24 June 2009

Juicy Watermelon

I feel utterly tired! Mia had another bad night...this time she was up from 1:30 until 4:00 then ready for the day at 5:30ish. Her ears must still be bothering her. This was Monday night. I now watch Ella MTW while Alison works from home. Our first day was a little rough mostly because Amelia was so ornery from not enough sleep. Monday she took a pretty good nap so I thought she was recuperating from vacation and lack of sleep. SIKE! Mia threw fits when poor Ella would brush her leg or cheek...erupting with "MY CHEEK!" and such. We made it through the morning. The girls looked so cute in their matching dresses. They even struck a pose for me, complete with smiles.

Monday and Tuesday I organized stuff Justin brough to the house from the storage rooms. I packed up a bunch of Amelia clothing to make room for Baby Brother's stuff. We took a large load of stuff back to the storage room Monday evening. We even have a picture of the temple in our little apartment now!! The best is my bright and happy bedspread to cover the ugly Cabela's deer hunting spread. The storage rooms were so hot! We came home to dine on popsicles and watermelon. Mia jumped into the pool with only her shirt on. She had watermelon streaming down her chest! It was heavenly!!!

We made it to the public pool yesterday and today. The main pool is really cold. Off to one side is a baby pool. The first day the baby pool was closed due to a daycare full of kids making too many accidents. Gross! Today Mia did not take a nap so we headed to the pool for the afternoon. She had a great time in the big pool and the small pool. Several ladies from my ward were there with their kids. How fun is that?! Mia and I went visiting teaching during the early afternoon in a little town, Potter. The lady we visit teach has four jobs so it can be hard to schedule a time. We decided our best bet would be to visit her while she worked at the Potter Library. Her husband said she worked there from 9-3 on Wednesdays. She was gone from noon until one for lunch. We waited an hour for her...it was a lovely hour spent browsing the fun antique shops across the way. The lady we visit teach (Stacy) raises her own sheep to make wool/yarn. She also makes her own glass jewelry. She might teach me how to knit one of these days! I am very excited about the prospect.

This afternoon we received an offer on our townhome. Since Saturday about 7 people have looked at our home. Utah was giving out $6,000 grants to people who bought new homes. This created quite a damper on our house marketing. The last grants were given out on Saturday!! We may wait until Friday to see if there are any more offers that come in. Still we may not have enough time to close on a house here before the baby comes....we can HOPE!!! YIPEE!! If no offers come we will accept this couple's offer. Keep us in your prayers that all will turn out well for us.

Monday evening my neighbor and friend passed away in SLC. She was only 27 and also expecting their first son. She died of a pulmonary embolism. She collapsed on Saturday morning. It took the paramedics over an hour to revive her heart. She never breathed on her own again and showed no brain activity since Saturday morning. The baby also died during this time. Misty was an amazing person. She always had a friendly hello and kind word to say. Her husband, Jake, is also one of the nicest people I know. He is so humble. He posted a blog today commending Misty on a life well lived. How extraordinary!