08 March 2010

Utah Trip Installment 3

Tuesday we drove up to Bountiful for a lunch date with my good friend Casey Erickson. She was my boss at DWS and my original trainer. We went up early to get Amelia's hair cut....again. I was not happy with her most recent hair cut. I love Cookie Cutters Salon because they specialize in kid hair cuts. Her new cut is soooo cute. She looks amazing in an a-line bob. With a Dora movie, sitting in a fire truck, a lollipop, and games she was in heaven until the lady cut her bangs. We stayed 10 minutes after her cut so I could observe her hair in motion. Indeed we ended up shaping the left side a bit more. I am not a fan of straight hair. Curly hair is much more forgiving.

We met Casey at Cafe Rio. She is over 30 and strangely has twin 18 month old brothers. Naturally, she was a pro with Phillip! Justin trusted me enough to go to TJ Maxx for some clothes shopping. We headed to Kohl's for more clothes shopping. I refreshed my wardrobe with several new shirts for spring and summer plus a cute pair of shoes. The kids even scored some summer clothes and Justin, new shirts and pants. I have not been clothes shopping since Amelia was born!

Charity and the kids let us come over and visit for an hour before we headed back to Grandma Debbie's. Libby is so grown up at age 10. She is the perfect age for babysitting. Mason and Reagan loved playing with Amelia and Phillip. It was nice to catch up on some of Charity's life and news. We made a stop at the Blue Chip Group for food storage items. Then Emergency Essentials for an electric wheat grinder! I am so excited to have my own grinder.

Wednesday, Grandma Debbie, John, Jeremy, and Jared watched Amelia and Phillip while Justin and I went to the temple. Wow, what a relaxing time. I was so relaxed my eyes would NOT stay open. Phillip and Amelia did not sleep well. Phillip cried every hour or so and Amelia crawled into our bed crowding us to the edges. Courtenay and I went on a wild goose chase after cute fabric shops. We found one disappointing store geared towards old lady quilters. The second one we found was about the cutest store ever, trumping Pine Needles. Material Girl's Fabric had about every fabric designer known on Etsy. I barely escaped with my life and bank account intact. I escaped with two fat quarters and ric rac for Alison. Next time I may buy the whole store. Courtenay found some fun fabrics for curtains and other projects.

Thursday my Grandpa Baerwaldt and Uncle Dave were in the SL area taking Grandma to the hospital for an angiogram. Phillip met his great grandpa for the first time. We met Jana for lunch. She is doing extremely well after her graduation and certification as a Physical Therapist Assistant. I love watching my kids interact with their Aunts and Uncles. John met us at Costco afterwards for essentials like batteries, books, an Easter Dress, and a movie. We had a soup dinner with the entire local family. Mom made an "Everything Orange" soup, John made a Pesole, I made corn chowder, and Miekka made chili. Paired with hot bread we were all stuffed soon after. Mmmmm, perfect dinner and company for a cold evening. Jared is acting sorta strange. He is 14 and being a teenager. I miss my cuddly brother. Jeremy continues to delight us with his sense of humor. Lia stole the show with her cute pig tails.

After dinner we packed up the car and drove to Bountiful to spend the rest of our vacation with Charity and family.

Utah Trip Installment 2

Monday morning was very relaxing. John bought a drum set so entertained us with some fun groovy beats. Justin went to lunch with a friend from KPMG. We met Miekka, Seth, Jacob, and Lia at Ikea after lunch. I wanted some organization ideas for our basement. One day I want to install some cubes and cabinets for all the toys and art supplies. I want the option of hiding and rotating the toys to keep the kiddos in constant suspense. It was very hard to focus with all the super fun ideas. Justin and I drooled over the desks and couches. I really wanted to buy Amelia an art easel but our space is limited. Mia melted the last few minutes, we ended up nearly leaving Miekka in the store. Mia was asleep within two minutes once we buckled her into the car. Justin visited the Alpine Cabela's store for 45 minutes while I drove around with the sleeping kids. He is now collecting hats from each store location.

We had a nice family dinner. Mom made more scrumptious bread with the leftover mashed potatoes from the previous evening. John made a spectacular spaghetti sauce. He saucily hid carrots and other veggies in the sauce. I have to do that all the time to get Mia her veggies. When we walked into the house after Ikea Amelia yelled, "Mom! Grandma Debbie made me spaghetti!" She wanted to eat it right then and there. That girl loves her spaghetti. One of her favorite books is "I Love Spaghetti." We ended up giving her a small bowl of sauce to eat. The Lances came over for dinner. They were full of fun details after their Disneyland trip. Miekka organized a fun treasure hunt their first day at Disneyland. Little Lia is just scrumptious! Jacob was enthralled with Phillip, a BOY baby. Jana requested a picture of all the kids. I loved Jacob's expressions in the series. Enlarge the collage to get a close up of his cute expressions. Phillip is such a happy little guy. I added some applesauce to his rice cereal during dinner. He about flipped with excitement! His legs were working up and down with each little bite. Phillip is making awesome progress learning how to swallow from a spoon.

Miekka and I enjoyed talking fabric with Courtenay. She is sewing up a storm making appliques, a cute quilt, curtains, and a slew of cute baby projects. Her little belly is super cute. We are so excited to meet little baby Lance in July. I will make a *special* trip to photograph the newest installment.

Utah Trip Installment 1

Cute gal in a cute dress

Phillip flying, Mia sleeping, and my nerdy brother
Amelia brushing Courtenay's teeth, instructing her to open her mouth, teeth together, tongue, etc!

The RAIN is making delightful splatters on our roof as I write. I feel so joyful to draw a deep breath of rain smeared air. Spring is making it's way to Sidney. I cannot wait for the plants to start stirring, the air to warm up, the earth to defrost, and to get my bike back on the road. Ummmm, ahhhhh!

Our trip to Utah was so much fun and quite laid back. We left right after our ward primary activity. Justin was recruited to flip pancakes while I tended the sunbeams. We finally started our trek around 10:30 am. It was a very long haul for a supposed 7.5 hour trip. With a new baby and restless toddler our trip lengthened to 11 hours. Amelia's "baby TV" crapped out two hours into our trip. fortuitously, we were in Cheyenne so made an extra stop at the Walmart for a new DVD player. Neither of us wanted to contemplate the remainder of the drive without a DVD player. How folks traveled without entertainment is nearly beyond me. I do still remember long family trips so have a tiny inkling. Justin and I listened to Harry Potter book 8 most of the trip. I crocheted 4 hats and a diaper cover. *Smile*

We were very glad to finally arrive in SLC. Justin said he experienced a moment of claustrophobia seeing all the lights appear in the SL valley. There are about 100 times the people in SL than in Sidney. LOL. Amelia gave Grandma Debbie a big hug exclaiming, "Nice to see you!" Phillip kicked his nubs and squealed a lot. Soon after arrival we all settled in for a night's rest.

Sunday Amelia wore the new dress I feverishly completed before our trip. So super duper cute! Mom invited Joe and Jeff over for dinner of pork chops, mashed potatoes, and veggies...oh yeah and piping hot bread. My goodness, my mom's bread is about the best stuff ever. This time she rubbed the top with olive oil and sprinkled salt on top. Yikes, it disappeared in about 10 seconds flat. John and I made a strange lemon bar dessert. The bars were not your normal run of the mill lemon bars. Mom showed us a series of videos on You Tube about a scientist/archaeologist who discovered a site where the ark of the covenant is buried. Directly above the site the guy also discovered a crucifixion site damaged by earthquake. On the ark the middle of it was stained with blood. He had the blood tested by Jewish scientists, who related that the blood only had 23 alleles and a male marker but was human. The scientists were stumped even further when they noticed the blood was still alive after reconstitution. They asked the guy where he got the blood sample and whose it was. The guy said it was Christ's blood. Who knows the veracity of the discovery but to have the blood of Christ cover the Mercy Seat of the ark is an incredible thought. Being quite skeptical I was unsure of the whole deal but felt the incredible power of this archaeologist’s testimony. If you want to view the videos let me know!