25 April 2019

Mia is 12

Amelia celebrated her birthday while in Utah! I can hardly believe she is 12...it went fast and slow all at the same time. She is growing so fast, developing just like a normal kid. Seems like the past year between 11 and 12 she really grew from a little girl into a mini woman at least physically. She loves being in YW now instead of dragging her feet through that last year of Primary.

Snapshot of Amelia at 12:

  • silly and goofy, especially when friends are around or right when she wakes up! She yells "School!" when she jumps out of bed. 
  • hates cleaning, practicing piano (enjoys it once she gets practicing), and her annoying little siblings, except Josie. 
  • Loves playing Gotcha Life, a dress-up game where you can make movies of your characters in Anime style...
  • Has lots of friends, her best friends are Chloe, Zoe, Jacob, and lots of other aquaintences
  • Does not enjoy sports, but loves to play swim. Her hip aches at times but does not hinder most activities
  • Her favorite foods are Mac n'Cheese, hummus, chips and dip, and most pasta dishes
  • She loves slime, squishes, Harry Potter, Rick Riordian Books, Pegasus Series, crafts
  • She is wearing size 14-16 girls, probably a ladies small, size 6 shoe
  • Amelia often hits her siblings and bumps into them "accidentally"
  • Does not like to participate in Come Follow Me, but endures it 
  • Is an angel everywhere else, sort of a stinker at home
  • Gives excellent hugs
  • Is so smart, voracious reader
We delight in her development! Justin and I enjoy when she talks with us about her experiences and asks for our opinions. I love that she does not mind babysitting every so often.

**well-child stats (taken in August 2019) weighed 110 (76.7%) and 58.5" tall (28.4%)