20 October 2011

Fall Fell

It seems fall suddenly plopped into our lap this week. After I pulled up my tomato plants it promptly froze and now all the trees are shedding their leaves. It feels bittersweet to me. I love the colors, crisp air, and change of the season, however, I don't much care for winter. Give me spring, summer, and fall...maybe one or two good snows (like a month) that would be perfect. We have one more day of preschool for our turn this week. Monday was cra-zay with silly kids yelling like banshees and exhibiting a serious case of wiggle worm-itis. Wednesday was MUCH better. Tomorrow I will update the preschool blog with details.

Monday we had our upstairs carpet cleaned. It smelled so good to have clean carpets! The guy did an amazing job for an excellent price. This week I painted some walls in the basement on Tuesday. I did not like the first green color so added some brown to my limey green paint for a nicer green that coodinates with the curtains. The original coat went on super fast in about 90 minutes then finished the cabinet wall after the kids went to bed. Yesterday the paint went a lot slower because the brown paint I used to deepen the hue was a bit chunky. I had to fish out clumps of brown paint before I painted. It was sort of gross. Amelia helped me paint in her underwear much to her amusement. She played over at Ella's the first day of painting. This morning I hung the curtains amongst much muttering and a couple swear words. The west basement wall is more concrete than wood and drywall. Good thing the kids were amusing themselves with kiddie scissors. They cut about about 10 pieces of paper and Phillip successfully cut a swathe of hair off his head. No more scissors while Phillip is awake. Amelia also made a couple cute greeting cards for Reagan. Tuesday I covered our new dining room chairs with a fun damask white/black vinyl covering. That pretty much covers the basement fun. Wednesday I rearranged the living room and removed the wall collage. This afternoon I painted some frames from red to green to match the new color scheme. The end is in sight! My ceiling curtain track is en route, hopefully to be installed early next week.

I made some uber cute newborn headbands yesterday evening while paint dried. Yesterday I was sewing something and left the room to get Everett. I came back into my craft room to find Phillip at my machine with a length of fabric correctly under the presser foot and turning the fly wheel. My kid was sewing...and it was NOT the girl. You go boy! Everett got a new fun aviator hat I crocheted during the drive to Cheyenne. I added a fun pair of faux glasses for a fun finishing touch.

Phillip's new phrase this week is "op'n dis" or "open this" in regular English. His speech is improving everyday. He gets really upset when Amelia uses one of his toys, grabs something, or steps on his tender feelings. He will promptly say, "Amelia NOT nice, be nice!" Phillip is learning about ownership and the word "MINE." Unfortunately this change in Phillip is also heralding the unwanted act of sibling fights. We need to figure out some way to nip this in the bud. Amelia keeps slamming Phillip's fingers in the door, he hits in return, etc and etc. It is so ironic to me that one moment they are fighting and the next being so sweet to each other. The image of a roller coaster comes to mind. He had a total meltdown when I used his car to photograph Everett and his new hat. See the above collage and two photos below the collage. He went from meltdown to smile then realized he smiled and back to meltdown in seconds. Made me laugh.

Our evenings were quite busy this week. Usually we are always home after dinner. Tuesday I had RS enrichment meeting. Sister Hackleman did an amazing presentation on Fusion Grain Cooking. I am inspired to use more grains in my cooking. It does not make much sense right now because pretty much I cook for two people. Still getting my family used to eating fillers like whole wheat etc does make sense. I really want an electric pressure cooker. Yep, they have those now. Check out this link for the BYU Fusion Grain chef. Last night we hosted two YW and 4 YM for an Iron Chef cook off. Each team arrived at a member's home with a box of food and instructions to make an entire meal with the items. As hosts we could provide some seasonings and guidance. The kids made calzones, pasta salad, and apple/strawberry crisp. Guess what?! Our little team WON! Hooray for calzones. This evening was book club at Sister Gull's home. We read "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. An intriguing short read with lots of discussion questions. Only three people attended this meeting. Several were missing because our two Elder's are leaving their mission tomorrow so their host family threw a party. It looks like we might have full time Elder's in Sidney. The mission president was quite impressed with our little town and the amount of work going on. I photographed the Elder's shoes this afternoon! They were in an amazing state of disrepair. Good use of those shoes Elder!

Everett started using a funny little growl of delight, sort of like a bark of laughter whenever something amuses him. He is so delicious I could eat all those tickles he has under that cute double chin. Well, I think that is about it.