01 June 2012

Birthday Cake


I took all 6 kids down to Eagle Mountain for a visit with my family down there. We went to church with John, Courtenay, and Everett. We stayed for sacrament meeting then went over to James and Miekka's. They left for church shortly after we arrived. The kids and I enjoyed a quiet couple of hours. Seth, Jacob, and Lia have quite the toy collection. All the kids (except Libby) played and played. I read some of my book, Insurgent. John and Courtenay brought over frito salad for dinner. John whipped up some yummy coconut limeade with his fancy soda maker. Joe and Jeff showed up for the party too. Aunt Miekka made Everett a cute lemon and blueberry cake. Sounds like Punkle Jeff found a much better job this past week. He will work for the same company changing oil instead. The job change will almost double his hourly rate. Wahoo! Joe and I had some fun chatting about camera merits. He needed a new one for his job at SLCC warehouse. He manages and sells (on eBay) surplus inventory for the college. He was authorized to buy a new camera to photograph the items for sale. There is not much better in this world then watching cousins merrily playing with each other. We wish Justin were with us.

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The Haley Family said...

happy birthday mr. e!