17 January 2010

Our year-a-versary

Can you believe we moved to Sidney a year ago today? A year ago:
-we arrived to our little apartment, Sister Mason met us there with a crib for Mia and some brownies
-went to Walmart that first night to get a fan for Mia's room
-I could only eat green apples and nasty saltines
-Justin was very busy with busy season
-the weather was stinkin' cold
-we met the Haley Family...our little girls became "besties" (thankfully not beasties)
-wondered if we made the right choice to move to Sidney
-wanted a can opener and a sharp knife to cook with

We've had a lot of major changes in the past year, namely a new job, a new town, a new baby, and a new house. I wonder what this next year will bring!

Friday Ella came over to play. The girls were in Princess dresses in about 2 seconds flat once Alison left. They played with Amelia's little tea set and chocolate chips for about 40 minutes. Loved it! Then of course Mia melted down and went atomic when Ella accidently bonked her head. Ella and I went outside to go on a walk while we waited for Mia to calm down. After 30 minutes of tantrum she finally came outside and walked to Safeway with us. Once at the store she was a perfect angel again. Weird.

Saturday I spent most of the day cleaning and organizing the house. It was clean so took pictures of the final decoration configuration. Check out pictures of each room here: Sidney Home Decorated. Last week I called Sister Smith and asked to photograph her daughter for her 14th birthday. Allie is one cute gal. She let me play for over two hours posing her and using her to try out my new backdrops. You can view her pictures at: Ali. Thanks guys for being so patient while I practice! It was a selfish luxury! Justin held down the fort even finishing dinner while I played. I needed a subject to perfect using my super flash as a bounce light along with my two hot lights. It took a lot of tweaking but finally found the golden mean.

Today I was called to serve as First Counselor in the Primary. Yikes! I will really miss Gospel Doctrine. Guess the Lord knew I was too comfortable. During church I got Phillip laughing long and hard with Amelia's reindeer toy. He melts me! Well, that is all for now...