01 September 2008

A Rainy Parade Day

Drooling Baby and a Moco Nose

Ominous Clouds

The Parade: Justin Feels Pretty with a Rainbow Umbrella, Candy, and Smiles

Another cute BOY hat

We headed up to Wellsville early this morning to watch the yearly parade with Grandma and Grandpa Baerwaldt. On the drive up Amelia fell asleep and started to drool on her car seat straps. It was awesome. Around Kaysville we ran into some rolling clouds of rain, wind, and dark weather. I happened to snap a photo as we raced along. We arrived in time to see the parade, get rained on, snap up a cache of candy, and enjoy the cold weather. Justin was pretty dry in his rain gear, my bum was wet from the lawn chairs, and Amelia was soaked through. We wrapped her in a huge blanket while her clothes took a turn in the clothes dryer. Dave roasted steak and hot dogs while Grandma spread out a fancy meal. Her sister Sally and cousin were visiting for the day. They are here to spend a few days at the Genealogy library. How fun!! Sally's voice is as gravelly as Grandma's is...but she talks non-stop. LOL. James and crew showed up after the parade in time for lunch. Miekka and I enjoyed an hour on the town looking for cute fabric to cover her "boy-themed" car seat for the pending arrival of their little girl in November. We found something cute, but not super-duper cute. I told her about Pine Needles so we will visit there tomorrow. I crocheted a cute boy's hat on the drive up for a gal little tyke in my ward. The day started out cold but ended up perfectly cool and sunny. Justin and I even took Amelia to the park to exercise her legs after all that sitting.

On the drive up to Logan I tried to convince Justin to let me paint each wall in the basement a different color: plain white, matte black, brown vignette, and green. No luck. My next move is to clean and DI designate our belongings. I am starting to feel claustrophobic. We need to move into something bigger, rent a storage unit, or live like hermits. Any body want a hermit?