14 September 2009

Relaxing Leisure

In many ways having a new baby is very relaxing! You don't have the energy to do much more than the basics needed to keep the kids dressed, fed, and happy and the household running. It is almost refreshing! Except I am one who thrives on excitement and variety! My goal is to get out of the house at least once per day to go to the library, visit Alison, go shopping, or visit the park. Some days it is merely going outside to let Amelia play. I read three books last week, Sarah's Key, Bella at Midnight, and Escape by Sea. I love catching time to read while nursing.

Friday we met at our new home to let the flooring guy measure the top floor for carpet and tile. We noticed the paint color just because we plan on painting a couple rooms. This time it became apparent we will need to paint ALL the ceilings due to the current gray color gracing the entire top floor. So if we have the paint all the ceilings we may as well paint the rooms too! The flooring is not scheduled to be installed until the first week of October, giving us 10 days to paint and remove the current carpet and tile. I am feeling a little stressed at the daunting task of moving with a newborn and 2 year old. Miekka and kids may come out at some point to help out and visit. I excitedly picked out many paint samples at Walmart to begin the decorating process. Amazing how fast the money goes when you need to replace flooring and appliances. Hopefully, we can be settled in our new home before the first snow of the year.

This weekend was really relaxed. Friday evening we went to Walmart to get me some new clothes that were not elastic waisted and flowing. Ahh...that was super nice. Saturday I dressed in a new outfit only to have Amelia throw up hot dog chunks and cheese curds all over my pants and Phillip had an extra juicy day as well. LOL...no wonder moms don't get dressed up! I am lucky to escape the day without at least one outfit change. We spent an hour at Cabela's for our outing of the day. Then back home to clean a bit, prepare my gospel doctrine lesson, and nap.

Sunday's lesson was on the Martin and Willey handcart companies. At one point the spirit was so strong you could not help but admire the courage and perseverance of those saints. I am so grateful this tiny move is only a couple blocks and not traversing 800 miles by foot in the winter. It is especially poignant to be so close to the area the saints trekked on to SLC. Instead of napping after church I decided to practice my photography skills with a black background. I learned a new photo editing technique that reduces the time to edit black backdrop pictures in about 5 minutes instead of 20! I think they turned out pretty awesome. Plus I have a super cute baby son to torture...ahem...photograph! We all went over to the Haley's after dinner with a fruit pizza in tow to enjoy their company for a couple hours.

Click on the collage to view a larger image of the thumbnail...then you can see how cute Phillip is!!!

7 Stupendous Remarks:

Miekka said...

Where exactly did you find a teacup that big?

The Haley Family said...

Love the tea cup! Wal-Mart, right? Love the wedding ring picture too! He is a cutie, my favorie is the swaddled one with his eyes open! I could just eat him! I am glad I am feeling better so I can hold him, it has been over a week! Painting, of course you'll have help. I can keep the kiddos if you and Justin want to tackle some projects at night too! I'm excited for you to get into the house, even though it is moving you clear across town! Sunday was fun! Thanks for the fruit pizza!!!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

what a cute guy! good luck with the house and moving!

Taylor's said...

Oh the pictures are darling and I am glad the tea cup worked out . . . what a great steal of a deal!

And good for you for getting out and about - I am really proud of you - I was lucky just to get in the shower and dressed for the day let alone make dinner. (I promise, it does get easier).

And seriously when are you moving? I might be able to come and help with NO kids since Jeff does not have a job as of yet. I could move the stuff while you nurse and sit and relax now how does that sound?

Mrs. Laura Kay Pettit said...

OK...so the photos of Phillip are adorable, but I REALLY love the one with Amelia and the balloon! It captures her personality! So cute! Glad you have a blog so we can keep up even when you are far away!
Aunt Laura

Nancy K said...

Such darling darling pictures!

The Funny Farm said...

You are an amazing photographer! Wish you were closer to take some of our critters! I read when I nurse too - it helps me not get stressed out about sitting around for so much of my day - I just transverse into another world... then back to reality when baby is done!