27 January 2013

Taste of Spring

I got a new crown in the mail last week. Just one I've wanted for years and finally found for sale. Amelia was more than excited to try it out for me. Her chosen personna of the hour was a Snow Princess, like the Swan Princess. She was dancing gracefully and posing so seriously that I almost laughed, but didn't. She is so sensitive. I love my little swan. I love how her ballet positions are showing now in her photos. After her photos she wanted to play photographer so took some photos of me and the boys. Pretty good! My camera is very heavy so watching her heft it up gives me some anxiety. At least she knows the strap comes first.
This week Phillip continued his crimes against fruit. Sunday evening he filled a bag with 3 bananas, a sliced up orange, 5 mini peppers, four strawberries, and some cheese sticks for good measure. He carried the bag around for the next 24 hours. He ended up with a bag of mushed up fruit and veggies. Eventually he declared the ensemble: disgusting!. Then he decided to eat the ends off the strawberries in 6 entire cartons. Everett was drawing on the sidewalk with a fistful just to do something with the ruined berries. I saved the rest in my blender. After the berries Phillip took 12 apples and threw them at our chain link fence. He was absolutely delighted when two of them got wedged into the links. I can just see the wavering fence jittering as apples pelted the fence. Everett watched him saying "no, no" and wagging his finger no.
Thursday Amelia celebrated the 100th day of school with her kindergarden class. They had a blast. I volunteered to help make fruit loop necklaces. By the time I got there the kids had made 100 day visors, weighed 100 objects, found 100 hershey kisses, and made the necklaces. The kids had to string the fruit loops in order of color by 10s. The kids were so eager to just get it done but had to wait for the entire class to string the cereal before going on to the next color. Amelia declared she was tired of counting to 100 for an entire day. She really was tired and a bit sick with a nasty cough and runny nose. Even with a daily dose of echinachea, Vitamin C, and such she still catches the school sicknesses. Poor kid slept from 8:45 pm to 9:20 am! She was not running a fever so she went to school tardy at 10:30 on Friday.
Everett's vocabulary is really expanding. Pretty much he repeats what we say and ask him to say. He can say:
I did it
Where are you
Bye-Bye Daddy
Love you
1-2-3 Go
Soggy Doggy
I poopy
Gabba Gabba
He is one funny little kid. He LOVES to give the biggest hugs ever. He runs at you with arms wide open then wraps those skinny arms around you neck and burrows his head in you neck. The best feeling ever! Recently he started giving kisses and often offers his forehead for Justin's morning kiss goodbye. Everett teethed his top two molars, his eye teeth and his bottom molars. I can see the buds for his bottom eye teeth coming up.
We had some exciting family developments come up over the past 10 days. A lady contacted me on FB and thus made contact with Justin and his family. In the end a happy reunion between friends and relations made for a really special and healing situation. We are so glad for the small and large miracles that come.

Yesterday the temps reached into the high 60s! We spent a lovely time with much of the rest of Sidney at the park and pond. Makes me pine for spring. The boys and I spent a couple lovely hours throughout the week outside digging in the dirt, throwing balls, and hanging from our tree like monkeys. 

20 January 2013


This week Amelia taught our FHE lesson on Monday. She first chose a coloring page then I helped her build a lesson around the picture. The picture showed Jesus with some children so we shared the Book of Mormon story in 3 Nephi. She did a great job! I love that she can do so much lately. Everett is quite the color artist. Even with numerous reminders to color on paper he has started sharing his talent on other surfaces. I started to make Valentine shirts for the kids...only took me a couple hours...spaced over 5 days. Geesh.
Tuesday we went to the gym again for basketball and soccer. Everett was super cranky so we did not stay the entire time. Plus the daycare kids ended up on the other side of the gym divider causing most of the kids to drift to the more exciting side. Everett loved played 1-2-3 Go! I caught Phillip looking longingly at the fire alarm. He was swiftly moved to a new place. Justin came home for lunch to a very upset Jenni. Phillip had found the pink fabric paint I used for Amelia's Valentines shirt. He decorated the inside of the playhouse, the pretend food, then stole into the main living area and painted the love seat arm rest. I found him spreading pink goo on the foot rests of my new elliptical machine. Justin got some of the pink out of the couch...some. Phillip is too sneaky for me to corral at all times. He was in big time trouble. I was so exhausted that I took a 2.5 hour nap. Little nerds.
Wednesday Phillip sat for storytime for 10 minutes! Last week he only lasted 7 minutes. That was pretty amazing. I worry about him in Sunbeams! I got a haircut on Thursday. Arick, who cut my hair, actually listened to me and cut one side much shorter. Now when my hair is dry both sides look even! Hooray. I enjoyed helping with Mia's class this week. I helped three kids decorate snowmen. Amelia gets a big kick when Justin or I come help out each week. Our street front was packed most of the weekend with cars and traffic attending all the basketball games. Sometimes it is hard to get out of our own driveway with all the parked cars.
Friday Justin could not come home for lunch. Phillip moped around for a while asking, "where my dad? I want my Dad" etc. Around the time Justin was due home I sent all the kids outside to welcome him home. Everett yelled from the doorstep, Phillip pounded the truck, and Amelia gave him a hug. Justin loves coming home. A while later Phillip called Batman with his personal hand phone. He said, "Hi Batman. I Pillip. I find my dad. OK! Bye." Complete with a deep Batman voice. Justin and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the "new" Sherlock Holmes movie, Game of Shadows. It was very clever and amusing.
For some odd reason our house is relatively clean until Friday night, then it all goes to pot for the weekend. Maybe I expect more help that never comes. My good friend Kelly came over and saw some of our Saturday insanity. Soooooo embarrassed. Guess those kids (and Justin and I) are busy making too many memories. We enjoyed a fun hour at the park before lunch. It was nice to get out together while the weather was not too cold. I don't envy the Utahns with their inversion AND cold temps. No inversion here...too windy! Justin went out and tested his new handgun. He bought one shortly after the Sandyhook tragedy. It was a good excuse to get one! While Justin and I worked on cleaning the kitchen Phillip decided to eat a container of carmel with his toes. He tracked goo from his room to the living room to the dining room to the kitchen. He was a gooey mess. I made him lick his toes before washing off the goop. Silly kid. Our Bountiful Baskets did not arrive until 6:30 on Saturday. It was a later evening than usual. Amelia played with Ella while I volunteered a bit. There were quite a few volunteers! We scored a huge box of apples and a flat a strawberries. Phillip ate almost an entire box of berries...well, if you call "eating berries" biting off the ends only.
Amelia left her backpack on Annie's bus Monday afternoon. She was a literal mess off an on for the rest of her day. We said a prayer that Annie would find her backpack. I called Jean at her school early the next morning and had her call Annie. The backpack was found and Amelia came home a happy girl on Tuesday. Inside the lost backpack was her second report card. She did really well this past quarter. She is top of her class in reading, math, and social skills. No surprise there. Her teacher asked us to help her recognize the dime. Most of this week we had fun pretend buying stuff like broken crayons, paper, and utensils as she practiced using real coins. She is one smart cookie. Jean the dragon also made a reappearance two weeks ago. Some friends at school would not let Amelia play dragons with them because she only had her unicorn-pegasus, Victoria with her at school. I reminded her of Jean the dragon who lived in the garage. Since then Jean is alive and well. This morning she stayed home from church to cuddle with Victoria and sleep to the noise machine. I love hearing her imagine all these fun creatures.

14 January 2013

Brrrrrr.....it is freezing


Monday, January 14, 2013


Brrrrrrr. We can't seem to get warm of late. Jack Frost decorated some of our trees on Friday, his sneaky fingers even managed to ice our mailbox that rests in the door frame. Phillip desperately wants to go to the park but when the daytime high is between 10-15 degrees I can't justify that! The other day it was -10 with a -30 windchill. That is cooooold. Justin loves all the weather changes. He monitors the weather stations with gusto and lets me know all the changes. That makes me smile.
Tuesday morning I asked the boys if they wanted to go play basketball. Everett bent his knees and pretended to chuck a ball, while yelling, "ba-be-ball!!!" He was so excited. We love toddler time at the gym. I love to hear Everett try and say basketball. Cracks me up. The boys played so hard that Phillip fell asleep in the van on our way to a baptism. He slept through me taking him out of the van, and slept the entire meeting. He woke up long enough for a doughnut then went to bed at the normal time. My kids RARELY fall asleep at odd times of places so when it happens I get a kick out of it.
Wednesday I was cleaning the dishes when Phillip came behind me and said, "Mom, I a child of God! Eberett child of God, Mia child of God, Mom child of god, Dad child of God!" Oh man, I almost melted. Took that little child of god in my arms and squeezed him close. Turns out he had a lesson in Sunbeams about everyone being a child of God. Took him three days to process that but he got it!
Thursday the boys and I had lunch with Mia at school. We enjoyed 30 minutes of militant lunchtime slurping tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. The proctors had everyone raise their hands for 3 seconds when the talking became too noisy. Kids got yelled at for crumbling crackers. Everett of course smashed all his crackers and spread them all over the floor. I felt like a criminal trying to sweep up the crumbs before one of the ladies noticed. The ladies said I could talk with Mia but no one else could. Sort of dampered any desire to chat. The boys did not notice and to Mia that is how school lunch is. Crazy!
Friday Amelia ran a fever so stayed home from school. She was fine just feverish. I think we watched a lot of TV over the weekend. I hate that. I made the kids some hot cocoa for a snack. Amelia declared it, "tasted more delicious than any other cocoa I've never had." Justin and I saw Lincoln at the theater. That movie was a pretty gray and true telling of how the 13th amendment was passed. I felt so grateful for the sacrifices made so long ago. I caught a nasty flu on Saturday. Spent most of the day lounging on the couch. Glad Justin was home to help out. He took the kids to McD where Phillip slurped his ketchup up a straw. Then the older two went with him to the community center to play basketball and walk on the track.
Phillip is making the decision to use the potty now. He used the potty at Walmart today and has kept his undies dry all morning...so far. He decided wearing the same diapers as Everett was not so cool. I have Everett in the same size and type diapers as Phillip. No way he wants to be just like Everett. Just got him some new undies as incentive. Let's see if his decision sticks! Finally.

07 January 2013

Buzz Wings

Phillip practically lives in his Buzz Jammies. He puts them on right after dinner then takes them off if he can wear his super cape and cool jeans in the morning. His cool jeans are gray pants that have a leather belt patch on the back. I got him some long-sleeved super cape shirts so maybe he will wear those instead and feel warmer. What a kid.
Phillip started Sunbeams on Sunday. I stayed home with Everett and a sick Amelia so did not see how he did. Justin reports that he did pretty well during sharing time, only getting up several times. Class was a different story. He tackled a kid twice and had a hard time keeping still. After church he told me that Connor was sad (apparently he cried the entire time). He is happy to have RJ's mom for his teacher. I really am worried about Phillip in Sunbeams, he seems so unprepared. Amelia was ready at 2.5 year old. Hopefully he surprises us!
One thing I noticed lately about Phillip is that he is really talented at putting puzzles together. He put Amelia's "Tangled" puzzle together almost by himself. He has awesome spatial skills. Guess that is why he can spray paint like a pro.   

Big Boy Haircut

Everett got a new haircut on Saturday. Phillip cut his hair last week sometime. He had a nice chunk cut out of the back. I was trying to grow his hair out a little like Everett Lance. I love his floppy hair. Guess my Everett is destined to have shorter hair...at least for the time being. What you don't know about these photos is that Everett is fresh out of the bathtub and only wearing a diaper on the bottom. Ah, the things you can hide. Phillip and Everett now really like to bathe together. Their new favorite game is splash the water out of the tub, tsunami, and bum crash. Drives us crazy.