11 July 2011

Just Kickin' It


We are anxiously waiting for Miekka, Seth, Jacob, and Lia to arrive sometime today. I just barely received a text from Miekka that their van got a nasty flat tire. After an hour wait a highway patrolman stopped to assist them. They were sort of near Rawlings. That stretch of WY highway is pretty lonely! Neleigh came by to play with the kids today while I cleaned and went on a short photoshoot. She rocks! While I was gone Everett started crying (he usually naps at this time) and she knew exactly what to do with him. I came home to her cuddling him with a binky. Phew! That takes a huge load off my mind. Justin came home while the home insurance adjustor was out here looking at our pock-marked roof and damaged drains. We should hear back in a couple days about the results. Enjoy some photo love of Justin and the kids enjoying our new fangled lawn chairs.

Everett weighs 12 pounds now. Another baby boy was born about 2.5 weeks after Everett weighing 6 pounds. At church the boys were next each other and Everett looked like a giant baby. He is twice the weight of the other little dude. I am NOT complaining. Everett is one chill dude most of the time. He started cooing and smiling more this week. So fetchin' adorable.

Just a couple hours

Meet Phillip's shirt. Wowzers. Usually this kid wears about 3 three shirts per day. Within a couple minutes of a new shirt it often looks like this. He ate dinner in this shirt...with a bib on. Yeah. If you think my ragamuffin boy is dirty it is not per lack of trying. He reminds me of Pig-Pen from Peanuts with a constant dirt cloud around him. Can you see why we go through stain remover like no tomorrow?