16 August 2020

Roaring Springs

 The summer is quickly wrapping up, most of our friends are back in school. School starts for us next Monday. I think this will be the latest school start we've ever had...it's nice to prolong the summer and enjoy the hot(ter) weather. 

I was too tired for Make-it-Monday this week. We just lazed about that day and made messes. Since the week was already off we just switched our daily themes around. Evelyn begged and begged me to fulfill my promise to get a pedicure. Monday morning I had a doctor appointment with Garrett that took me a couple hours to get there, be there, and get back. A few seconds after getting home Phillip, Evelyn, and Josie piled into the van so we could go wish look at Target for upcoming birthdays. I purchased a fun fedora hat and an outfit per kid for birthday photos. Josie was all put out because she only got to spend her allowance money. The little girls spent half of their allowance money on a mini rainbowcorn and a new LOL doll. I dropped off Phillip with barely a moment to spare for my annual birthday pedicure appointment. Evelyn and Josie got the queen treatment as well with new polish applications and a sit in the pedicure chairs. I was more than a little disappointed the pedicurist did not bust out the cheese grater to attack my summer of flip flop feet. 

Tuesday we were up early for a day at Roaring Springs with the Ostler family. Phillip started out by tripping Carson on our driveway, Carson earned a nice scab from that encounter. Parking was a joke as the lot and traffic was clogged. Sarah pulled out fast and headed to unknown parts of the lot toward her favorite spot. I found one near the entrance and in front of a grassy spot. Parking fairy! The kids paired off and disappeared into water slide lines. I managed Evelyn and Josie, Amelia hovered near me most of the day. She didn't have a friend to hang out with. The little girls were in water heaven. The kid pool was much more exciting than the one in AZ. The park had slides just for kids 42" and smaller. Josie went down the slides 20+ times all by herself. My kids were starving by 1 pm except we could not find the Ostlers nor Everett. We searched until 1:30 then gave up, went to the van for a picnic lunch. They found us as we were coming back in. I went back out with Everett to eat while Amelia managed the little girls. Everett and I went on a couple rides before we met back up with Mia. I enjoyed a couple of rides with Evelyn as well. Such a fun day! We stayed until closing at 8 pm. Took a dinner break before deciding if everyone had enough energy to continue. The park was so much better after 6 pm! Everett and I rode the Avalanche. That was a whopper of a ride, the squashed expression on Everett's face will forever be seared on my brain. It was epic, a mash of Myrtle the Turtle and pure terror. He was very proud to face his fear! 

Wednesday everyone woke up with sore spots from playing at the water park all day. It was a declared down day for the Call family. Evelyn was especially spicy and ornery that morning. She was a raging dragon with her shouting, biting, and hitting. Goodness, that girl gets to me sometimes. I had laundry to finish and grocery shopping on my task list. Phillip, Evelyn, and Josie all invited themselves shopping with me, probably hoping for a treat. Justin rallied the crew and helped us clean up the clutter downstairs. It somehow exploded between Sunday afternoon and Tuesday. Thanks for the assist!

Thursday the kids and I visited the Lakeshore store for some fun school supplies and games for our homeschool this year. Each kid got to pick one game for the year. I got some supplies to teach reading, math, science and history. We stopped at Staples for a whiteboard then headed home with a van full of fun learning supplies. I got word the kid's computers are ready for pick up! After we got home I found out the seating supplies I got won't work so we are headed back on Monday to return some items, pick up computers, and Mia's Ukulele in Boise. 

Justin took the day off on Friday. I woke up to hear cartoons playing...I'm glad I waited to yell until the situation was assessed! I had no idea he was taking the day off. He got a long much-needed nap! The last quarter was brutal for him. He did a little thrift shopping with me to find books for my kid library of classic reads. I took Phillip and Evelyn out for birthday photos. Phillip was hilarious as always, he is so quirky. I dropped a container of apples on the ground, his response was: "Mom, do you know hippos pick up apples with their back feet and eat them with the front?" Uhmmmm, no?! He's got strange quips no one really understands. Evelyn was the cutest model, she looked like a garden fairy straight out of Fablehaven. They got DQ treats for their birthday celebration date with mom. 

Saturday we drove out to Jump Creek for the 3rd time this summer! We were excited to introduce it to Justin. It was quite crowded with the Saturday adventurers. This time the kids found a poor miniature bat that was sick or mishandled by the crowd of kids. Josie was the only one who did not get properly wet. Justin took in the spirit of the place and launched a fantastic jump under the waterfall. Eventually the Ostlers showed up for a spot of fun. Another family the ward was also there, the lady is one of Mia's YW leaders so she recognized Mia. Justin and I led a pack of kids down the stream as far as the parking lot. I turned back with Josie at the deepest spot...the rest continued on. That was fun to explore the stream this time. Everett and Evelyn both really felt touched by our devotional that night. We watched a video called "Climb Your Mountains" in tandem with reading how we should weather our trials.