02 September 2019

Evelyn's Birthday

And that concludes the kid birthdays for the year. Phew. Justin finishes the birthday run in our family come November. Evelyn finally turned 6 on Tuesday. She's waited 364 days to enjoy her day again, that's a long wait when you are five. August is by far our most popular month for birthdays, 3 in one month is nothing to sneeze at.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Moreno's to celebrate Phillip and Evelyn's birthdays. The kids go crazy over the fresh cucumber slices and avocado sauce, this time around the sauce was quite spicy. We made up for at least 80% of the noise inside the restaurant. That was our FHE as well since we combined our Come Follow Me on Sunday for a longer lesson knowing we would miss Monday's devotional. We did have a talent show on Monday after we got back. Our lesson was on the gifts we have that come from God. Justin was a goober, so cranky tired, he would not even give us a Kermit the Frog impersonation. Our talents went accordingly: Josie danced to Let it Go (got adorably shy at the end), Evelyn danced to a song (I managed the black light as her effects), Everett played piano, Phillip showed off some karate moves, Amelia performed a dance routine, and I recited some Shel Silverstein poems. So fun!

Tuesday was Evelyn's big huge birthday day. I am quite surprised she was not up pestering me at 5 am. I sent her off to school with a promise to come back in a few hours. Josie and I picked up some (gross) Walmart cookies that Evelyn insisted upon for a class treat. Josie picked out two balloons and a lollipop for Evelyn. We delivered the cookies then took Evelyn out for a special lunch. Before and after school she asked me about 40 million times about opening her gifts. I was a sweaty mess making rainbow spaghetti carbonara. It took bacon cooking in the oven and 5 pots of boiling colored water to make that dish, all with no air conditioner running, I was dripping sweat. I took a portion of our meal to a family in our ward. Quite honestly, I was embarrassed at my lack of preparation and the lame meal I delivered. It was a crazy, busy day for me with piano lessons, a sick Everett, wrapping gifts, running errands, and Evelyn's birthday. My family half ate their dinner in the van as we headed to Skateland for Evelyn's school party there. Evelyn brought a gift to open at the skating rink. Justin met us at the rink, got there before we did and skipped the long, brutally hot line outside the building. We enjoyed an hour or so of skating. Josie surprised me by actually skating around the rink 20+ times. Josie skated more than Evelyn did! Justin took Evelyn and Amelia home early because Amelia had some unfinished homework to complete. At the end of our session the kids were allowed to run on the rink floor with socks, that was a fun highlight for the boys and Josie. It was still 110 outside at 8 pm, boo hoo. Evelyn was not so patiently waiting for us to get home. She ripped into her gifts, FINALLY. I punked her by wrapping small gifts in large boxes. She got a Fuzzy Pet (LOL toy), Hairdorable doll, and drumroll...her OWN kindle. Thank goodness for Amazon sales. She was thrilled to get a Kindle! I told her that was a big gift that would have to wait for Christmas sales. Lots of happy faces from our Spicy pizza girl.

Everyone washed their cars on Wednesday, must have because we finally got a smattering of Monsoon rain. The lightening was so fun to watch. Josie was impressed and scared at the same time, she seemed to enjoy the show outside with Justin and I. Evelyn was cowering between my legs in a ball of scared little girl. The rain was not sufficient enough to wash off the bird poo on the van. The older kids enjoyed a half day on Wednesday. They were all home, with Chloe as well, in time for lunch at noon. I went grocery shopping alone for the first time in forever. Evelyn was gifted an hour of device time to try out her new Kindle after school.

My right ear was all stuffed up Thursday and Friday. I could not hear a thing out of that ear plus my balance was completely off. I'm glad nothing was hurting, but the vertigo was disconcerting. Still, I soldiered on and got things done. Josie and I went to Dollar Store in search of party favors for Evelyn's Fashion Show. I am in my third week of intermittent fasting, no progress yet. I should see some results since I am exercising 4-5 times per week. This is the cheapest diet ever and ever so easy! Just don't eat, and when you do eat make it healthy.

Friday was a busy day for our family. We cleaned up a bit Thursday evening. I spent the morning cleaning and setting up for Evelyn's party. Right when I returned home from dropping off kids to school I found the ATI Restoration guys there ready to start the drywall. The guys were working from 8-1 on the drywall and prepping the rooms for the next steps of mud, tape, paint, and trim. We are happy to have the hole patched up, visions of scorpions dripping from the ceiling made me uneasy. Evelyn invited over 8 friends, two older siblings showed up for the fun as well. At the last moment two girls stayed home due to tummy flu. Amelia, Chloe, and Zoe did most of the work for the rest of the party! I tasked the girls to do hair, make up, and nails for the Fashionistas. After the girlies got all dolled up we headed to the runway for some photos. Amelia started some fashion show music and the show was on! Each girl took several turns walking the "cat walk." So fun. Thank goodness for the older girls, they shouldered the task to amuse the littles for the next hour with art projects (glitter included), play dough, and marble runs. We had sloppy joes for dinner. Opened gifts, more play, and then the ever so fun cake. I made a delicious cake. My delicious cake flopped in the oven, stupid pan. I can never remember that I really need to bake one portion at a time because the cupcake pan does not bake evenly. I cheated with a store made cake, the kids don't eat it anyway right?! Evelyn spread mischief by blowing handfuls of glitter on the boys, little stinker. Party was over at 6:30 pm, Isla and Taylor stayed until 8-9 as an extra bonus. They gave each other make overs, played with Barbies, and used Evelyn's gifted pedicure kit. Evelyn told me her party was sooooo booooooring halfway through her party. She also told me her school teacher would make a better mother. I try not to take her comments seriously. One moment she is gushing with love, the next spewing whining words.

Evelyn blindsided me this week. She said, "Mom, I hate myself. I am ugly!" I almost panicked. What kid has a complex at age 6? Turns out Evelyn just wants to wear make up all the time because she is prettier with make up. Still I worry about her self image, she's too young thoughts like that.

The kids got to spend the afternoon with friends on Saturday. Amelia and Evelyn went to the Emmert's home (Zoe and Taylor). I took the boys to play with Anson and Gary for a couple of hours. I did a spot of thrift shopping just for the heck of it. I found a cute outfit for Amelia, she wore it on Sunday.

Josie is driving me crazy this week. Tuesday I had a Ministering Interview, at the house was a playroom with an Ariel baby doll. Josie and Hannah fought like cats over that doll. Josie got in her mind that she needed an Elsa baby doll, all of a sudden her Aurora doll was not cutting it. She cried for three days, whining about the Elsa baby. "Mom, where my Elsa baby? I can't find it. Go to store and buy me one." Nope, nope, nope. She is still pooping her pants so I told her no Elsa baby until she puts poop in the potty. I actually found an Elsa baby at Deseret Industries for $2, she was thrilled until I took it away once we got home. It's been a week now, no Elsa baby for Josie. I think she gave up, "poop is too scary, pee-pee is fun" potty training according to Josie. She whined for days about that doll, the entire family was tired of her pleas. We did not give in, no never.