03 September 2009

Practicing Some More

Poor Phillip! He is my model for the next couple months. I am in love with Kelley Ryden's work so I am trying out some of her poses. Phillip did not like bending like Kelley magically gets her infants to do. I found an awesome flickr photo stream showing how Kelley sets up her studio and what tools she uses. I cannot WAIT to get my studio established. Amelia was so cute trying to help my "picture baby brother." I had my camera on a tripod with my remote attached. She manned the button like a champ. I think she actually took half of the pictures. She even tried out the props to make sure they were newborn proof. If you want to see more of the photo shoot visit my photo blog at http://www.applegreenphotography.blogspot.com/ or my picasa album at www.picasaweb.google.com/jollijenni