08 September 2013

Expensive Week


Labor Day 2012 was a stinky weekend. This labor day weekend brought us a leaky water heater on the fritz. I think we might just skip Labor Day!! Mom noticed water on the floor in the storage room on Friday. Once Justin dried up most of the water it became apparent that a new heater was necessary. Darn it. The plumber did not come until Wednesday, 90 minutes and $750 later we were set to go. We did upgrade to a 50 gallon heater this time, maybe the new efficient heater will save us a bit on utilities as well. Justin truck is now in the shop with engine troubles. I am sure that will cost a pretty penny. I hired a lady to come deep clean my bathrooms, kitchen, and dining room once a week for the next 4-6 weeks. I hope that will take off some of the stress while Evelyn learns to nurse.

Labor Day Justin took the kids to the park for a while. It was too hot for a long stay. We took Grandma to Cabela's for lunch. Evelyn was 6 days old for her first visit. She celebrated by nursing the entire time.

Tuesday Evelyn turned one week older and wiser too. She is starting to smile in her sleep. I am so glad that I took the majority of the photos I wanted on Sunday. She went through an awake stage from Monday to Thursday. It took a lot of coaxing to take a couple photos during the week. I am so glad she cooperated long enough to get a some photos dressed in the cute sweater and bonnet set Grandma spent a month crocheting. Evelyn is doing pretty well at nights. She is my first not to mix up day and night (thank goodness). It takes her so long to nurse and burp that I loose much more sleep than she does. So far she nurses at 11 pm and 3 am. Hooray. Amelia helped me give Evelyn her first bath. I borrowed a "blooming bath" aka, a flower shaped sponge for the occasion. The water was so warm she did not make a peep or even wake up until her bath was over. I think she liked it!

We sure enjoyed our time with Grandma Debbie. She puttered around the house like a magic cleaning fairy doing laundry, making meals, and playing with the kids. It was nice to get some naps and have an adult to hold Evelyn. Grandma helped me do a couple photo sessions with Evelyn AND edit the photos mostly before she left on Wednesday. Somehow Grandma evaded my camera by not wearing makeup (excuses!!). Darn it! I swear she was here. She even went shopping for me and made four types of cookie dough to freeze for easy after school treats. I am so sad she left a couple days early. She did have a good excuse! Jeremy leaves for his mission on the 11th, he opened his call on the 1st. Grandma left with a bread rising, dinner in the crock pot, and me near hyperventilation after lunch on Wednesday. Argh. I nursed Evelyn several times in the side yard while the boys watched the neighbors driveway destruction and construction. Very exciting! Phillip found a pair of scissors and white paper, he made a paper pizza for the ants to nibble on.

Friday Everett and I went to the park to feed the ducks while I nursed Evelyn. It was so warm outside she went into a sleep coma. That did not work out like I planned. The ducks decided to park on the other side of the pond. Nothing like chasing a toddler with an infant nursing at the same time. Yep, that was not a good idea. Amelia wanted to show off Evelyn for show-and-tell. I put the same outfit on Evelyn that Mia wore home from the hospital. She was very excited, proud, and nervous to show off her new sister. I noticed the dahlias were blooming at the memorial garden by the park. Evelyn had a really sleepy day so I took her out for some photos in the garden after dinner. I love, love, love how they turned out.

Everyone. EVERYONE, was crabby on Saturday. Everett woke up the household at 6:20 with a terrifying screech. It went downhill from there. Around 11 am Justin and I looked at each other knowing we HAD to get out of the house. There are not many places to go in Sidney, my bum still aches enough to prevent road trips. What to do on a hot afternoon? We went to Subway for lunch. Everett had a meltdown in line. He calmed down after a couple bites of sandwich. Our activity was playing basketball at the deserted gym for an hour. The kids turned into angels for a while.

 There are so many reasons to love this stage of family change. I love the new snuggles of a new baby. I love how the kids cherish Evelyn already. The little smiles, giggles, and tenderness they show are just amazing. I will miss the little snuffling sounds a newborn makes. I love how Justin picks up a bit more of the slack to help with the kids and house work. It is crazy around 7:30 am before school and at dinner time. Not sure how to work in nursing, screaming kids, and cooking at the same time. The uncertainty just lends credibility to the messes around my house. I really want a neon sign that says: children under construction, please excuse the mess.