage unit. At least he found his summer shorts!!

Tuesday evening John made everyone homemade enchiladas, homemade down to the tortillas and red sauce. Holy smokes!! That dinner was super scrumpy delicious. I had heart burn all that night and the next day! Mia has a semi-bad diaper rash so I let her run amok with no diaper. I found her outside digging in the garden with her cute little bottom sticking out the end.

Wednesday Courtenay and I went over to Miekka's for a crafty day. Mia "played" with us...mostly whining and carrying on. She is super tired from going to bed at the same time I am and waking up with me too, combined with shorter naps makes for a crabby patty. My good friend Sarah also came over with her little cutie girl, Kenna. I showed the girls how to make the fun fabric flowers Jessica Christian found a couple months back (I think you can find the patterns on Grace Violet). Miekka embellished a cute onesie for Lia to match a skirt she found at the DI. I helped Sarah embellish a shirt and made a matching ruffly skirt for Kenna. I forgot to take pics so hopefully the girls will!! Once Court figured out how to make the flowers she whipped up several then worked on a banner for her new classroom. I brought a rag quilt to work on but mostly helped Sarah. Miekka made us a light lunch of chicken salad and rolls. It was perfect for my not so happy tummy.

Wednesday evening I attended a photo class at Gardner Village. The other participants cancelled so it was a one-on-one session! This lady shoots with her flash at all times (a real flash, not the pop-up one). She uses it to warm up her pics and provide fill light. Mia and Court were our models for the evening. She only instructed me for an hour and 30 minutes, it was a 3 hr class. It started raining and the light went fast due to the weather. She gave me a copy of her cool book, retailed at $45 or more as compensation. I learned a lot and enjoyed watching her and copying her technique. I am beginning to really love using only natural light and working with my manual camera mode. You can view more pics of our session on my photo blog.

This morning I met my awesomely great friend, Catherine Taylor at Wheeler Farm for a photo session. Her mom and sister are in town so she wanted some mother daughter pictures. Catherine has 2 kids and Susan (her sis) has 1. The girls were, well girls! I capture some fun shots of them interacting. Group photography is by far the most challenging. Susan's little girl also got some one-on-one treatment for her 18-mth photos. Her name is Reiny and about the cutest thing ever. The best was catching up with Catherine for a few minutes after the shoot.

Grandma and Grandpa Baerwaldt were visiting my Mom when I returned back to home base. They were in the area to pick up my Aunt Darcie from the airport. We all chatted for a while until the construction guy showed up. The new wood office floor is finally completed. All the guy has to do is finished mudding and taping, installing trim, and some electrical work. Mom and Court can start painting and putting the main level back together next week. Maybe next time I can see the house returned to normalcy.

16 June 2009

Simple Pleasures

Yesterday afternoon Amelia played in Grandma's yard with the hose! She had a really good time trying to lick the water, to give the plants some water, and jumping in the water. I think nothing is cuter than baby buns in a bathing suit! Amelia has about 4 swimming suits for this year's fun in the sun celebration. Yesterday Miekka, Courtenay, and I went to JoAnn's for a sale they had going on. I found some cute fabric and a new pad for our bassinet. We had some lunch at Cafe Rio: SUPER DUPER YUM. Miekka and I then went to Target while Amelia napped. I found some brads in the dollar bins for flower clip centers. Gotta love the dollar bins. Mom is really busy organizing and paring down everything in the house. It is pretty much a one-woman job since she is the only one who knows what stays or goes. I try to help where possible. This morning I went to Kid to Kid searching for a baby play mat. I found a cute one plus pants for Amelia, some shoes for the baby, and other cute items. John is making a yummy dinner for everyone of homemade enchiladas down to the tortillas.


Jana wanted some pictures after church on Sunday. She looked smashing in her gray and red outfit. You can see how big my littlest brothers are now. Jared grew about 3 inches since November...plus his voice is starting to change. John is taking an EMT class so pulled out his blood pressure cuff and stethoscope for the kids. They played trauma drama on Jared. All the kids thought that was especially fun. Courtenay also let the kids play with her plastic ABC set. Amelia can now sing her ABCs and "I am a child of god." I need to upload the videos of her most recent singing talents.

Poor Justin had a 30 hour ordeal getting home. His flight to Denver was delayed due to severe thunderstorms while sitting in the plane. I think his flight sat on the tarmac over an hour waiting for the green light. Consequently, he missed the shuttle from Denver to Sidney so had to stay the night. The next shuttle did not leave until 2 pm on Monday. He was miffed about taking another vacation day just to get home. I think he finally made it back to Sidney around 6 pm. So much for saving time by taking a flight back home!!!

14 June 2009

Goldfish Break

It rained all day on Thursday! So Justin and I decided to attend a temple session. We left Mia with all the relations and had a quiet evening. We were asked to be the witness couple. I was a little surprised because usually they don't ask pregnant ladies. After the session two ladies approached me apoligizing (separately) for my being the witness. They were asked but declined due to feeling a little under the weather. They felt bad as I waddled to the altar, my condition exacerbated their guilt! Justin and I thought that was really funny. We enjoyed sitting in our spot in the Bountiful Temple for 10 minutes or more. Justin took me out for a sushi dinner afterwards! yum!!

Friday morning it was sunny so we took an express trip to the zoo with Amelia. It was after 4 pm once we returned back to Charity's. They all went up to Ogden to visit Grant who had surgery on Thursday morning. He had his adnoids removed. The little guy is doing well. Mia's white skirt got the full dirty treatment while all the little girls played. The picture of her in the magician's hat and wand is significant because she willingly shared the toy with her cousin Anna. She is very protective of her toys and food, so when she shared we were speechless! I got some cute pictures of the girls eating goldfish crackers on the front steps. What funny little girls. It is awesome they are all about the same age. Laura and I showed off our cute pregnant bellies. We are both expecting boys before the end of this year. Laura is about 21 weeks and I am 30 weeks along. Phew! Only 10 weeks left. I am SOOOO tired this time around that interacting with people is a chore. Friday evening we stayed with Grandma Debbie. She was watching Seth and Jacob while James and Miekka celebrated their anniversary. The flooring was installed earlier in the day and looks awesome.

Saturday we spent the day trying to figure out the shelving situation for the storage room. Mom went to Ikea a couple times. Good thing Miekka knew what we needed. By 10 pm we had the shelves up and some of John and Courtenay's food on the shelves. Phew! Justin is on his way back to Sidney. He flight was supposed to leave at 3:15...he called at 4:30 to let me know the airplane was still sitting on the tarmack. Apparently, Denver is having worse weather than we are having. He will miss the shuttle back to Sidney so had to reserve a hotel room, the next shuttle is not until tomorrow afternoon. Poor guy!

Hogle Zoo

Friday morning Justin and I took Amelia to the zoo. We had a really relaxed time just walking at leisure, watching some shows, and enjoying Amelia's reactions. She was not very interested in the elephants, but thought the monkeys and turkeys were awesome. We watched a really fun bird show for about 5 minutes. She did not last long because she really wanted some Cheetos. LOL! She is related to Justin and his love of fake cheese. After a cheeto break we rode the carasol twice. The first time was awesome, the second was not so much fun because she wanted more cheetos. She ate the rest of her cheetos while we saw the tigers, giraffe, and bears. The highlight of our visit was riding the train. Her face was a radiant display of smiles. The picture in the collage, top right, is of her on the train. After all the fun with cousins having a moment alone was a lot of fun. She fell asleep on our way to grab some lunch. Even the pull of macaroni and cheese barely kept her awake. I am so glad Justin was able to come!!

10 June 2009

Crazy BUSY Days

Holy Smokes! We are one tired bunch of Calls...and it is only Wednesday evening. Early Monday morning Mom and Dad caught a flight back to Virginia. The rest of us made an excursion down to Provo. We have 5 graduates or attendees to BYU so we tried to brainwash the kids. The day was pretty rainy so we ate our picnic lunch at the Wilkinson Center. All the kids were running around the bookstore like crazies with the adults trying to keep tabs on the madness. It was so hilarious. We walked a bit around campus, stopping at the science hall then the Bean Museum. Mia was SOOO tired she lolled around on the floor of the museum moaning. Even the large elephant did not seem to scare her as it usually would. Tromping about campus brought back fun memories of studying and learning when I attended. Miekka, our roommates, and I all had some really fun times. The building I spent most of my time in is now a posh new building with a cool water garden in the courtyard.

Justin and I went over to James and Miekka's for a welcome dinner for Mom, Jeremy, and Jared. We stopped at mom's home first to survey the construction zone. The entire first floor was extremely dusty from dry wall and floor removal. I think Mom's new pantry is a work worthy of envy. Mia loved to play in little Lia's jumperoo toy, fashioned after a horsie. It was way too cool for words. We had some fun conversations about politics and Courtenay led some funny discussions on this topic and that (most bodily related).

Tuesday morning I woke up on the wrong side of the couch. I am getting very annoyed about all the poking and prodding on what to name our baby. Geepers, BUTT OUT. Most of the blame is between Justin and I. We are both being so bull-headed and unwilling to move an inch. I finally came to the conclusion that this issue is not worthy of fighting over on Monday evening... problem was that I still did NOT want our boy with the name Justin is being so obstinate about. My petulance leaked into the next day. We all had tickets for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House at 10:00 am. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the experience as much as I should have due to stupid pride. Still the kids were so, so cute. Mia loved the colorful star-shaped chandeliers. This was my first Temple Open House. The experience started with a ride from the parking lot to the reception center. We gathered in a tent to watch a short video on temples. Then everyone went into the temple guided by many volunteers along plastic paved pathways. I really liked the instruction rooms, which were painted with vivid scenes of mountains and streams. After leaving the temple we gathered in another tent where everyone snacked on water and cookies! I can just imagine the church's cookie bill!!!

We had some lunch at 5 guys burger joint. In the afternoon we spent a fun hour at the pool. It was really overcast but not raining...in fact the sun decided to come play for a while. Those with winter skin (moi) got fun sunburns! Charity had a super good idea to tour the fire station across the street after swimming. All the kids were really excited about that. Fireman Steve showed us his Fire Station. Amelia was so intrigued by all the goings on that she kept her fingers shoved in her mouth nearly the entire time. She especially loved when he turned on the vehicle lights. Fireman Steve gave all the kids fun plastic helmets at the tour's end. Last of all, he let the kids all spray water from a genuine fire hose. Mason had the most memorable look on his face of complete satisfaction! Our planned campout was squashed by a 60% chance of rain.

Wednesday we drove up to Logan to have a wiener roast in Logan Canyon. It rained most of the way there. We ended up grilling dogs on Raquel's grill and picnicking on her living room floor. All the kids were pretty tired of being pent up so once the rain stopped we raced up the canyon to First Dam in order to feed the ducks. The rain held off for a couple more hours so we continued up to canyon to Second Dam for a nature walk and fishing. Fishing turned out to be a three-ringed circus act. Not enough fishing poles to go around and too many energetic kids to amuse. Plus it was nap time for our little chipmunk so we had some major cranky issues going around. Mia found a huge leaf which she used as a fairy umbrella. Her favorite activity is to go running. She looks for me and says, "Mommy I running!" and runs as fast as she can. She kind of waddles when she runs...so cute!! I walked back to the car and strapped her into her seat, poor girl was so tired she fell asleep in about 2 minutes. We drove back to Raquel's to drop of Emma and have a snack break. Justin and I left the group there to visit my Grandparents for an hour. We dined on Del Taco for dinner...super, duper, pooper yum.

Today? It rained, and rained, and rained. I have NEVER seen this much rain in the 9 years that I 've lived in Utah. It is a bit hard to contain and entertain 8 energetic kids inside the house. Spenser and Laura set up their tent in the backyard to give the kids more space to roam about. I escaped for an hour to Nuttall's in Centerville. They are moving their store so all their flannel was 70% off! I scored some awesome boy fabric to make blankets and burpies for him. That should keep me busy once I get back home. I also finished reading the "Sorceress" from the Nicholas Flamel Alchemist series. It was pretty good. Charity says the next book is already completed but won't be released until next year: STUPID PUBLISHERS!! My mom and brother are in Logan today. Maybe tomorrow we will move our FOB to Mom's house. The new flooring is supposed to be installed today and tomorrow. Then we can help clean up, I am sure mom could use the man power.

07 June 2009

Mason's Baptism

We made it to Utah!! Morley (Alison's son) accompanied us for the trip out. It was nice to have him along since he entertained Amelia most of the way. Justin drove most of the time...so I crocheted most of the time. I am working on a couple blankets for the baby. The one I worked on ended up being crooked. It was too much trouble to fix so it will probably never end up finished. We stopped in Cheyenne so I could stock up on more yarn. We arrived in Murray at 4:30 pm to meet up with Morley's Aunt. Then off to see Miekka and the kids for a minute. Miekka let us borrow their air mattress for the next little while. Since then we've been at Charity's home.

Friday evening all the Call kids were gathered. It was a grand ole party! The kids were crazy busy playing. The adults talking up a storm. We were all tired out by 9 pm. Amelia slept poorly that first night, so we slept poorly too. Her new train bed is not as confining as the one Miekka let us borrow, so Amelia kept slipping onto the concrete floor.

The boys got up at 3:45 to go fishing on Saturday morning. Mason joined the big boys for a morning of fishing. I went to a photography class hosted by Jennifer Fauset Saturday morning at Wheeler Farm. Amelia stayed with all the folks at Charity's house. The class was fun and informative. The topic was shooting in the manual mode. I use the manual mode quite often but it was nice to practice with mentors present. We had three cute models to practice on after the instruction phase.

Mason was baptized around 1:30 pm. The bishop introduced Mason to the congregation gathered for the stake baptism days. He was asked what he wanted to be when grown up, he said "to be President of the United States so I can outlaw singing in Primary!" What a funny boy. All the kids were excited to watch the baptism. He gave the cutest look right after coming up out of the water that seemed to say, "ALIGHT! I did it!!" We moved to a different room for his confirmation. Charity had sweet treats ready afterwards for all the family. Laura organized a Tea Party for the kids in the basement. It was funny to watch them all gathered at tables waiting for a treat. I went to Walmart for some PJs, floss, and deodorant. It seems something is always left at home when we travel. Our Walmart does not have PJs for little kids, so I got a couple pairs for Amelia this summer. The evening was a blur of chalk coloring, playing, jumping, crocheting, and talking. We slept better the second night! I moved to the couch, which was MUCH better on my back. Around 2:30 am a rip roaring thunderstorm lashed out lightening, thunder, and a ton of rain. It was still raining all this morning.

We all went to church and later watched Reagan give a talk in Primary. I saw a girl I knew back in my Wellsville days who moved into Charity's ward. That encounter brought back some fond memories. Mia is having a hard time in church lately. She is extra wiggly and hard to keep entertained. Luckily, Grandpa Call came prepared with better fruit snacks than the ones I brought. We need to work on being reverent in church, especially sacrament meeting. Amelia took an extra long 3 hour nap this afternoon. Half the group went to Temple Square, the other stayed and napped. I stayed just to have some quiet time. Grandpa has all the kids in the palm of his hand! He loves to spoil the kids with snacks, ice cream, and dollar bills. Quite often Amelia will jump right into his arms! She is still a little perturbed about his beard but will still give him a kiss. The next week should be a equal amount of fun!!!

03 June 2009

Spring-y Rain

I am enjoying the rainy spring weather this week. Yesterday our rain gauge showed over 2 inches of rain collected during the day!! We had some fantastic thunderstorms on Monday. Mia did not nap so well, even with a fan running in her room, due to thunder. Monday we went to the storage units to try and find Justin's summer shorts. Instead we found some books for Mia, PJs for me, and no shorts.

Mia wore her cute new outfit I made last week to the Dr's office. I had my third ultrasound, a blood draw, and rhogam shot. It appears the baby has a little bit of hair already! He is laying with his head to my left and bum to the right, which is actually better for me in the breathing department since he is not under my ribs. The tech said he is growing fast, she said the charts put his new due date as 21 Aug, now. The Dr probably won't change my due date...but I secretly did!! His left brain ventricle is now in the 60th percentile instead of the 90th, so most likely the "danger" of brain damage is not as likely. Hopefully, that means no more ultrasounds. Amelia charmed everyone at the hospital with her friendly ways. She amused herself in the ultrasound room by piecing apart my purse and getting stuck behind the large fake tree...where she did her daily doo-ty. She was most distressed when the nurse gave me the rhogam shot in my bum, the nurse let her put a band aid on my owie. We ended our day with a visit to the ice cream store. Mia squealed in delight for an entire block once she realized where we were headed.

Yesterday I ventured out for an hour in the rain. We went to the bookstore to buy a wooden fruit and vegetable set held together with velcro that Mia can "cut" with a wooden knife. I received a gift certificate from a lady here so only paid half price for the set. We waltzed over to the coffee shop and had hot cocoa while playing chess. Click here is a fun video of Amelia cutting up her veggies and burping!! I made a cute boy hat and one cowboy boot. The pattern for the boots was about the worst pattern I've ever followed. I ended up emailing the pattern creator about 5 times with corrections. It took me almost two hours to crochet one stinkin' bootie. Only the need for a second bootie lead me to make the second this morning. I had to follow my previous bootie instead of the pattern. Luckily, the booties are almost the same size!! Still aren't they just cute. If you want a pair I am not crocheting them for you...I will email you the corrected pattern!! Justin was nice enough to rent me two movies to crochet my projects to. I watched "Bedtime Stories" and "Yes Man." The first movie was really cute and worth watching again. We also cleaned my car out in anticipation of our trip to Utah on Friday morning. We will be gone two weeks...Justin only one week.

This morning I was sick of being home-bound so we spent some money at Walmart on trip treats, then met Justin at Cabela's for lunch. Amelia loves to roam the store looking for taxidermied animals stuffed in odd corners. Her favorite is the stuffed squirrel. We got Justin a Father's Day present of a fishing pole and accoutrements. He and his brother, Dad, and the little people are going fishing this weekend and next week. Happy Father's Day two weeks early. Alison had me take some pictures of her and her fours kids this afternoon. We found a cool alley and also took some at the fishing pond. Check out my favorites at http://www.applegreenphotography.blogspot.com/