31 July 2009

Cheyenne Co Fair

This morning Alison and I packed up the kids and went to see the animals at the fair. When we arrived the steers were being judged! It was fun to watch the process and imagine my Dad in the ring with Julius (his steer). The kids LOVED the small animal barn, filled with sheep, goats, bunnies, and poultry. Amelia was afraid of the bigger animals but gravitated toward the bunnies and chickens. She even held a chicken for a split second. The weather is freakishly cool lately, yesterday it was only 60 something. I pulled out her new pink boots for the fair and as warmer shoes. Aren't they darling? Love it!! After seeing the animals we had a picnic lunch. There was not much more to see except the textile room. We were back home in time for afternoon naps at 1:00 pm. Justin and I are going back this evening to eat some greasy food and take Amelia on a couple rides.

Amelia is doing better at night. Wednesday night it took only 8 times to get her to stay in bed. However, she woke up at 11, 1, and 3 taking 3-4 times each to keep her in bed. Last night we put her back in bed 20 something times then she slept the whole night! I woke up at odd times waiting for her to wake up. I guess my body is primed for midnight action. She gets night-night treats in the morning and today we got her a special toy for sleeping in her Princess bed. So, hooray for progress. This is the 4th-5th time we've had to throw down the gauntlet with her. Anytime we have a big change she revolts. We really wish we were in a house right about now. Mia does better at night if the door is open. That means doing dishes, watching TV, or even talking normally is inhibited. One thing at a time, right?!

The baby is doing well. He was breech but moved again to a head down position late Wednesday night. I looked like there was a huge pickle stuffed in my belly. I look much more normal now, for being pregnant at least. My pelvic infection came back after only 2 weeks. The Dr did not want to give me anymore anitbiotics because of the danger of elevating the infection to a SUPER infection. So, only water and sleep for me. I can down the water, sleep is harder to come by.

I want to note some developmental advancements Amelia reached in the past couple weeks. She can open doors (but stubbornly refuses to close them), can somersault, reads books to herself, constantly sings to herself, and talks in complete sentences. Here are two vidoes of recent activity:

Reading with Ella