25 April 2011

The Tea Party

Wow! What a day! I stayed up way too late last night waiting for Amelia's cake to bake, it went in the oven around 9:20 and was not baked until after 11. This morning was so fun to talk about Amelia's birth, look at photos from her first few months, and snuggle on the couch. We had a fun little photoshoot inside this year since it was...SNOWING outside. She chose green paper for her backdrop! So cute.

Amelia wanted a special lunch with Daddy and Ella at Old McDonald's. Amelia insisted on wearing polka dot tights and rockstar shoes! Back at home the girls helped me set up the table for a tea party with real teapot, cups, and saucers. Phillip slept through her entire birthday party. Amelia invited over three friends to join in the fun. We danced to Princess music. Then had a tea party with pink lemonade, tea cakes, and strawberry rolls. The girls talked about princesses and dinosaurs with a smattering of dragons. Right at 2:20 the sun came out. Blessed day! I sent the girls outside to blow bubbles and chase each other with party blowers. Justin came home just in time to help with the pinata. Ella sure packs a strong hit, she ended up breaking open the pinata. The other girls were pretty sissy hitters. Justin lined up the girls with their bags opened and shook the pinata over the bags. Next we had cake and ice cream. Stella said the Cinderella cake looked awesome. I was glad Cinderella looked more like the Fairy Godmother, she needed to gain some weight. Thanks to frosting for that effect! This year Amelia only opened six gifts, three from friends and three from family. It was perfect!

Once the girls left Justin brought out her big gift from us...a bike! She was speechless! It took her a couple tries to get the pedaling down, after 30 minutes we followed her as she rode around the block. I was so proud of her...no fits or tantrums until bedtime. She shared her toys and played so nicely with all her friends. She even let Phillip play with her new toys without complaint. That is pretty amazing. Happy Birthday little one. We sure love you.

Miss Amelia is FOUR

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! My little baby girl is four today! She is the most amazing little creature alive. Her language skills are pretty amazing for a four year old. She is one of the most imaginative little girls I know. I am at a loss of words to describe how I feel about her. Simply put, I love this little girl so very much. Her well child visit is on Thursday so I will expound more at that time about her milestones and such. We are throwing a little princess tea party tomorrow afternoon. Her greatest wish and desire for tomorrow is:

A Cinderella Cake
A Princess Scooter (we got her a Rapunzel bike instead)
A Tea Party...and
A Genevieve Doll (from 12 Dancing Princesses)

It is so hard to realize 4 years passed away. Four years ago yesterday I was playing a Wii game for the first time at James and Miekka's home. My huge belly rocking back and forth as I played some racing rabbit game. My mom made it just in time to attend Amelia's birth. She stayed with us for about a week, spoiling the heck out of us. Our first memories of Amelia include:

*When the Dr put her on my tummy she reared up, waved, and gave me the most intense, comprehending stare I've ever seen in a newborn child
*She was a crier and non-sleeper from the first moments of life. All she wanted was a close snuggle and to hear "I am a Child of God"
*She faints when overwrought
*Her love of music was evident from about two months old
*Poor kid had more ear infections than a baby should ever had, put tubes in her ears at 10 mths old. One tube is still in her ear!
*Said her first words at 6 mths old (shoes, uh-oh, ma-ma, da-da), could talk in complete sentences by 18 mths old