25 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby Phillip

I am feeling a bit stunned today! Phillip is already one year old! What an amazing first year baby boy. He has changed quite a bit in year. Phillip can climb stairs, sit in a forward facing car seat, earn many boo-boos, say several words, blow kisses, respond to questions, and snuggle like no tomorrow. We have an appointment to see Grandpa Doctor next week for his year checkup, so stats next week. One year ago now, the Dr started me on pitocin (thank goodness). Phillip was born soon after. Amelia met Phillip the next morning. She fell in love with her new sibling. He stole our hearts. Immediately we nicknamed him Mr Snuffy because he was so noisy while nursing and sleeping. He is an amazing sleeper, we will keep him. He has a knack for getting his outfits dirty within seconds of getting dressed. This kid goes through 1-4 outfits per day due to spit-up, slobber, dirt, food, snot, and poop. He is very curious lately and pays attention when he notices me opening something. I can see the wheels turning, noting how to open a drawer, unscrew a lid, close something, or play with a certain toy. He tries to mimic me but often lacks the hand strength at this time. Over the past couple days he bonked his head getting several large goose eggs. He tumbled down the Lance's wooden stairs on Monday and yesterday biffed it on the concrete, in the tub he conked his head another couple times. So commences the rough and tumble years for this baby boy.