31 August 2015

Evelyn at 2

Miss Evelyn. Her long, dark eyelashes still kill me. I am totally jealous! She has a sweet smile and gives the best hugs. Nothing in this world feels better than her skinny arms wrapped around your neck in the perfect hug. She loves to be held until she is sleepy at night. I drink up every moment. Justin and I often try to get Evelyn duty at night. We switch between the 3 kids in the large bedroom and baby duty. Lately, she started whispering along while I sing Primary songs. It makes me smile in the dark as I hold her little toddler body until her limbs start twitching from sleep.

She is turning into a toddler...for sure. She is quite opinionated! Her favorite things are akles (apple sauce packets), iTad (iPad), Duddies (Bubble Guppies show), going totty (sitting on the potty for an M&M), her well-loved ellie binky (she dug a hole in one arm, pulled out the stuffing and puts her finger in the hole when she is tired), Vader, Daddy, Mommy, Amelia, Phillip, Everett, Ella, her babies, and chips. I think that pretty much sums up her world right now. She does love to sing. Her favorite songs to sing are Let it Go, ABCs, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Sunbeam, Popcorn, EIEIO, and Twinkle Star. When this girl gets in the water she turns into a mermaid. Never seen a kid take to the water quite like she does...she wants to swim, without a floating device. She can make a silly face and screech like a banshee. When outside she drags her babies and stroller to mosey around the block. She stops to admire the bugs, pet all the dogs, pull pretty flowers up, and throw rocks. It is very exciting. Evelyn is quite the climber and loves to slide. She learned how to climb up on counters, beds (Amelia's bunk bed) and onto the bookcase. Shades of Phillip right there!

Evelyn is not too keen on using words at the time. She has too many folks who talk for her. She is slowly learning to say words. At times she busts out a sentence, like "I want shoes!" Much to our amusement. Her favorite words are: no, yes, daddy, mommy, akle, binky, shoes, socks, off, totty, stop, up, mark get set go, share, 1-2-3, juice, water, cereal, cheese, chips, and candy. This kid is stellar. Can't wait to see what this year brings! Hoping for potty training success, fuller vocabulary, more independence, better sleeping habits, and learning to share.

At her well-child she measured 32 inches tall, or in the 11th percentile for height. She weighed in at 23 lbs, in the 7th percentile for height. I thought she was pretty average, guess this little one is on the smaller side of being 2. Hey, she is easier to carry around! I am surprised she does not bleed applesauce. Har-har.

Phillip at 6

Mr Phillip, what can I say that would adequately portray you at this time? Trust me, this is hard! Phillip is happy, sharing, curious, bull-headed, stubborn, loving, free-spirited, all boy kind of kid. His speech continues to improve, although with all the new space created by the removal of tonsils and adenoids, he is not so sure how to form some sounds. He will continue with speech therapy at school. Phillip started kindergarten (central) a couple weeks ago. It is difficult to persuade him to complete homework, especially handwriting. He very eager to learn how to read. I catch him all the time with his nose in a book enjoying his imagination at work. He loves to be read to.

Phillip and Everett are the best of friends. They can play non-stop with rare breaks of quarreling. Amelia and Phillip are more prone to pushing each other's buttons. Of course, Phillip reacts when Amelia pushes his buttons. He often gets time out, which he rather enjoys (wink).

Phillip loves his monkey Cager, his bear blanket, and an assortment of stuffed animals. He loves ninja turtles, hot wheel cars, imaginex/superhero toys, and star wars. The best toys are the little ones that he can stuff in pockets! Phillip's favorite foods are cooked oatmeal, chocolate and honey sandwiches, yogurt, chips, and pickles. The other day he asked me to make him a turkey and banana sandwich. He ate it. His bladder is rather small...still wearing pull-ups at night and has occasional accidents during the day. The downside to his small bladder is that he also loves to drink juice, water, and warm pink milk.

Phillip is learning a lot in Primary and at home about Jesus. He tries hard to choose the right. Still his impulses to be first and a small boy often win at this time. We love this kid so much. If you want to laugh at anytime during the day just stop by and have a 5 minute chat with him. You will be in stitches within a couple minutes. I love the way he runs...he has a noticeable bowlegged run that makes me smile all the time. This tenderhearted kid is a huge part of our family. I cannot imagine our family without his smile and sparkle. He is a bright coin!

At his 6 year check up he weighed 48 lbs, ranking him in the 63rd weight  percentile. He measured 45.5 inches landing him in the 49th percentile for height.