07 January 2013

Buzz Wings

Phillip practically lives in his Buzz Jammies. He puts them on right after dinner then takes them off if he can wear his super cape and cool jeans in the morning. His cool jeans are gray pants that have a leather belt patch on the back. I got him some long-sleeved super cape shirts so maybe he will wear those instead and feel warmer. What a kid.
Phillip started Sunbeams on Sunday. I stayed home with Everett and a sick Amelia so did not see how he did. Justin reports that he did pretty well during sharing time, only getting up several times. Class was a different story. He tackled a kid twice and had a hard time keeping still. After church he told me that Connor was sad (apparently he cried the entire time). He is happy to have RJ's mom for his teacher. I really am worried about Phillip in Sunbeams, he seems so unprepared. Amelia was ready at 2.5 year old. Hopefully he surprises us!
One thing I noticed lately about Phillip is that he is really talented at putting puzzles together. He put Amelia's "Tangled" puzzle together almost by himself. He has awesome spatial skills. Guess that is why he can spray paint like a pro.   

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