14 June 2009

Goldfish Break

It rained all day on Thursday! So Justin and I decided to attend a temple session. We left Mia with all the relations and had a quiet evening. We were asked to be the witness couple. I was a little surprised because usually they don't ask pregnant ladies. After the session two ladies approached me apoligizing (separately) for my being the witness. They were asked but declined due to feeling a little under the weather. They felt bad as I waddled to the altar, my condition exacerbated their guilt! Justin and I thought that was really funny. We enjoyed sitting in our spot in the Bountiful Temple for 10 minutes or more. Justin took me out for a sushi dinner afterwards! yum!!

Friday morning it was sunny so we took an express trip to the zoo with Amelia. It was after 4 pm once we returned back to Charity's. They all went up to Ogden to visit Grant who had surgery on Thursday morning. He had his adnoids removed. The little guy is doing well. Mia's white skirt got the full dirty treatment while all the little girls played. The picture of her in the magician's hat and wand is significant because she willingly shared the toy with her cousin Anna. She is very protective of her toys and food, so when she shared we were speechless! I got some cute pictures of the girls eating goldfish crackers on the front steps. What funny little girls. It is awesome they are all about the same age. Laura and I showed off our cute pregnant bellies. We are both expecting boys before the end of this year. Laura is about 21 weeks and I am 30 weeks along. Phew! Only 10 weeks left. I am SOOOO tired this time around that interacting with people is a chore. Friday evening we stayed with Grandma Debbie. She was watching Seth and Jacob while James and Miekka celebrated their anniversary. The flooring was installed earlier in the day and looks awesome.

Saturday we spent the day trying to figure out the shelving situation for the storage room. Mom went to Ikea a couple times. Good thing Miekka knew what we needed. By 10 pm we had the shelves up and some of John and Courtenay's food on the shelves. Phew! Justin is on his way back to Sidney. He flight was supposed to leave at 3:15...he called at 4:30 to let me know the airplane was still sitting on the tarmack. Apparently, Denver is having worse weather than we are having. He will miss the shuttle back to Sidney so had to reserve a hotel room, the next shuttle is not until tomorrow afternoon. Poor guy!

3 Stupendous Remarks:

Taylor's said...

Holy stinkin' smokes! You have been up to tons! The zoo - oh I wish I would have gone!

So once you breathe, sleep and relax will you come and play with us?

The Haley Family said...

I've never been to that zoo, how fun! Great pictures!!! You're going to need major rest when you get back! :)

The Funny Farm said...

You look fabulous pregnant. Really, you look great! Hang in there!