01 June 2012

Birthday Cake


I took all 6 kids down to Eagle Mountain for a visit with my family down there. We went to church with John, Courtenay, and Everett. We stayed for sacrament meeting then went over to James and Miekka's. They left for church shortly after we arrived. The kids and I enjoyed a quiet couple of hours. Seth, Jacob, and Lia have quite the toy collection. All the kids (except Libby) played and played. I read some of my book, Insurgent. John and Courtenay brought over frito salad for dinner. John whipped up some yummy coconut limeade with his fancy soda maker. Joe and Jeff showed up for the party too. Aunt Miekka made Everett a cute lemon and blueberry cake. Sounds like Punkle Jeff found a much better job this past week. He will work for the same company changing oil instead. The job change will almost double his hourly rate. Wahoo! Joe and I had some fun chatting about camera merits. He needed a new one for his job at SLCC warehouse. He manages and sells (on eBay) surplus inventory for the college. He was authorized to buy a new camera to photograph the items for sale. There is not much better in this world then watching cousins merrily playing with each other. We wish Justin were with us.

Everett's Birthday

Everett's actual birth day was interesting. Amelia and Reagan spent the morning making Everett birthday cards, hearts, drawings, and crowns. He loved all the attention! We decided to take the kids to see the Hill AFB air show. It was cold and overcast when we left. All the pants I packed were dirty so my kids wore shorts. Thank goodness for jackets and blankets. The temperature dropped about 10 degrees as we drove up to Ogden. The wind picked up as we went through security. Amelia was scared to walk through the huge, beastly C-5 plane. I made the mistake of telling the story of the plane that crashed in front of us at a Drop and Review in Fayetteville when I was little. She was afraid the plane was going to crash while it was parked on the ground. Phillip enjoyed the huge plane. His meaty hand enclosed in Mason's hand was about the cutest sight ever. In between the time we entered the plane and exited out the other side a light sprinkle started up. All the kids scored a prize at the Ford tent. Phillip put on a mean biker face for me after Kenny secured his bandana. Kenny and I decided to tough it out a bit longer so we walked towards the helicopters. The rain started in full as we walked deeper onto the air field. Finally I could not see straight through the rain. We turned around for a long, drippy trek through cold, blowing rain. Kenny carried Amelia. I carried Phillip (with a camp chair over our heads to keep the rain out of my eyes). The kids took turns steering the stroller. I think we all had 2 inches of rain in our shoes when we reached our vehicles. Phillip and Everett were hollering something fierce. Amelia started crying when we got to the van. I quickly stripped wet clothes off the kids and warmed up the van. The traffic getting out the parking lot was gridlocked. Kenny and I kept betting at how long it would take us to get off base. It took precisely 94 minutes to travel less than a mile. Everyone was "hongry", about to gnaw off fingers or toes. We stopped at Wendy's for "lunchinner". I felt bad that poor Everett spent a couple hours crying his head off on his first birthday.

Everett loved his frozen custard birthday celebration at Charity's room. Justin joined in on Skype during the birthday song/chaos. He sampled the lemon custard thanks to Phillip's spoon. Everett discovered that Kenny's leg felt really funny. He could not stop from running his fingers through Kenny's luxurious leg hair. We love our little baby boy. So squishy and lovable.