24 November 2013

Strep and Snow

Amelia missed 3.5 days of school this week. She came down with strep Monday afternoon. Poor kid ran a fever, sore throat, and such until Thursday. Now I think she also had Fifth's disease. She popped out a nice rash Friday and Saturday. Her leg and arm rashes look like a honeycomb and her cheeks have the typical slapped cheek appearance of Fifth's disease. One of the daycares incubated the disease and did not alert parents that the daycare had an outbreak. All those kids spread it to the grade schoolers and they brought it home. I know several adults who now have the disease. I took her to the doctor's office on Wednesday. Her strep test immediately turned positive. It took 24 hours to zap her fever and her sore throat feeling better. Now Phillip has the low grade fever and runny nose indicating Fifth's disease. He spit out his medicine on my face and mouth last night, not once but twice. I had nightmares of a spitting lizard spewing poison on my face. We all stayed home from church in attempt to contain the germs. I hope Everett and Evelyn...and the adults are spared. We might have a Thanksgiving in quarantine. 

Sunday evening Amelia convinced me to play lion and puppy with her. I was a silly lion who made food and outrageous noises. She laughed and laughed. The next day I found a cute drawing of lion and puppy on the front window.

Phillip kept trying to clean things in the sink this week. He kept plugging up the sink and making huge water messes. Monday he sprayed almost 2 quarts of water on the floor using the fridge water dispenser. He and Everett then skated in the water until I discovered the mess. The worst part was that the water soaked half of the newly finished laundry. By Wednesday I had enough of finding pools of water and him crouching in the sink. I had him do the dinner dishes for me. That helped stop him from his side job of cleaning things. I can handle him doing dishes for me! Everett joined the fun loading the dishwasher. The spirit is awesome, he whispered the suggestion to me right before I felt like exploding.

Wednesday my Webelo boys raced their awesome cars in the Pinewood Derby. Our new cubmaster is amazing! He took charge and moved the date to November so we would not have so many large event close together. The boys had a blast. Alison and Matt did the majority of the work securing the track, setting it up, and manning the computer.

We woke up to snow Thursday morning. Justin went deer hunting in 12 degree weather. He was frozen! He came home by noon reporting the deer were hiding. Phillip told me he had his deer hunting underpants on! Then he pretended to be a dead deer on the floor. That kid cracks me up. He and Everett made a huge mess in their room clearing a spot to play bear in the cave under the bunk bed. The kids went outside to play in the snow for a little while. The wind gusted snow into our faces. Everett was not keen when snow blew into his face. He made some pretty awesome faces. Phillip got his bum stuck in his dump truck! Justin suggested we try out Dela's Cafe again for lunch. It was yummy! We ordered gyros for us and grilled cheese for the kids. Justin let me do a little shopping while he stayed home with the sickies. I made a "CUTE" outfit for Evelyn this week. She looks awesome in coral!

Phillip took bath. I left to get him a towel. Came back to find him wearing my drying pants that I hung over the shower rod. He was so happy about how silly it was to wear MY pants in the tub. That kid. Amelia was reading out loud to me. She paused and then said, "It's like magic...when I start talking, I can't stop!" I laughed and laughed. She is turning into a delightful young lady!

I found a last minute babysitter so Justin and I could go see the late show of Catching Fire. It was awesome! I was a little peeved at the theater. They started the movie 30 minutes after the advertised time. We had to line up outside in freezing temps. I slipped into the theater and waited in the lobby with Evelyn. The movie finished 45 minutes after I told the sitter we would be home. I think the movies are just as fun as the books. The directors did a great job creating the movie based on an amazing book series.  

Saturday I made soap foam for the kids to play with. I whipped up 2-4 TBS of soap with 1/4 cup of water in my Kitchen Aid. It makes the neatest foam! I threw in good and bad guys into the foam and let the kids make a mess on the kitchen floor. I find that controlled messes are much easier to deal with then surprise messes. Har-har! I was going stir crazy by 3:30. We packed up the kids and walked around Cabela's for an hour. The kids rearranged the store (just kidding) and burned off some pent up energy.

I weighed myself  Friday morning. The last time I weighed myself was 10 days after Evelyn was born. I weighed less than before I got pregnant. I felt pretty awesome considering the difficult birth. My tailbone still aches pretty bad most of the time. It is getting better but gives me grief and pain. I usually gain weight after I give birth due to gnarly nursing cravings. This time it was out of control! Darn it. I try hard to keep my weight as healthy for my body. It is time to get back on an exercise regime. For the first time in a LONG, LONG time I lost my initiative to exercise. I am so tired that getting up earlier makes me feel even more tired. Drives me nuts that I feel such pressure to be and unattainable thin. Women are so much more than how much we weigh. I have so many talents yet all I seem to focus on is how much I weigh and making myself miserable thinking about my outer appearance. Motherhood is tough. Having 4 kids in 6 years is tough. Having a Phillip is tough. Having a difficult birth almost put me under. Too add another weight on my plate makes me want to cry. There must be balance. All I really want now is to be healthy, not skinny, just healthy. Find the happy medium for MY body. Justin gave me some gorgeous yellow roses. He sure knows how to make me feel gorgeous. Breaks my heart that half the time I don't believe him when he tells me I am pretty or look great. My kids love me even with my belly rolls. How do I believe him when the mirror tells lies to me? How do I overcome years of negative self-image? My mom told me that my body is built like my Grandma Jean, pretty much that I am fighting a losing war. My grandma Jean is a healthy lady! She lives a healthy life! She is not built like a supermodel. As much as my mom's advice hurt, she is right. I need to just be me and happy with me, whatever that is. I am not implying that I give up, but do the best I can squeezing in what I can when I can. Eating healthy foods and making good choices for me and my family. Step off soapbox...

17 November 2013

Slurp, slurp

Goodness! So many fun reports to make this week. I made a concentrated effort to record funny episodes this week. Honestly, they happen about 20 times a day so I forget to write them down. Most seem funny in the moment and are context related.

Sunday the girls matched outfits for church. Oh. My. Goodness. Be still my crafty heart. Evelyn wore a cute crocheted sweater that now looks like a perfect little bolero jacket on her. I love how chubby she is looking. Amelia of course is about the most gorgeous little girl I know. She knows it too! Folks keep telling me how gorgeous she is and how much she looks like me. Honestly, I don't see it! I heard some slurping sounds after dinner. I found little Evelyn sucking on her left fist with her right arm extended and flapping by her side. She was so excited that her fist stayed where she put it. Her eyes were huge as she sucked and enjoyed her fingers.

Monday we enjoyed a wonderful FHE on gratitude. The kids actually listened to Justin's lesson. We use the Nursery manual for most of our lessons. He kicked in the LDS.org video on the 10 Lepers and a couple Primary songs. I made root beer cookies for dessert and did the activity. The kid tore apart two boxes, their poor remains littered the living room. We cleaned up the room before our lesson, teaching that cleanliness helps us feel the spirit better. I used part of the mangled boxes for our art project. We are working on a gratitude tree through Thanksgiving. I love helping the kids write thankful leaves to add to the tree. Everett and Phillip really enjoyed cutting and gluing whatever was in reach. Amelia made me laugh when she said, "I will get that stag...that means super fast!"

Tuesday I took my brood to the immunization clinic for flu shots and Evelyn's 2 mth immunization. The clinic had extra flu shots so I got mine too. Yipee. I was prepared for 4-5 days of cranky babies. Yep, never happened! I am not sure if the D-TaP shot I got while pregnant helped stave off the usual reactions or not. Everett got his HEP-A while we were there as well. The two little cried, Everett was quickly soothed with a lollipop. I popped two ice packs on Evelyn's injections as soon as the nurse finished. Thanks to my mom for that advice, that seems to localize the injections. Justin posted a comment on FB about immunizations that went a bit crazy. The heavy metal argument was commented on several times. Spenser (Justin's brother) made me laugh when he said that there is more heavy metals in breast milk and broccoli...so the government should ban breast feeding and vegetables. Makes me sad that parents are choosing not to immunize anymore. Ugly sicknesses are making a resurgence.

Wednesday it was almost 70 outside during the afternoon. It was so nice I finally decided to work on the carrots. Phillip and Everett were is heaven with a bucket full of water and dirty carrots. I manned them with the task of brushing off the carrots with dish scrubbers. I peeled about 300 carrots. After dinner we had a family carrot party. We all processed the carrots, stuffed them into freezer bags, and sealed the bags. I love making these moments! The best part is that the kids absolutely love working along side us. We visited the park soon after school to ride bikes around the park until sunset. Drives me crazy how early the sun sets around here. Amelia only has about an hour to play outside before the sun goes down. I made an amazing beef stroganoff for dinner with garden fresh carrots on the side. Yummers.

After school on Thursday the kids and I went to 'Belas to birthday shop for Justin's presents. Phillip found a fishy hat right away. He plopped it on his head...he thought that was the best present for his wonderful daddy. He almost cried when I made him put it back. Instead we settled on new work shirts, casual shirts, and gummy worms. Now I feel bad for putting the fish hat back. It was pretty darn funny.

Happy birthday to Justin! He turned 38 years old this year. Hooray! He stayed home from work. I took the kids to school while he snuggled with Everett and slept in. We had school lunch with Amelia. Evelyn stole the show! Even Mr Jeffers, the principal, took a long turn holding her. We enjoyed recess with the kids. I love how curious kids are about little babies. Everett and Phillip mostly played on the seesaw and with the tetherballs. Justin got his gear assembled for deer hunting early Saturday morning. I had a photo session after school. We celebrated his birthday with a steak dinner at Dude's steak house. I was a lame wife and did not wrap his gifts. We hid the gifts around the living room instead for Justin to find. Hide and seek huge right now. I made marshmallow brownies using Diana's recipe. After singing Happy Birthday and blowing candles about 12 times we enjoyed some birthday brownies.

Justin left around 4 am for a day of deer hunting. He was back home at 11 after twisting his ankle. The deer were hiding and not wandering about. Darn it. I took the kids out to lunch at Subway. Phillip wore his bumblebee costume, he burst into the restaurant transformer style: with a roar and ninja kick. Course the huge helmet made the effect hilarious. We went to Walmart to cruse the toy aisles. Amelia was worried about choosing something to ask Santa for. She did not find anything amazing...yet. Phillip and Everett only found about 20 toys each. Phillip tried to fill the cart with his 20 picks. Nice try buddy.

Amelia and Phillip looked so grown up participating in their Primary program today. Amelia delivered her part perfectly memorized: "I have agency and I am responsible for my choices. Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to make good choices and receive the blessings of those choices." All the little sunbeams whispered their parts just like their teacher whispered into their ears. It was pretty cute. All the children were super reverent. With only Everett and a sleeping Evelyn in our pew I actually felt the spirit not just once...but twice. Hallelujah folks! Just a note to remember Phillip's amazing sunbeam teacher. He was reluctant to get dressed and go to church a few months ago. His new teacher is so amazing. She loves the kids and always has a fun time with them. Phillip comes home from church with a fun art project, a little lesson, and a snack to boot. He sure loves Sister Uhl. I hope his next teacher is as exciting. She epitomizes the phrase "fulfill your calling." Lately, Amelia is making some awesome decisions on her own. She decided to cut up tomatoes for dinner this evening. She let Phillip sit in the coveted chair for dinner after he threw a crying fit. When I ask her to get something or do something she often responds positively instead of whining. Oh blessed child! I love watching her grow and learn.

I posted my Canon 7D camera kit on several local for sale pages on FB. Some of the responses have me laughing. One lady asked if I would trade my kit for something. Out of curiosity I asked what she had in mind. She wanted to trade a tanning bed for my camera kit. ROFL!! I put firm after the asking price. The first comment was will you sell it for $200?! What?! Another lady responded the $200 bid with, "why do you want a camera, you won't even be able to turn it on, much less take a photo." I am hoping to sell my kit and get a 70-200mm 2.8 zoom lens for sale here locally. Drooling!

Other funnies of the week:

Mooooooom, those are snocks, I mean not socks. Silly laughing, I am wearing snights today. 

Knock knock
Who is there?
Orange who? 
Banana split
Huh?! Kids trying to master jokes is pretty hilarious. 

Phillip got a small bowl and put three small balls in it. He sat on the bowl, bock-bocked a couple times, flapped his arms then jumped up. He exclaimed: "I a chicken! I lay eggs!"

Everett laid on the floor yelling for 'piderman to come save him. Phillip, dressed as batman with a batman mask runs over and flops on Everett. Everett heartily exclaims, thank you 'piderman!! Phillip says, my pleasure!
Phillip smeared hemorrhoid cream on his chin. He thought it was Neosporin.

14 November 2013

Stationery Card

Stationery Card
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10 November 2013

They Were Hongry, Mom!

I almost flipped out Tuesday...almost. Justin came home on time after my phone call to hurry him home. He came home and I went to time out. It snowed a bit on Tuesday. Amelia had the stomach flu Monday evening/night. Amelia was in bed with us most of the night. Justin told her to get ready for school. I shot him a quizzical look saying, "What? She was up barfing all night." He had no idea. She stayed home Tuesday adding to the chaos. We stayed inside except for a 20 minute jaunt to stomp in the snow. I tried to keep the kids busy but with three kids feeling under the weather it was not easy. The straw that broke the proverbial camel's back: Phillip fed my fish. He said the fish were super, duper hungry. So he dumped an entire large canister of flake food into the tank. The fish are alive and no worse for the wear. I ended up draining the tank on Wednesday and washing the entire tank out. I finally deep cleaned the tank!

Sunday afternoon we went to the school park before dark. We went a couple weeks ago and Amelia could not travel the Monkey Bars. I looked over to find her traveling across the bars by herself. It was a proud moment for her. Monday we got ready for snow and freezing temps. The boys and I dug out the carrots. Everett was cracking me up. Each time he picked a carrot he would dive into the greens, poke his nose into the ground, root around, fine a carrot, and jump up with his discovery. Phillip enjoyed swinging the carrots in a circle to make carrot copters. The carrots are so sweet and crunchy. Yum! Monday evening I introduced Amelia to Riverdance. She LOVED it. Since then she looks up Riverdance clips on YouTube whenever she can. Her favorite is the Eye of the Tiger.

The snow melted by Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday we spent time outside playing in the soggy leaves. Evelyn was a good sport. Phillip covered her with leaves, she just laid there staring at the sky and blinking. I sewed up several bonnets and made Phillip a Santa shirt this week. I am considering reopening my Etsy shop for a month or two. My goal is to sell all the hankie bonnets and upcycle sets I made in the past year. The only effort would be posting the photos and shipping items. Gina Hill hosted a new book group at her home. I went for a couple hours of much needed girl time. We talked more girl talk then book talk! Gina made some delish cheesecake brownies. 

Thursday I totally scored at the Salvation Army and Thrift stores. I got several gently used Gymboree outfits for the girls, a cute suspender pants set for Everett, a fur mattress cover (I will use it as a backdrop piece), and a Bumblebee costume for Phillip. The helmet is meant for a 7-10 year old. On him it looks super silly. He roared around the house for several days now. I spent most of the day Thursday cleaning and making dinner preparations. The missionaries came over for a lovely German meal of sausage, spaetzle, carrots, new potatoes, and brown gravy. I made a lemon curd crostada for dessert. I invited over Maren and Matt as well. I put so much effort into missionary meals that it seems to make sense for more folks to come over and enjoy yummy food and clean house. The boys were helping me cook by throwing noodle dough on the ceiling, poking the pastry dough, and splashing the gravy base. I made peanut butter dough and put the boys to work in the basement with cookie cutters. Phillip used his toy roller truck to flatten his dough. He is over-the-top creative sometimes. Phillip ran into some guy with a wheeled high chair at McD. He apparently apologized, rubbed the guy's boo-boo better, and went on his merry way. The guy was so impressed with his manners that he told me about it.

Our HS football team made it to the state championship game this year. The schools closed Friday so folks could travel to cheer on the football team. We stayed home and had a tea party with Bumblebee the Transformer as entertainment, Everett, and three girls. I made tiny cookies from the leftover pastry dough and strawberry milk for tea. I sent in a large photo order while the kids played. Amelia went to Stella's home for the afternoon since Phillip was interrupting their play. Justin and I went to see Thor that evening. Alia and Ashlynn watched the older three. Evelyn and I hung out at the back of the theater watching the movie. She is not being very cooperative when we go see a movie. LOL.

Saturday Justin took the kids fishing at the pond. The kids were so excited to go with Justin. Phillip is having a hard time listening and obeying lately. He is constantly getting yelled at and "Philliped!!!". Phillip did not listen to Justin's instruction to keep his pole resting on the fishing deck. His pole fell into the deep pond water. Justin fished (har-har) it out with his fancy pole. Then he was swinging Justin's pole and caught a hook in my forehead. This morning he slammed Mia's finger in the door. He is always too loving with Evelyn, poking her eyes, etc. I just want to spank him...mostly so I feel better. Phillip must have a sense of his own doom because whenever we are on the brink of wanting to smack him he gives us doe eyes and says "I wuv you." Our hearts melt and the tension is broken. I have to try super hard to find praise for him. He becomes putty when I take time to read him a book or sit him on my lap. The power of love over punishment surprises me each time. The hook did no damage but still I had to bite my tongue. He was so excited it was too much for him to reign in the new experience. Everett and Amelia were pretty skilled at reeling in their lines slowly. Everett looked so cute with his shoulders hunched over the pole. Amelia helped make dinner. She cut up bananas and put them on plates all by herself. We watched the Croods as a family. It was a cute movie.

I am so proud of Amelia today. She dropped off an invite to her friend Katelyn for the Primary Program next Sunday. She told me who she wanted to invite then asked me to drop her off at Katelyn's right now, before I forgot. We did! On the drive home Amelia said she is going to pray this week that Katelyn will be able to come.

Evelyn must be in the middle of a growth spurt. She is sleeping more than usual. She is coordinating her limbs more this week. She can purposely smack her toys when under the play mat. She is getting close to giggling when I tickle kiss her under the chin. Evelyn loves to hold her right arm straight out with her other arm flapping or next to her body. I call it the "L" formation. Most of her photos lately show off her new pose. While cleaning the kitchen this evening I heard a loud smacking sound. Guess who was sucking on her fist? Yep! The little munchkin discovered how to control her left hand. As I type she has her entire fist stuffed in her mouth! Oops...now her thumb! I love smelling her sweet skin after a bath. I would drive 10 hours to hold her...would you? Hint, hint.