15 November 2020

Quarantined again, Justin turns 45


Monday Justin was sent home from work at noon because his team was exposed to COVID last Thursday. We are supposed to quarantine for 2 weeks, Justin especially is banned to stay home. It's been a tough, boring week for us all. Justin's COVID test came back negative, but he still wants an anti-body test to make sure. Pretty much we stay home until Thursday when his test came back. We did go swimming since the amount of chlorine killed whatever germs we carried. I made a couple trips out for groceries and such. 

Thursday we went to the library since Justin's test was negative. We wore masks and used lots of hand sanitizer. The trip was quick in and out. The max items on our new cards is 80 books and 15 media! I might need to bring a wagon next time. I was quite bummed that the book I was reading accidently made it into the return pile. The boys are taking more responsibility for their school work. If their work is not done by 2 pm they can't play and risk losing weekend electronic priviledges. Amelia and I were able to work through her 65% math grade. She uses Schoology to correspond with her "teachers" but communication is scarce at best. She uploaded the incorrect screen shot for one of her first assignments. We were able to resolve that snag, she now has a 98% for Algebra I. We were really worried since this grade counts for high school. That was a lesson, Mia was ready to just accept the grade...sometimes a little communication goes a very long way. 

By Thursday we were stir crazy to the max. The little girls got up and started playing princesses going to a ball. Amelia caught up the idea and made the morning extra special! She gave everyone names like: Sir Fancy-Pants of the Fancity-Pancity people and her servant Dave (Phillip), Fedora of the Fedora Folk, Princess Snowie (Evelyn), and Princess Lolly (Josie).  Amelia made a delicious macaroni salad and Phillip made peanut butter sandwiches on a platter. We invited over the Ostlers to our Royal Ball. Phillip used a PVC pipe as a herald trumpet or a digeridoo, take your pick. I gave lessons on waltzing for those interested. So much excitement! We all love when Amelia decides to make something fun into something fantastic! 

Friday morning Josie woke up with a stomach flu. She was not feeling well at all, poor kid could not hold any fluids down at all. By Saturday I was spoon feeding her bits of pedialyte. After 28 hours of continuous throwing up I took her to the insta-clinic. They pretty much just patted my hand and told me she would get better. Here we are Sunday later afternoon and she is still throwing up. She will keep down less than 3 ml, anything more and she throws it up. Justin gave her a blessing last night, we're praying she gets better soon. Evelyn came down with pink eye on Friday. I have a sinus thing going on, popping sudafed to keep my sinuses clear. Justin bought a forehead thermometer that takes temperature with some sort of x-rays. He likes to sneak up and violate my rights as a human to keep my temperature secret.  He even assaulted me in bed...those angry red lights stole my temperature reading. I'm glad he's finding a way for comic relief. LOL. Amelia got her first set of contacts. She had to put the contacts in and remove several times before she could leave with the contacts. Her vision is super amazing now! Taking them out is a bit harder than putting them in. So far she really likes them except for the installation part. 

The TV has been on non-stop for 3 days now. I'm ready for a break. Thank you to Sara for the pot of chicken soup. Yum. Everett brought me plans for a new box fort with a lock earlier in the week. Saturday I spotted a neighbor getting new furniture and the large boxes sitting outside. The boys were thrilled to drag home two boxes larger than a fridge! As of today they made a couple doors and hung Christmas lights inside. I have a lock to fulfill Everett's dream. 

Justin turned 45 today. Unfortunately, it's been quite anti-climatic. I'm making a special dinner and his favorite brownies. He will probably add another jacket to his collection for his present. We ordered pizza on Friday for dinner. This morning we dog-piled him as a morning wake up call. He is so dedicated, taking care of our needs.