14 June 2009

Hogle Zoo

Friday morning Justin and I took Amelia to the zoo. We had a really relaxed time just walking at leisure, watching some shows, and enjoying Amelia's reactions. She was not very interested in the elephants, but thought the monkeys and turkeys were awesome. We watched a really fun bird show for about 5 minutes. She did not last long because she really wanted some Cheetos. LOL! She is related to Justin and his love of fake cheese. After a cheeto break we rode the carasol twice. The first time was awesome, the second was not so much fun because she wanted more cheetos. She ate the rest of her cheetos while we saw the tigers, giraffe, and bears. The highlight of our visit was riding the train. Her face was a radiant display of smiles. The picture in the collage, top right, is of her on the train. After all the fun with cousins having a moment alone was a lot of fun. She fell asleep on our way to grab some lunch. Even the pull of macaroni and cheese barely kept her awake. I am so glad Justin was able to come!!

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