08 October 2010

Fuzzy Lumpkins

Phillip received his first buzz cut last night. I nearly cried afterwards because he looked so grown up. He looks more like Justin now! His expressions as I buzzed his hair were priceless. He looks and feels like a fuzzy lumpkin. Such a big boy! Phillip was in an amiable mood this morning so we took some photos while my studio lights are still assembled. He really liked playing with the wooden car, especially when I filled it with smarties.

Amelia and I got haircuts this morning. Amelia's bangs are nearly the same length as the rest of her hair, hopefully by the next haircut we can do a real a-line then grow it out. I went short again since my bangs are short and growing it out was not looking so kosher. I am excited that my hats look cute again with little whisps of hair escaping from underneath. Justin is off duck hunting all day tomorrow. I want to do something "fun" but can't come up with anything. Maybe we will, ummmm, go to the library (again).

It finally rained this afternoon! We are enjoying having a slow day of crocheting, snuggling, and watching Phineas and Ferb. Maybe later I will freeze some carrots, if I can light the fire of motivation under me bum. If you want to check out my latest photography work click here.