25 November 2009

Just for Fun

I purchased a new length of fabric for a backdrop. Phillip was in a cute mood so I broke out my STUDIO LIGHTS for the first time in 10 months. He sure loves to smile...at MOMMY!

Three Months Old

Time flies! Little Phillip is 3 months old today. As of last week we weighs 11 lbs 01 oz, 24" long, and 15.5" head circumference. Pretty much right in the 50th percentile across the board. He is a very smiley guy! Whenever someone crosses his view the smiles and amount of vigorous kicking and arm waving is tremendous. This week Phillip started to make drool bubbles. He also is very adept at batting his toys and even started to grasp objects. Today I noticed he has enough control over his hands and arms to suck on his fingers at will. I love when Phillip talks. He will coo, squeal, growl, etc until you lose interest. Last week he started to put more weight on his legs when I stand him up. I guess the floppy stage is starting to pass. We love this little guy!

Just to plug in a note for Amelia: she now weighs 27.8 lbs! Yesterday we had rice as part of our supper. She wanted some soy sauce on her rice so asked Justin for some rice syrup! LOL! Today the missionaries were over for dinner. She tucked her hand in her sleeve and asked the missionary next to her where her hand went. He replied, "I don't know!" Mia said, "hum you don't know? Here it is!" and shoved her hand through her sleeve. I enjoyed watching her little brain working around the issue. She has a funny way of pronouncing beautiful, it comes out sounding like beauty-i-ful. Mia is a very kind sister. She often crones to Phillip using the same phrases and voice tones I use. What a perfect family we enjoy.