05 July 2008

The Fourth of July Par-tay

Uncle Fred and Aunt Elizabeth sure throw a good party! We arrived around 3:30 to find a yard full of family. Family kept arriving for the next 3 hours! It was awesome. The Crook Clan rocks. We had some fun swimming, chatting, eating, swimming some more, chatting some more, and eating some more. I am actually looking forward to Fast Sunday tomorrow to give my belly a break.
Justin sprained his ankle a little while after we arrived. He stepped off the deck (over a 1.5 feet high) and rolled his ankle. An hour later it was swollen nearly twice the normal size. Elizabeth found him some ice and some pain killer. Poor guy! He had a nice spot near the pool in the shade to observe all the action.
The gathering was almost as well-attended as a family reunion. Thank you Fred and Elizabeth for providing the fried chicken. The rest was pot luck! I was very happy to see Mark and Elaine show up. They live near St George so are not very close.
In some ways waiting for the party to end was like waiting for the inevitible good byes to Dad, Mom, Jeremy, and Jared. Finally, the moment came...it was hard to say good bye. It has not sunk in yet that they are a whole entire ocean and a sea apart from us now. Having mom and the boys close for an entire year was a gift. No tears yet! I guess we are too experienced at saying good bye to dither over emotion. They will have FUN.
By the time fireworks were set off I was happily asleep, Amelia was asleep (I think), and Justin was on the couch elevating his foot. The comfort of living in this great country is such a blessing. I am very proud to be an American!! Hurrah!
Pool Party
Playing with a ba-all (you can see my front teeth)
Nerd of all Chickens
Sweet Ma-Ma Debbie feeding ice cream to Amelia
The Ankle