06 January 2017

11 Months

Josie is such a happy, content little human. She is happiest when hanging out in my arms like a tiny spider monkey. She tolerates floor time IF mom with within reach. I am unsure of her weight this month, seems like the same as last month. Josie absolutely loves to stand, she can cruise a bit around the coffee table. She loves to stand and help clear out the dishwasher. This month she learned to roll over and sleep on her belly. I find her stretched out on her tummy now in bed. She now sleeps without the sumo wrestler suit. I let her wear it much longer than normal because it was cold in her room and she did not roll about. Josie still does not enjoy her tummy but will tolerate it for a bit and even tries to plank and assume the crawl position.

Josie loves to imitate word sounds, especially animal sounds like monkey, dog, and bear. She can wave bye and hi, even blow kisses! The best is when she tries to boss the dog or kids around with a gruff voice. She can clap when I say "yayayay." She plays peek-a-boo with blankets and with her bare hands. Her left nostril is a constant source of entertainment. Spit bubbles and babbling are also quite entertaining.