27 September 2009

Painting Party

Friday night we hosted a little painting party at our new house. Justin spent Tuesday-Thursday nights working on the ceilings. He was putting in some really late nights! I taped the ceilings Friday morning and sealed the tape with ceiling paint. Phillip helped me tape while hanging off my chest in his front carrier. Probably not the safest activity to do with a baby! During lunch we went to Walmart to get more painting supplies like roller pads, brushes, and more paint. The paint I chose for Amelia's room and the bathroom turned out to be totally horrendous. Yuck!

We had three couples show up, the Duttons, Titus', and Webbs, and then four ladies, Alison, Becky, Madison, and Jeremee. With all the help we painted the kitchen, dining room, living room, hallways, Phillip & Amelia's rooms, and Justin finished the ceilings in our bedroom and the main bath. I did not notice but even the laundry room had a funky purple color so that needed some neutral paint. I tried to help out a bit but Phillip needed feeding and wanted to be held half of the time. I think we made it back home before 10:30. Justin and I are SO grateful for all the help. It is amazing that we can just ask 24 hours before and get a resounding response from people we've only known for 8 months. I am so grateful to be part of a church that has such generous people. I think we all had a fun time getting to know everyone, eating pizza, guzzling soda pop, and slapping paint around. I will be repainting Amelia's room...it looks like Pepto Bismol had an accident all over the walls. Tomorrow morning we are driving to Cheyenne to get the bedding set for her room so I can properly match paint. The bathroom color ended up looking lavender when applied to the walls. I was going for a light blue tone. Maybe Walmart can add some blue to move the color palette.

Amelia stayed with Matt Haley and kids while we painted. She barfed all over herself and the floor during dinner time. Matt does NOT do barf so handled the situation with flying colors. Not sure why she threw up since Mia seemed to be feeling better.

Saturday Alison watched Amelia in the morning so we could hammer out some more work. I think most of the touch up work is nearly completed. I painted the front door red!! It looks awesome. We were all so tired from the painting we took a long afternoon nap. Amelia and Phillip went with me to see the Women's Conference Broadcast. The ward had a nice dinner for the ladies. All the tables were nicely decorated with fall decorations. Amelia sat on the floor for half of the broadcast and watched her princess movie. The talks were all awesome. I caught only about half of what they said but the half I heard was inspirational.

Today the Sunday School lesson was on prophets. Holy Smokes! We had some excellent conversations going on! I love it when people participate, which is most every week in this ward. Amelia had diarrhea during her nap so woke up with foul sheets. She would not get out of bed for 10 minutes, I finally went in to get her and noticed the smell. Poor thing was covered from waist down. She got a quick bath and nice clean sheets! I hope she feels better soon! Her little eyes are red and swollen like she is not feeling well.

Check out more pictures from the painting party at my picasa web album

26 September 2009

One Month Old

Can you believe a month is gone already? I still feel like we are in the month of August! Look at our sweet little boy...what a precious little guy he is to us. In one month he's gained almost 2 pounds and grew 2 inches. He is having longer periods of alertness. His schedule is pretty predictable: wake up at 7:20, feed, nap at 8:30 to 10:30, feed, awake for an hour, nap until 1:30, feed, awake for 90 minutes, nap until 4:30, feed, awake, cat nap here an there until 7:30, feed, he's pretty alert until about 9:30, bed, feed at 10:30 pm. Thursday and Friday nights he slept through the night, waking up at 7:00. I am sooo blessed!! Phillip is really trying to smile. In the top picture you can see his hands are blurry from trying to body smile. He even makes little content cooing sounds that delights me to no end. I wish you could smell him...new babies smell so divine. I wish you could kiss his downy cheeks and smooth his velvety hair. Amelia's favorite thing is to smooth her hand over his head.

Yesterday we were driving in the car. Amelia noticed a red coca-cola truck on the road side. She piped up from the back seat, "Mom it's a scabies truck, umm, scabelly truck...it so pretty...I love red!" Scabies/scabelly is how she says spaghetti. Next we saw a white truck to which she said, "Mom it's a snow truck, its so cold and cool." I can't tell you how tickled we are to watch her little imagination blossom. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Tomorrow I will post pictures and text about our PAINTING PARTY!! It was fun and successful....

24 September 2009


A new family in our ward invited us and the Haleys over for FHE on Monday. Maleia made a delicious chili and warm cornbread to feed everyone. The Titus family recently moved here from Nevada. Greg is a bone fide cowboy! He was hired here to work a large cattle ranch as overseer. He often sports varying shapes of facial hair much to my amusement. Maleia and Greg have two kids, Dani and Matthew. Dani is about the same age as Amelia and Ella. The girls had a smashing time jumping on Dani's bed and riding her bouncy horse. Right before dinner Amelia bonked her head pretty hard. About 10 minutes later she was sitting on my lap whining when all of the sudden she threw up all down my back, pants, and carpet. Poor thing! She was drenched also. Maleia scrounged up some jammies for Mia and a clean shirt for me. Five minutes later she threw up again all over the clean shirt and jammies. I wondered if she had a concussion but her eye dilation was normal. After the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth sessions of throwing up we decided she had a stomach bug. It took two times to realize that when she started to cry that meant I had about 3 seconds flat to get her over a bucket or toilet. Justin even got baptized...way to go sweetie. He doesn't do throw up or poop very well, like MOST men. She threw up again on the drive home. We threw her in the bathtub then quickly bundled her into bed. The next day I cautiously gave her apple juice in a baby bottle. She kept it down fine so we moved to toast. I was expecting diarrhea...boy did that come in a vengeance also. She went through all of her warm outfits by 10 am. Yucky!!

Phillip had his 1 month checkup. Taking an ornery toddler and baby to the Dr was not fun at all. I built up some muscles wrastling Amelia in one arm and Phillip in the other. Phillip is in the 48 percentile for weight and 70th for height. He weighs 9 lbs 11 oz and measures 22 inches long. This morning he tried so hard to give a full body smile! I can't believe his first month is nearly gone.

Justin is working hard at priming and painting the house. Getting out to paint is proving very difficult for me. He spent 5 hours Tuesday and Wednesday nights tackling the ceilings. The house already looks much cheerier. I plan on organizing a painting party for Friday night to try and knock out as much as possible. I am proud of Justin for taking up the gauntlet!! I did my portion by spending 1.5 hours at Walmart buying paint. Thankfully, Phillip stayed asleep and Mia played at Natalie's house. Other than that I am deep in an excellent book entitled "The Ring of the Slave Prince" about slavery in Trinidad. Can't wait to read Dan Brown's new book!!

20 September 2009

Our New House

We are now homeowners again! Friday morning at 11:00 am we started signing away on the 19th street home. By 11:30 we amassed a new mortgage. The whole process of selling and buying a home took much longer than we ever anticipated, over 8 months. I thought since the Lord wanted us here he'd make the whole process fast and quick. I learned to trust more in His timeline than my own.

After work on Friday we drove to Sterling to buy paint for the main floor living spaces. We went to Home Depot before Phillip was born and learned the store closed at 8 pm. So we went trusting we'd have an hour or more to get what we needed. Five minutes after we arrived (at 6:40) the store announced it was closing at 7. Huge bummer to drag two kids by car 45 minutes for 20 minutes in a store. We barely had time to grab painting supplies and four gallons of paint. The local painter gave us an estimate of $1500 to paint just the ceilings...we are painting all the ceilings now.

Justin grabbed some items from the storage unit and started painting Saturday morning. I went off to can pears with the kids in tow. Around dinner time Amelia, Phillip and I made an appearance at our new house. Alison was kind enough to snap some pictures of us all. Justin wanted to carry me over the threshold! This is our first house we bought as a couple. I really like the main wall color sample Justin put on random walls around the house. The main house color will be a medium beige with cream trim. The kitchen/dining room and living room will have red accent walls. Our bedroom will be butter yellow and light green. Phillip's room will be brown, blue, and yellow with a monkey theme. Amelia's room is still under determination but most likely a pale pink or purple. The main bath will be cream, blue, and yellow. I hope to find a red couch set to anchor the living room area. Flooring should be installed the end of the first week of October. Basically, we have 9 days to paint 1700 square feet worth of walls, ceiling, and trim. The ceiling paint we got at Home Depot was flat paint, it sucked even more light out of the room so I am picking up semi-gloss paint tomorrow to repaint the kitchen and dining room. I also have plans to replace the kitchen back splash (it is gray too) and a horrible florescent light in the kitchen. It turned the lovely beige color a pukey green color. If anyone wants to help paint we have plenty of brushes!

Here is a link to view picture of the rest of our new home: CLICK ME!!!

Canning like Crazy

Phillip in his "Mr Man" Sunday Duds!!

'Sup Fool!!

Prepping Pears for Canning

The Rest of the Gang: Alison, Jeremee, & Laurie

Saturday morning I went back to Laurie's house to can pears. I had a bushel and the other 3 ladies had 3 half bushels to can as well. The work went MUCH faster with many hands. Jeremee, Alison, and I mostly washed, peeled, cored, and stuffed jars with perfectly ripe and juicy Bartlett pears. I had a tummy ache afterwards from sneaking too many pear samples! We started at 10:30 and finished by 2. I left around 1:20 get feed Phillip at home and put Amelia down for a nap. The kids had so much fun finding tiny frogs, bugs, and even a salamander. My hands are cramped from so much peeling! It was AWESOME. So grateful for good friends here in Sidney. I now have about 20 quarts of pears.

Phillip looked so cute in his Sunday clothes I could not resist posting a couple of him. He looks like a little man! After church I made the most delicious Pear Crisp with the leftover pears. It was de-lish

Harvest Pear Crisp from Cooking Light
6 cups Anjou or Bartlett pears, cored and cut lengthwise into 1/2-inch-thick slices
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon, divided
1/3 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons chilled butter, cut into small pieces
1/3 cup regular oats
1/4 cup coarsely chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 375°.
Combine pears and lemon juice in a 2-quart baking dish; toss gently to coat. Combine granulated sugar, cornstarch, and 1 teaspoon cinnamon; stir with a whisk. Add cornstarch mixture to pear mixture; toss well to coat.

Lightly spoon flour into a dry measuring cup; level with a knife. Place flour, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, brown sugar, and salt in a food processor; pulse 2 times or until combined. Add chilled butter; pulse 6 times or until mixture resembles coarse meal. Add oats and walnuts; pulse 2 times. Sprinkle flour mixture evenly over pear mixture.

Bake at 375° for 40 minutes or until pears are tender and topping is golden brown. Cool 20 minutes on a wire rack; serve warm or at room temperature.

18 September 2009

Two Little Piggies Narrative

I could not get the text to look right for the last post. Strange...

This week seemed to drag by for me. Phillip weighs 9 lbs 5 oz (as of Tuesday). He must be over his cold. He is wearing 0-3 mth clothes now; Amelia did not wear 0-3 until she was 2.5 mths old. He is starting to have longer periods of awake time. I love to watch him gaze at a cool pattern or recognize our faces. He even smiled once or twice at us.

Monday Alison watched Amelia in the morning while I photographed two tiny twins born on the 6th of September. My practice with Phillip paid off! Check out their pics on my photo blog.

We invited Ella over to play on Tuesday since the girl's sharing skills were getting rusty. Amelia stayed in time out over half the time. They helped me give Phillip a bath by soaking the bathroom carpet and each other. We dried off by taking a walk around the neighborhood. I think Amelia and Ella single handedly repopulated the dandelion crop for next year. The neighbors are very happy. The treasure of the walk was finding a stick shaped like a "Y"...it became Amelia's Super Why stick.

Wednesday we met Ella at the park for an hour. Amelia found the only puddle in a ten mile radius and proceeded to get her white shoes and socks mucky brown. She was delighted to discover that sand sticks to wet shoes and socks. We met a local painter at our new home to give us a quote on painting the upper level ceilings. White ceilings will really make a difference.

Thursday Sister Mason and Sister Jones helped me can 21 bottles of Utah peaches. Sister Mason has quite the set up for canning. We canned a whole bushel in 1.5 hours. After canning I rushed to meet Justin at our new home for the final walk through with the previous owner. Amelia found a baby pumpkin that she carried around for the rest of that day. In the basement I showed her how to hide in a little cupboard. She relished playing hide and seek until we finished our business. I made 12 jars of fresh peach jam after dinner. Yum! We are also the proud new owners of a double stroller. I found it in the local classifieds for a really good price. Guess what? The stroller is GREEN...

We closed on our new home this morning. The bank let us close three days earlier than planned. Finally after 8.5 months we can get settled back into a home that fits.

Two Little Piggies

Singing to Amelia from the same Primary Songbook my Mom used to sing to me as a child! She LOVES it! The Lamanite kid on the back is apparently named Martin...she asks for Martin at least three times each day.
Hum...was this a good idea? Letting two toddlers "help" me bathe Phillip?

Amelia's tongue after eating blue M&Ms. She danced in front of the mirror for 5 minutes admiring her wagging tongue!
Phillip is apparently not enjoying the great outdoors. He pulls an awesome squishy mad face
Amelia stuck her head in between the clear plastic and the DVD case of her Thomas Movie. She was trying to impersonate Thomas.
Our toddler all grown up with two piggies...like ELLA
I LOVE her smile and dimple
She is wearing two bandaids on her knees. She told me bandaids are not for owies but for decoration. Amelia also toted around a baby squash (pumpkin) and dental mirror (baby mirror) all afternoon. Everything cool is baby sized.

14 September 2009

Relaxing Leisure

In many ways having a new baby is very relaxing! You don't have the energy to do much more than the basics needed to keep the kids dressed, fed, and happy and the household running. It is almost refreshing! Except I am one who thrives on excitement and variety! My goal is to get out of the house at least once per day to go to the library, visit Alison, go shopping, or visit the park. Some days it is merely going outside to let Amelia play. I read three books last week, Sarah's Key, Bella at Midnight, and Escape by Sea. I love catching time to read while nursing.

Friday we met at our new home to let the flooring guy measure the top floor for carpet and tile. We noticed the paint color just because we plan on painting a couple rooms. This time it became apparent we will need to paint ALL the ceilings due to the current gray color gracing the entire top floor. So if we have the paint all the ceilings we may as well paint the rooms too! The flooring is not scheduled to be installed until the first week of October, giving us 10 days to paint and remove the current carpet and tile. I am feeling a little stressed at the daunting task of moving with a newborn and 2 year old. Miekka and kids may come out at some point to help out and visit. I excitedly picked out many paint samples at Walmart to begin the decorating process. Amazing how fast the money goes when you need to replace flooring and appliances. Hopefully, we can be settled in our new home before the first snow of the year.

This weekend was really relaxed. Friday evening we went to Walmart to get me some new clothes that were not elastic waisted and flowing. Ahh...that was super nice. Saturday I dressed in a new outfit only to have Amelia throw up hot dog chunks and cheese curds all over my pants and Phillip had an extra juicy day as well. LOL...no wonder moms don't get dressed up! I am lucky to escape the day without at least one outfit change. We spent an hour at Cabela's for our outing of the day. Then back home to clean a bit, prepare my gospel doctrine lesson, and nap.

Sunday's lesson was on the Martin and Willey handcart companies. At one point the spirit was so strong you could not help but admire the courage and perseverance of those saints. I am so grateful this tiny move is only a couple blocks and not traversing 800 miles by foot in the winter. It is especially poignant to be so close to the area the saints trekked on to SLC. Instead of napping after church I decided to practice my photography skills with a black background. I learned a new photo editing technique that reduces the time to edit black backdrop pictures in about 5 minutes instead of 20! I think they turned out pretty awesome. Plus I have a super cute baby son to torture...ahem...photograph! We all went over to the Haley's after dinner with a fruit pizza in tow to enjoy their company for a couple hours.

Click on the collage to view a larger image of the thumbnail...then you can see how cute Phillip is!!!

09 September 2009

Way too much fun

I am having WAY too much fun with Phillip! I was not so impressed with the photo results taken in the previous session. Allison let me come use her daughter's room on Friday morning. The brown wall was awesome! I love the soft light coming in from the side window. Allison let me boss her around much to my amusement. I put the pics in a collage because they are all favorites. If you want to view individual photos check out my picasa album (click link for week 2).

Phillip is still pretty snuffily in his nasal region. Poor kid is not nursing well even after the booger snatcher sessions. His weight was not up to par this morning at the Dr's office. In 8 days he only gained 4 oz instead of 8 oz. At least he is growing a little bigger. I need to bring him in next week for a weigh-in to see if he is nursing better. He is starting to stay awake a little longer and has a harder time settling down for his naps. Now Mia has a cold...so starts the annual cold exchange extravaganza. I hope the baby does not catch RSV this winter.

Justin had fun on Monday going dove hunting with a guy pal. He actually shot a couple doves and brought the breast meat home to eat. Way to go sweetie. I was glad he only spent 4 hours hunting! We spent the rest of Labor Day relaxing. Jana drove out around 10 am to head back to Utah. Amelia was very sad to see her go. We enjoyed seeing Jana very much. Sort of made me homesick for more family. Yesterday we priced a local company for carpet and tile. Most likely we will use Home Depot for carpet and the local one for laminate tiles. The local company had a new product that looks like real tile, it is even groutable, but is plastic based. I can't wait!!!!

Here are links to many videos from the past two weeks:

07 September 2009

Sister, Sister!!

Auntie Jana

Jana came to visit us for Labor Day weekend! We were so excited to see a familiar family face here in Sidney! All day Friday Amelia kept asking me when Jana was coming. She even voluntarily left the park to be home when Jana arrived. The drive took a bit longer than anticipated so she drove up around 9 pm. Amelia was so ecstatic to see Jana! I hope the welcome warmed Jana's heart. We pretty much all went right to sleep because we were so tired.
Phillip contracted a nasty stuffy nose and goopy eyes over the night. He scared me to death about 1 am by waking up screaming bloody murder. Something he's NEVER done. It took me a minute to ascertain his problem and fish out the saline and booger snatcher. He was very restless the remainder of the night. Poor little guy could hardly breathe, let alone nurse. He would get so frantic after nose suction that he'd choke while nursing. We ended up sleeping sitting up with him on my shoulder. Needless to say it was a LONG night...but still not as bad as Amelia's best night as a newborn.
Saturday we hopped in the car for another 1.5 hour car ride to Scottsbluff. Jana was pretty uneasy sitting in between two huge carseats. It was pretty cramped. I felt bad for her especially after being in the car for 9 hours the previous day. We drove the scenic route stopping at the Chimney Rock monument. I got to stay in the car to nurse Phillip while the others went in to explore the visitor's center. It was an awesome day outside so I took some fun pictures of Amelia and Jana. Then we continued on to Maynards and Home Depot looking for flooring options in our new home. Maynards had decent prices but offered no installation. Home Depot had an awesome deal on carpet but not tile. Our plan is to definitely tile the kitchen area, bathroom, and the entryway before moving in. The current carpet is a strange color so we may change it out now since the house will be empty and easier to carpet. I was excited to look and choose flooring we want! Traveling with a toddler and infant was interesting. I forgot how long it takes to nurse on the road! We had a play break at a park in between stores. A McDonald's happy meal amused Amelia while we browsed Home Depot. The ride home was quiet until Amelia woke up crabby. She screamed for 45 minutes! Poor Jana was stuffed in the backseat plugging her ears for 45 minutes. Mia does not do well when she naps and wakes in the car. Once home I took her on a walk to get the nasties out of her system. Phew! That was a long fun day!
Sunday we took it easy. I arranged for someone to teach my Gospel Doctrine lesson so was able to ease back in to church. A lady in our ward had twin babies on Friday. It is exciting to have 3 kids in the same ward less than 2 weeks apart in age. Naps helped with extra crankiness on Amelia's part. Jana and I had a fun 20 minutes taking cute pictures of her in a smashing gray and yellow outfit. Some guy better grab her quick!! I will post those pics separately. I made swiss steak over potatoes for dinner. Jana wanted to make cookies with Amelia but she was still suffering from post-nap syndrome. She ended up attending two baptisms with us at the church. She sang all three versus of "I am a child of god" then loudly requesting an encore after the song. She also wanted to go swimming after watching the baptisms. We are lucky that 5 individuals were baptized into our ward since March. It is an awesome feeling to live out in the mission field again. We are here in Sidney for a reason. People don't usually come here voluntarily but are sent here by the Lord. We enjoy the challenge so far!
Jana just left for home around 10 am this morning. We had a nice short visit with her. I was sad Joe decided not to come too since he is back in SLC now. Now what to do with the remainder of Labor day! Maybe we will just lounge around...LOL

03 September 2009

Practicing Some More

Poor Phillip! He is my model for the next couple months. I am in love with Kelley Ryden's work so I am trying out some of her poses. Phillip did not like bending like Kelley magically gets her infants to do. I found an awesome flickr photo stream showing how Kelley sets up her studio and what tools she uses. I cannot WAIT to get my studio established. Amelia was so cute trying to help my "picture baby brother." I had my camera on a tripod with my remote attached. She manned the button like a champ. I think she actually took half of the pictures. She even tried out the props to make sure they were newborn proof. If you want to see more of the photo shoot visit my photo blog at http://www.applegreenphotography.blogspot.com/ or my picasa album at www.picasaweb.google.com/jollijenni

02 September 2009

Dear to my heart

I am a library fanatic! Amelia and I visit the library at least 2-3 times per week. If we don't show the library ladies get worried. There is a fun toy corner that Amelia and Ella love to play at. There are fun blocks, ball toys, puzzles, and an interactive "front door" toy. This morning I just finished painting Mia's fingers and toes. She totally insisted she needed new pretty princess nails before wearing her skirt. Allison showed up unannounced on my doorstep and took Amelia to the library. I about cried! It was so awesome to have Phillip sleeping and Mia playing. I actually got the house somewhat cleaned, laundry half completed, the dishes washed, and the clutter corraled. It is amazing what can be accomplished in an hour when distractions are minimized. Allison took some cute pics of the girls enjoying the library.
I took Mia and Phillip to Justin's work for a fun outing. All the ladies crooned over his little tininess and Mia kept the ladies rolling with her dialouge. For an extra treat we visited the hamburger store for lunch with Daddy in tow. We still had 10 minutes before the next scheduled feeding so we visited "Annie and Susan" our real estate ladies. Amelia LOVES these two ladies, probably because they stuff her pockets with candy.

Thank you, thank you Allison! I needed some "ME" time...

PS: Phillip has a nickname of Snuffy or Snuffaluffagus due to his constant snuffy noises!! I LOVE IT!!