04 July 2011

Sidney Fireworks Show


The Gull family invited a bunch of ward members over to their home for a BBQ and to watch the city fireworks. Sidney usually holds it's firework show the day before the 4th so the firefighters are free to celebrate (and put out potential fires the citizens start?). We had a very enjoyable time eating, chatting, and watching the kids play. I was finally able to get to know Sister Peters a little better. She and her husband work on the church ranch working cattle. She was very interested in my square foot garden! I harvested my first beets and peas this week. The chard and spinach are almost done! The tomatoes and beans are close to harvest season too. Yum! Phillip entertained us with his silly antics. One lady called him Helen Keller because he was going around eating food off plates folks had left laying around once dinner was over. Pretty accurate (and embarrassing). He loved feeding the Gull's dog and spent many moments mimicking the dog. Amelia was very busy playing and running with all the kids. We hardly saw her until it started to get dark. I felt very proud to be an American watching my kids waving flags during the firework show. The photo above is actually a composite of 8 different photos. Our sky was not THAT cool. Everett is usually pretty fussy in the evenings. Justin and I took turns walking around with him until he calmed down after his hour of cry time.

The Waterpark


Saturday I had an itching to DO something outside of Sidney, actually the desire was building in me all week. Tuesday we had tentative plans to take Ella and Drew with us to the Sterling Pool but I chickened out. Amelia has talked about the waterpark pool all week. Justin finally decided not to be a bah humbug and make the trip with us. He is still not feeling top of the morning so just wanted to stay home and veg. I am sooooo glad we went! Justin got the morning to relax and we all had fun in the afternoon. I gave Phillip a buzz cut right before we left. He looks so handsome. We drove to Sterling and had some lunch at Sonic. Justin says the Sonic Chicago Hot Dog is amazing! I slurped up my cherry limeade in record time. We got to the pool shortly after it opened only to realize that Amelia left her swimsuit at home. She wanted her swimsuit, towel, and glasses in her princess backpack but forgot to put it in the car. I forgot to check. We made a quick dash to Walmart for a new cheap suit. My choices were between bikinis and licensed swimsuits. Amelia is thrilled with her new Rapunzel suit, me not so much.

The kids had a blast running from pool to pool. Phillip kept us both busy keeping his head above water. He has a nasty huge spider bite on his back. I noticed he is very allergic to mosquito bites. Today his leg is 25% thicker than the other due to a bite on his calf. Poor kid. Everett just basked in the warm air catching some shade. Towards the end of our pool play Amelia found a water-logged ladybug. It was on its last leg, thus docile. She carried the bug everywhere for a few hours. It traveled home in our van safely tucked in her water cup holder. The bug even had dinner with us at Wonderful House. Amelia said the ladybug loved the flowered decoration on the tables. I think the poor bug expired after so much loving on my piano Saturday night. The clouds were amazingly tall by the time we left the pool. The cloud pictured above was a good mile or more tall! It brought some severe weather to our part of the state again.

Justin patiently sat with the kids in the van while I did a little clothes shopping by myself at Maurice's and JC Penney. I have a couple cute shirts now! We ended the evening with some fireworks and sparklers.